Arizona Summer Family Portraits with the Alfarone Crew

Capturing photos during the Phoenix summer months can be difficult to do. But, it's nothing that a few smiles can't help overcome. Join me as I showcase the Alfarone family for an on-site photoshoot capturing the endless memories of summer in Arizona.

At times, it can be a little wild to think you’ll be able to capture summer family portraits in the blazing heat of Arizona.  But, believe it or not, it can happen.  It’s called “moving like the wind” – and how do you move like the wind?  (Glad you asked :))  It’s simple, make sure you have a plan that you can execute in 30 minutes or less.  Otherwise, your photos might end up a little… saturated.

Of course, staying out of the direct sunlight is an objective, but you want to incorporate as much natural light as possible.  For the most part, it’s best to wait an hour or so before the sunset’s “golden hour.” Typically, an Arizona photographer’s first choice for outdoor summer family portraits surrounds this window of time. I know that it’s a personal preference of mine, for sure.

I’ve completed several family, children, and headshot photo sessions in Marley Park, so I’m quite familiar with the scenery and backdrops that work best. Understanding your surroundings goes a long way when you’re trying to move quickly and beat the heat.  Ashli (momma), already had a couple of shots in mind and we did a good job of incorporating these throughout – while adding a few of my personal touches and suggestions. To me, it’s so important that my families have input as this is a moment in time that’s forever theirs.


Arizona Summer Portraits & Getting to know the Surprise Family.


Meet The Alfarones.  With their recent move from Florida, the Alfarones are new to Surprise, Arizona!  They have two amazing little kiddos and are looking to establish themselves within the community.  Their son is a spunky boy named Enzo. He starts Kindergarten this year! His beautiful big sister’s name is Presli.  Both of them were so much fun to photograph.

To top it all off, Grandma was in town! She was able to be apart of the memories in-making too. They all endured the Arizona heat like professionals! Even though they’re originally from the sunshines sate, they’ve already received the unique taste of the Arizona summer thus far.  I’m so proud of the children as I didn’t hear a grunt, moan, or complaint about the heat one time.

I’m so happy I was able to meet such an adorable and fun family.  I look forward to many more family portraits with the Alfarones! Welcome to Surprise, I hope it’s everything your family envisions and more!



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