Why High End Real Estate Photography Makes a Big Difference for Sellers.

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When we first moved near Memphis, my husband and I definitely didn’t think our businesses would struggle this much. We kind of underestimated the value of our reputation in Arizona. As a result, it’s forced us think of some new ways to explain our worth. So I thought I’d talk a little bit about the value of high end real estate photography for sellers.

Often times, people underestimate the value of a quality photographer. In real estate, the service is usually managed as a checklist item. A few basic pictures will suffice, right? But there’s more to it than pointing and shooting a camera.

Are Quality Photos Really Necessary?

A photographer’s ability to assess, create, plan, direct and edit all play a role in the final product and outcome. The good ones spend time on their craft and offer an array of equipment – like drone footageWith that said, here are 4 reasons high end real estate photography makes a big difference for sellers. 

1. Memorable First Impressions.

Whenever buyers are searching for a property, they normally have a specific look and feel in mind. But they still look through hundreds, if not thousands of listings waiting for something to jump out at them. When a picture of the property isn’t painted, there’s nothing for buyers to latch on to. Every listing looks the same.

For example, if you’re selling a beautiful ranch, basic photos from a fish-eyed camera (like a Go-Pro) isn’t going to be very appealing. In fact, it can be deterring and even a little nauseating. High end real estate photography and a quality presentation certainly affects overall interest. 

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The Return of High Quality Real Estate Photos.

High end real estate photography helps a seller take the unique elements of the property and create a theme. The goal is not to take good pictures, but to increase the perceived value and demand for the space. Not many people have the skill to do this. With buyers more willing to relocate due to high prices and low inventory, a memorable listing is a difference-maker.

We overlooked multiple gems during our (national) home search – including the house we bought! The pictures didn’t do the house justice and my husband didn’t even want to look at it. We ended up being the only offer and love it!

2. Real Estate Presentation Matters.

The biggest difference between average and high end real estate photography almost always has to do with lighting. If you’re presenting a room or space, don’t you want everything to look its best? True professionals will walk a property to figure out the best time of day to for the shoot and if additional lighting is needed. 

They know how to leverage natural lighting while eliminating shadows and high contrast glares of light. This helps buyers focus on the features and aura of every space. Photos won’t be taken after dusk or rushed in one setting. In most cases, a high end service will wait until the weather is ideal to wrap up the shoot.

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High End Real Estate Photography Improves Presentation.

You’re not going to get overly edited photos that are stretched when you invest in luxury real estate photography. Naturally enhancing images (like waiting for the sun to shine through a window a certain way) is far more rewarding than altering perception with digital enhancements. A potential buyer’s tour should match their first impression.

3. Relative Angles Attract Buyers.

Another way high end real estate photography delivers is the use of vantage points. Sophisticated solutions know exactly how to recreate the perspective of every type of buyer – as well as their family members. It’s hard to scroll past a listing with artistic pictures that preview the property in unique ways.

If you know anything about photography, it can take hundreds of snapshots to find the perfect picture. Real estate pictures should be treated the same way. You don’t put an ugly profile picture on social media, right? When the featured photo encompasses the property from its best angle, it’s hard not to click on it. When all the photos are good, it’s share-worthy.

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Interiors also offer plenty of opportunity to be creative with aiming points. For example, focusing on a vintage light switch from the ground up while capturing beautiful crown molding in the background is a high end shot. Photos like these are memorable and keep potential buyers engaged and intrigued instead of bored. 

4. The Experience is Seamless.

The biggest perk of high end real estate photography has got to be the peace-of-mind. A seasoned pro knows exactly how to capture residential and commercial properties – no matter the shape, size or location. They know when to be creative and how to assess every space to maximize appeal. Although it costs more, the return is worth it.  

Working with a professional also gives sellers access to a number of reputable resources. From realtors to remodeling and staging companies – recommendations mean everything in this industry. Those that charge top dollar for pictures know who to call for what and how to manage people.

High End Real Estate Photography is Predictable. 

When it’s all said and done, a seasoned photographer always provides an enjoyable experience. This is really what makes all the difference. No worries and a clean product.

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