My Cozy Portrait Studio

Draped in white + windows all around just south of Memphis, TN.

Lots of stuff has changed since my family and I chose to relocate to Olive Branch, Mississippi. But we love it here! One of the things I’m most excited about is taking pictures in my own naturally lit portrait studio. When we lived in the desert, I had to drive 20-30 minutes to get to my favorite spots. Now I can offer multiple backdrops and themes right on the property!

desert plants by the large windows and white transparent curtains on stools at danielle jacqueline photography studio in olive branch ms
curtains and siding indoors beige color with lamp at danielle jacqueline photography studio in olive branch mississippi
vertical image of photographer's studio in olive branch mississippi with leather couch and a few wooden chairs used for headshots and other indoor sessions with danielle jacqueline
beautiful interior natural lighting photography studio in olive branch mississippi where plants are seated on stools for props for headshots and other sessions

What Else Do We Have Planned in Olive Branch, MS?

Besides welcoming families, couples, seniors and professionals for lifestyle portraits, we’d like to eventually open up our space as an event venue. Hosting small weddings, group gatherings, ceremonies and even farmer’s markets would be our dream. Jordan thinks the shop and rear sun room will be perfect for special occasions. We can’t wait to enjoy some music and food  this spring in Mississippi. He says, “All y’alls mom n’ em can come through!”

Now that I’m taking on clients at our indoor photography studio, we’ve been able to focus on other things. The natural lit space works well for newborn portraits or headshots – but we’re also thinking about hosting some creative events and workshops! 

In the meantime, my husband has been designing the PreFocus recording studio for video interviews and other media. We’re really looking forward to what the spring holds for us. It’s exciting to think of all of the amazing memories we’ll be able to capture ahead!

blonde business woman in formal attire at photography studio in olive branch ms plain background for website by danielle jacqueline headshots
medical practitioner specialist in desoto county memphis tn area wearing physician white coat with doctor name in cursive with blue background and big smile eye level tie for website imagery by danielle jacqueline photography mississippi
clear high quality image of female entrepreneur in white teal necklace during headshot portrait studio session with danielle jacqueline photography in memphis tn
business man leaning on knees sitting on stool at photography studio in olive branch mississippi for professional headshots with danielle in formal suit and slacks

Stop by our Portrait Studio

Whether you live in Memphis, Germantown or North Mississippi, scheduling a session at my photography studio to take pictures can be a lot of fun. I’m usually serving some sort of snack to go alongside tea or coffee. So swing on by to get out of the cold and capture some new pictures.