A Winter Family Photo Session in Surprise, AZ

Gathering the family together for the holidays is a must - while capturing these moments is a plus. 🙂 Thank you for joining me to celebrate this amazing young family and all they've overcome in the past few years. I've enjoyed getting to know them and watching their beautiful little girls grow. Merry Christmas!
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Before I discuss the Martin’s winter family photo session, I wanted to tell you how I was introduced to this family. I first met this mama when she reached out to me about photographing her daughter during her cancer free party. After their family experienced a year of tribulation, they were ready to celebrate young Bailey’s health and life. I was instantly touched by her story and knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. Everyone in my family of 6 has lost a loved one to cancer and I knew that kindness towards them would go a long way.

Bailey has been beating the odds by remaining strong and thriving in these past couple years.  The Martin’s are a loving and extremely strong family who continue to inspire me along the way. You can tell they’re loved in the community as they’ve received a ton of love and admiration from many along the way. God has blessed them and I’m truly blessed to be a small portion of their story. I was happy to once again capture their beautiful family during their winter family photo session in Surprise Arizona.

In Surprise, Arizona, winters remain extremely mild and show no signs of a wintery white Christmas – so you’re typically left improvising.  Fortunately adding a couple Christmasy props was an easy and efficient way to showcase a winter family photo session in West Phoenix.
It’s always, it’s such a treat when I’m honored to spend more time with the Martin’s – even if it’s only for a mini winter family photo session :). Merry Christmas everyone!