What a Dental Photographer Should Capture For Website Pictures.

a child's perspective at the dentist as they walk into private room with big blue chair and medical equipment everywhere captured by danielle jacqueline photography for website photos pediatrician

When a local business hires my husband for brand strategy, they usually appreciate easy access to my photography services. Over the years, this has given us plenty of opportunities to work together. It’s such a blessing – especially when our kids are involved! Back in 2020, we had the privilege of taking pictures for a local pediatric dentistry chain. They needed a dental photographer to capture all 5 of their locations. 

At first, it was kind of overwhelming. But once we were able to secure a shot list and confirm the schedule, it was a lot of fun! After visiting every location, we finally got to meet the entire staff (and some of their children) for action shots and team pictures! Here are some of the main things we focused on as their dental photographer.

1. Consistent Profile Pictures.

One of the best things you can do as a pediatric specialist is showcase your leadership and staff. When website pictures are accurate and look professional, it’s easier for parents to trust your practice. It may sound silly, but a lot of thought goes into medical decisions.

Like most dentist offices, this client’s building didn’t offer much natural light. So we decided to take headshots and group photos in the lobby. The stone wall was perfect as it added some consistency to their branded scrubs. As you can see, the unified front looks sharp. 

arms crossed dds office owner in pediatric dentistry lobby image by desoto county ms headshot photographer danielle jacqueline
young orthodontis head shot portrait for pediatric location in lobby wearing company scrubs with arms crossed by danielle jacqueline photography
medical staff head shot for local dentistry for kids wearing black scrubs in front of stone wall by danielle jacqueline photography
profile shot for dentist website pictures office staff management about section captured by danielle jacqueline photography in memphis tennessee
stone wall background in black scrubs pediatrician photo shoot for dentistry by memphis tn photographer danielle jacqueline

2. Departments + Group Photos.

No matter the business, it’s always a good idea to highlight every department and who’s in charge. Whether someone is looking for a diagnosis, treatment, oral surgery or orthodontics – a directory is valuable. While faces-with-names are helpful, details about your services can be very rewarding. Educational content and original photos are a good recipe to improve local SEO rankings in the medical industry.

hero image of dentist office staff wearing matching scrubs looking left towards mississippi based danielle jacqueline photography's camera
team portrait of pediatric dentistry staff in lobby wearing black company scrubs smiling together with danielle jacqueline photography
company photo standing on lobby seating at dentistry location for website pictures by danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tn

3. Leaders in Action.

When I work as a dental photographer, most companies already have a set of images in mind. For whatever reason, business owners rarely consider marketing themselves. But the culture starts with the decision-maker. So don’t be afraid to get a little vulnerable – even if you don’t feel very photogenic. Keeping an owner’s personality from the public eye may make it seem like you’ve got something to hide!

casual image of dentist office ceo leaning on front desk posing in middle of conversation to look at camera with danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tn
company photos with family for pediatric dentistry office with 5 locations in front of bubble wall by danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tn
black and white image of little girl walking with and holding mother's hand as they walk out of dentist appointment captured by photographer in olive branch ms
smiling business owner talking to front desk staff and laughing during company photo opp with danielle jacqueline who now services memphis tn area
young dental hygienist wearing medical mask during procedure with pediatric patient during photo shoot with memphis photographer danielle jacqueline
awaiting test results from dental xray with pediatric specialist in memphis tn photographer session

It’s also a good idea to photograph your department heads – especially while they’re at work. Whether they’re examining X-rays, interacting with children or leading your staff; there are plenty of scenarios worth capturing. Showcasing what people can expect from your practice when they arrive makes it easier to establish and build quality patient relationships! 

engaging dental photographer capturing orthodontist caring for child during photo shoot for pediatrics by olive branch ms professional danielle jacqueline
medical professional in dentistry with pediatric patient looking at mouth and teeth on screen during photo opp with danielle jacqueline photography out of olive branch ms
front desk manager at dentist office smiling for camera to simulate parents entering practice for appointment with child by danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tn

4. Pediatric Dentistry Patients.

If you’re going to hire a dental photographer for on-location headshots, you might as well spend some time capturing the patient experience. For parents, taking kids to the dentist is not always a pleasant outing. So make some time to show them how you’re able to engage and entertain their kids when they stop by.

big smiles by dental location during pediatric session with kid's photographer near memphis tennessee
smiling young man at dental clinic brushing his teeth in mirror striped green and blue shirt for company website pictures by danielle jacqueline
little boy sitting on padded bench at dentist during visit with pediatrician and photographer to capture patient experience safari theme for website pictures
dentistry patients seated in lobby engaging with baby and young mom as little boy makes funny face in background with dental photographer near memphis tennessee action shots

On top of the safari theme, this client had plenty of stuff for littles to do! It was a no-brainer to photograph their brushing stations, spacious lobbies and array of screens. All of these things are definitely appealing to parents looking for pediatric dentistry. At the same time, nothing catches their eye like pictures of smiling children and calm infants! 

close up photograph of pediatric patient at dentist with mustache from coin machine in lobby during session with local memphis photographer danielle jacqueline
little girl in pigtails with sucker in hand smiling big for camera during local session with dental photographer now located in olive branch mississippi
simple image of pediatrician patient brushing teeth at local office after dental appointment photography by danielle jacqueline near memphis tn
little baby girl looking at magazine rack while waiting in lobby for dental appointment photographer danielle jacqueline
dentist treating infant on lap at pediatric clinic calm and relaxed photo by danielle jacqueline in olive branch mississippi

5. Dental Office Features.

In our opinion, your staff and patients are the most important thing to capture. But your facility and its features come in a close second. Any way you can preview the experience, do so. If you don’t, some people may assume the atmosphere or layout isn’t something you’re proud of. Obviously this company had plenty of reasons to hire a dental photographer.

art sculpture creature hanging from tree at pediatric dentist with tree leaves in the background during photo opp with danielle jacqueline photography who now serves memphis tn area
office decor and patient experience at local pediatric dentistry office hired photographer for website photos danielle jacqueline near memphis tn
decoration inside dental clinic for kids tons of animals and colors to attract new patients on website images by danielle jacqueline photographer near memphis tn
big wall mural of zoo animals captured by dental photographer focused on patient experience lobby seating now serving memphis tn
looking up at tree decoration where snake and other animal statues are placed for artwork inside dentist clinic during photoshoot with photographer danielle jacqueline who serves memphis tn area
see through into lobby where computers and cheetah seating is during visit to dentist experience photographer near germantown tennessee

Everything about each of their locations matched their brand identity. Even the chairs, stations, artwork, glass waterfall and stone walls were consistent. They spent a lot of time on the details of their layout and it really shows! What parent wouldn’t want to bring their kids in? If you’ve got features like this then it’s in your best interest to show and tell!

entrance of dental practice photographer danielle jacqueline near memphis tn showing patient computers Tv and open space for kids
dentist patient lobby designed for kids with tablets and colorful cartoon animals theme photographed by danielle jacqueline
open lobby decorated with animal print and waterfall wall of glass with tons of entertainment for kids at dentist clinic photographed by danielle jacqueline interior virtual tours near memphis tn
parent's view while child receives dental treatment in front of them at pediatric clinic with jungle theme lion picture in background by danielle jacqueline photography near collierville tennessee
spotlight and yellow pediatric patient chair in exam room at dental clinic for kids photographed by danielle jacqueline serving germantown tn area
stations for treatment at modernized dentistry clinic with glass dividers that match safari theme for kid's caught on camera by danielle jacqueline photography near southaven mississippi
awesome dentist office layouts and experience photography yellow chair custom sliding glass doors and lion theme tv on ceiling by danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tn

When you’re able to give potential patients a virtual tour, they tend to be a lot more comfortable upon arrival. Even though you can always take your own pictures, a professional dental photographer will be able to help you capture proper angles with kid-like perspectives. I really like the way the lighting turned out on some of these website pictures.

child's point of view photographer at local pediatric dentistry location for website pictures by danielle jacqueline door open ship window and spotlights facing large television for patients near southaven mississippi
overhead view of colorful kid's dentist treatment room photography by danielle jacqueline near memphis tn
bright patient room at pediatric dentistry clinic with lion portrait on wall for safari theme yellow dentist chair and green rollers with cheetah print for parents for company website pictures by danielle jacqueline photography near southaven, mississippi
picture of oral exam equipment at dental practice captured by photographer near memphis specializing in patient experience for local businesses
hallway at dental clinic with gum ball machine and huge picture of elephant to show kids via online media for pediatrics near colliervile tennessee
patient recovery room photography for local dentistry and orthodontics to promote patient experience by danielle jacqueline out of desoto county mississippi
hallways entering employee area at dental practice caught on camera by memphis professional danielle jacqueline for pediatric website photos

6. DME and Dental Tools.

At first thought, it may seem wasteful to take pictures of equipment, technology or utensils. But showcasing what you have and explaining things online helps you build trust. It’s also a good idea to show a child’s viewpoint. This client was great to work with because they really do care about making sure a child feels comfortable and safe. 

close up of oral exam mobile lighting equipment and bright framed picture of lion at immaculate dental experience on camera by danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tn
screen of imaging medical device at local dentist blurred white for focus DME photographer near southaven mississippi for private practices website pictures
medical device for imaging new at pediatric dentistry captured by olive branch ms photographer danielle jacqueline for private practice virtual tour
kid's perspective at dentist clinic germantown tennessee photographer looking up at patient lighting and dental chair with utensils to the left experience

If there was one thing we all remember from going to the dentist as a kid – it’s probably all all of the hoses and gadgets within arm’s reach. They almost call to you, don’t they? 🙂 So, I just couldn’t work as a dental photographer without capturing this point of view: 

cleaning tools from child's view while at dentist in treatment chair with blue stool and green safari picture in background by danielle jacqueline photography out of desoto county mississippi
cleaning sprayer and grinding teeth treatment tools from behind patient chair at pediatric dentistry capture by dental photographer danielle jacqueline for local company website

Pediatric dentists that do a lot of in-house work are extremely valuable. Not every office has the equipment necessary to deliver timely solutions. So, if you have the ability to create same-day molds, pull teeth, give X-rays or offer cosmetic options, it’s never a bad idea to take a few pictures of the process. Here are some simple examples:

mixing bowls for tooth moldings at dentist clinic for website content and social media posts captured by danielle jacqueline services in desoto county mississippi next to sink and other medical equipment
strainer with other reddish utensils in small metal basket on counter at pediatric dentistry clinic photographer danielle jacqueline desoto county mississippi
picture of dental equipment used to create molds and other oral solutions at pediatric dentistry capture by danielle jacqueline from olive branch mississippi
handheld utensils for dentist photographer danielle jacqueline near germantown tennessee 50mm focus for company website photos and safety content
grinding wheel tool equipment handler white with clamp for pediatric dentistry doing in house cosmetics photographed by danielle jacqueline southaven ms

7. Photos for Future Use.

Last but not least, it’s always best to snap a few shots of a random things that might be handy for future promotions. You never know when you might need images for a safety blog, presentation on hygiene, or social media post about your patient rewards program.

teeth 3d diagrams for pediatric dentist to explain types of oral problems kids face in office on white shelf strict focus by photographer in desoto county mississippi
50mm image of eye saline at local kid's dentistry for safety content for small business and medical operations photographer danielle jacqueline olive branch mississippi
care goodies from pediatric dentistry photographed during company photo shoot with danielle jacqueline for patient experience

Find the Right Dental Photographer.

Even the best of strategies can be ruined by a lousy photographer. So if you’re going to go all-in on your image, do your best to locate a quality professional. Not only will you enjoy the experience, but you’ll come away with far more than you expected. 

If you live near Memphis, Tennessee and need some help, I’m only a phone call away! My studio is actually located in Olive Branch, Mississippi! Although branding shoots are my husband’s thing, I’m always open for a discovery session! Either way, I really hope this blog was helpful. Best of luck with your business!

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