Why Parents Should Take Lots of Pictures During College Visits.

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Preparing for life after high school can be overwhelming – for graduates and parents! No matter the path of a child, there are plenty of decisions to be made. As their senior year approaches, most students have some sort of plan. But some are still soul searching a little. My oldest happens to be. Either way, if your child is continuing their education, here are a few reasons why parents should take lots of pictures during college visits.

1. There’s Only One Season Like This.

I’ve mentioned this before, but your child will never be who they are during this moment in time. It’s one of the many reasons I’m a photographer. Anticipation, fear, worry, determination and other emotions usually fill the eyes and heart of an adolescent during graduation. Living free and on their own is an unknown thing to them. So before life rears it’s ugly head, capture their wonder and carefree spirit.

Snapping photos of their expressions and responses during the selection process is priceless. Once this season passes, they change so quickly. Even if they attend a local university like Memphis or Ole Miss, it’s not going to be the same. So remember the time you have while you have it together.

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2. Pictures Document College Visits.

Due to parent’s work schedules, college visits are usually scheduled in bunches. For example, you might travel to Mississippi State and Alabama over a long weekend. Travel time and crammed schedules can make it difficult to take everything in. So when a parent takes lots of pictures during college visits, it helps their soon-to-be graduate remember the little pros and cons about each school.

You never know, visual reminders could be the deciding factor. Capturing some of the nuances, like campus pride, local events, opportunities, restaurants, culture and people can make a big difference.

3. Recall Reactions and Expressions.

Photographing sites and sounds has its advantages – but how everyone responds to them is even better. Taking lots of pictures during college visits gives you a library of photos to asses the experience. Everyone’s facial expressions during certain stages of the trip tell a story.

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If your child didn’t enjoy a visit, was it due to the weather or other unexpected factors? Did you take more pictures at one stop versus another? Do you remember why? Was it more fun or overly hectic? Should you plan another trip to make sure they get the full experience?

Did they really enjoy themselves at their college-of-choice? Is something or somebody influencing their decision? Reading the situation is a lot easier when there’s loads of evidence. It also helps parents talk to their child to figure out where their head is at.

4. Comparing Multiple College Visits.

When your child is narrowing down his/her options, a second visit is pretty common. But just because you’ve already been there, it doesn’t mean you should stop taking pictures during college visits! Every experience is usually different. One trip may be a lot better, but another could be far worse. So figure out why!

Winter is a lot different than Spring. Football season is a lot more lively than the summer months, right? What was going on during these times and how might it impact their final decision? Having a way to compare and contrast every trip, and the elements of each, is really helpful. Kids can be stubborn.

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High School Graduation Happens So Fast!

As I mentioned before, my daughter is now officially an adult woman (by age :)) It still feels weird. But it makes me realize just how quickly life passes by. Being able to remember your children as they grow up is so important. I don’t know what I’d do without my camera!

Hopefully this blog encourages you to snap a few more photos before you send them off. If you end up taking lots of pictures during college visits, I’d love to see them! Tag me on my social channels!

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