It’s that time of year again! The birds are chirping, March madness is in the air, and graduation is right around the corner! Don’t miss out on this amazing deal on senior portraits in Phoenix, Arizona for the class of 2015! Change as many times as you want and share your personalized smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile!

What do Senior Portraits mean to you?  As for me, I was less fortunate and never had the opportunity to take my Senior Portraits.  It wasn’t affordable for my family at the time.  Which is why Danielle Jacqueline Photography is here to help!  Should you really miss out on one of the most memorable years and moments of your life just because you couldn’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars?? I think not!  Now is the time to capture your own personal images.  Senior Portraits that reflect who you are, here and now, before moving on to the next chapter in your life…College!

At Danielle Jacqueline Photography we pride ourselves in capturing smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile.  Your Senior Portraits are definitely worthwhile.  That’s why I believe it’s important to make photography affordable for everyone so they have a chance to express their own unique style.  I want every senior in high school to make their last year of high school memorable for always – and no one should have to go without.

How do you want to be remembered in your senior portraits or high school yearbook?

sibling-photography-glendale az-for-senior-pictures-ideas-by-phoenix-photographer-danielle-jacqueline-photography-who-does-senior-portraits-in-phoenixNot only is it important that your Senior Portraits are affordable for you, but they should also capture who YOU are.  YOUR smile, and YOUR style. Choosing the right photographer is important as your comfort level should be considered.  You’ll want a professional photographer who is comfortable with interpreting the real YOU in your images. Occasionally you run into professional photographers who are only comfortable shooting in their own style and way.  This isn’t always a bad thing, but customized settings, themes, and styles make the photo shoot so much more fun! Senior photos aren’t as simple as headshots, they should define you.

In your Senior Portraits its important to find a professional photographer that is ok with stepping out of their comfort zone to suit your unique needs. Your style can be interpreted through all different ways during your session.  Location, backdrop, props, outfits, and even through the editing style.  Finding a versatile professional photographer is definitely an important factor when it comes time for your Senior Portraits.  After all, this is YOUR Senior Portrait photo shoot, and YOUR style, and YOUR image that will be in YOUR very last high school yearbook.

How do you want to be remembered?