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My client reached out to me looking to book a personal portrait session for herself.  Lauren recently started dabbling in the online dating market and was struggling to find pictures she felt comfortable posting. Traditional selfies just aren’t her thing. I get it. Capturing your authentic self is tough when you’re forcing a smile and being completely judgmental of yourself. She wanted professional self portraits that were different; that she could also share on social media.

Why Hire a Photographer for Online Pictures?

When you care about your presentation, hiring a quality photographer is rarely a bad idea. And I think we can all agree that, when you’re in the search for your lifelong partner online, the the way you present yourself matters! Whether it’s an introduction from a friend or an app, the first impression matters.

These days so much is assumed from an online profile. Digital, self portraits have basically become the new way of introducing yourself. Anyways, This client wasn’t the first that’s asked me to help them

The Reward of Booking Professional Self Portraits.

Working with a photographer may seem like overkill. But a professional can really help you break out of your shell, bring that genuine smile to the surface, and highlight the your “good side” (or best angles). As a result, your personality is clearly visible in the online images you share.

Lauren came into the session a bit nervous, but by the end, she was feeling comfortable and confident. I think her images reflect just that! She now has a number of professional self portraits for all of her online needs! From dating to business, all of her profiles will have a fresh, new look and a confident smile.

I think it’s safe to say she’s happy with her investment! Here are a few of my favorites.

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