Custom Pet Photographer in Surprise, Arizona

To most of us, our pets are considered our protectors, loyal confidants, or even simple company. Some of us even go as far as including them in family pictures and outings. Whether we’re playing with them, grooming them, or ensuring they have proper nutrition, our pets play an important role in our lives. If you’re the type of person that takes your furry pal everywhere you go, then consider a trip to a pet photographer studio in West Phoenix. We’d love to have you.

Pets On Location

Instead of looking for a photography studio near you, request an on-location photoshoot for your beloved pet.

Studio Sessions

Schedule a time slot for Danielle’s studio suite located in Surprise, Arizona. Here, we treat your pet like royalty.

Family Additions

Including your pet in a family portrait is encouraged. When capturing the entire bunch, you can’t leave them out.

Surprise Pet Photos

With specials starting at $75, take advantage of placement and settings that encompass the way you feel about your beloved pet. Danielle has been capturing families, events, and lifestyle portrait photography since 2013. We look forward to helping your capture this extension of your family!

Photography Your Pet with Danielle!

Take advantage of the immaculate pet grooming services in Surprise, Arizona!


Best Friends Grooming Spa

Best friends grooming spa is a premier pet salon serving the northwest valley since 2001. They offer an affordable, professional, safe, kennel free environment for all kinds of pets.


Margo's Pet Spa

In a world becoming more impersonal, hurried and stressful, they provide customers with a comfortable place for their pets. They offer a friendly and helpful staff that takes care of your pet.


Kimbur Pet Wash and Suites

Their family owned business wants to spoil your furry loved ones by providing top notch pet service. Whether it’s a spa day or an overnight visit, your pet will enjoy their accommodations.