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Your Ideal Memories.

Let's organize an ideal shot list so you can enjoy a seamless wedding day.

She'll Be Gorgeous.

When photography isn't a concern, you can focus on your vows + each other.

Cherish the Moments.

Whether you're proposing or planning an anniversary, honor your marriage.

groom and bride foreheads together proposing love for one another during beautiful outside marriage ceremony in arizona first dance captured by danielle jacqueline out of olive branch ms
pre wedding portrait of groom in luxury suite in desoto county before bride appeared in wedding gown for the first time captured by danielle jacqueline photography

My Wedding Photography Pricing.

Each package includes an online gallery of unlimited enhanced portraits with media rights.

First Day Forever

Everything About your Wedding Ceremony.
$ 2055
  • Pre-Wedding
  • The Ceremony
  • The After Party
  • 8hrs of Footage
bride to be putting on makeup in bridal party suite before ceremony begins for personal wedding photographer session by danielle jacqueline in memphis tn

The Wedding Suite

From the proposal to the reception.
$ 3147
  • Engagement
  • Your Wedding
  • The Celebration
  • 12hrs of Footage
bride to be clinching her father's arm as he prepares to give his daughter to marriage at alter with pastor reading scripture and gorgeous hairstyle from behind by wedding photographer in olive branch ms danielle jacqueline

Custom Packages

Find a way to fit your wedding budget.
$ 329
  • Bachelorette
  • Ideal Photos
  • Honeymoon
  • Travel Costs
husband and wife celebrating their wedding day during outdoor ceremony at resort holding flowers happy as can be by danielle jacqueline photography in desoto county ms
  • + Second Shooter $125/hr

    Another creative professional helps you capture every moment from your wedding day.

  • Video Production $2,497+

    Schedule up to 10 hours of footage and receive a video story to watch for years to come.

Danielle Jacqueline Photography

Photographing Your Wedding

You only get one shot to capture your big day. Because of this, finding the right wedding photographer can be a stressful process for you and your future spouse – especially if you don’t know where to start. But the last thing you’ll want to do is wait until the last minute to make a decision.

If I’m being honest, weddings are super demanding. They involve a lot of planning and an ability to manage large groups of people. Cooperation and understanding is key – just like any marriage! So, if you’re going to go all-out on photography services, you’ll want to make sure the person you hire is a great communicator and knows how to give direction. 

Being a mother of 6, I believe all of these qualities come natural to me. I’m passionate about my client’s pictures and do my best to provide a creative and cordial approach. Listening to your vision allows me to develop final edits that fit the theme of your wedding.

While there is plenty of talent in Desoto County, I’d love a chance to capture your vows and everything in between. I’m confident that the more acquainted we become, the easier it’ll be for you to focus on your marriage and all it’s festivities.

close up headshot of danielle trask from danielle jacqueline photography where lens reflection and flare are showcased alongside beautiful woman with serious look as successful entrepreneur in memphis tn

Wedding Photography Reviews

Wedding Drone Photography.

Many couples enjoy reviewing their wedding experience when it’s all said and done. Aerial photos make it easier for them to rekindle certain moments or settings that made the day special. Drone videography also makes their wedding reel a lot more exciting! 

Don't Forget the Kiddos.

Although the bride, groom and wedding parties are usually the main focus of a wedding photographer – the little ones always catch my attention. We might as well snap a few pictures while they’re all dressed up in formal cuteness.

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Wedding Photographer Expectations.

There are plenty of places and venues for weddings in Northern Mississippi and Southeast Memphis. If you’re interested. we actually have the ability to small events on our own property in Olive Branch, MS. No matter where you’re getting married, I really don’t have any restrictions when it comes to travel. In the meantime, here are some examples of what we’ll discuss when we plan your special occasion:

  • Time of day and lighting requirements.
  • The venue and location of the reception. 
  • Are you going to need hair and makeup?
  • Do you want photos of your preparation?
  • Types of ideal wedding party portraits.
  • How many people will be in attendance?
  • Any additional accommodations needed.
  • Your preferred angles and certain poses.
  • The theme and style of your final edits.
  • My placement throughout the wedding.

From engagements to anniversaries, my clients can always expect a quality product from Danielle Jacqueline Photography. I absolutely love being apart of special moments in people’s lives! If you decide to hire me, I look forward to getting to know the two of you and capturing your personalities on your wedding day. 

rustic red dress on top of stairs looking down at fiance for wedding engagement photography session by danielle jacqueline old farmhouse wearing sunglasses for announcements in desoto county ms

Proposing With a MS Photographer.

Since your wedding is the first day of a lifelong commitment, it’s pretty common to see a photographer (or two) at the event. But when you think about it, the proposal itself is pretty memorable. The moment she says “yes” is probably something you’re going to want to remember. Instead of asking a buddy to film “the big question” from the bushes for Instagram – consider hiring a wedding photographer.

Most guys go to great lengths to set the mood before they ask their girlfriend to marry them. So if you have something special planned, why not go above and beyond to make sure you capture every second? Finding a wedding photographer before there’s even a need can give you massive amounts of brownie points!

Desoto County Engagement Photos

Once couples are officially engaged, many decide to work with a wedding photographer to capture their engagement. In most case, these photos are used for announcements, invitations and other forms of media to promote their promise to each other.

From my experience, there’s nothing like the sparkle in a bride-to-be’s eyes. Most engagement photographers utilize standard settings for this type of occasion – but I enjoy natural moments in authentic settings. To me, it doesn’t make sense to force a picture. Shooting in familiar places that mean something to your relationship makes it easier for me to capture your hearts and the love in them.

happily married couple standing outside looking away from camera holding hands tightly photographing their waste matching shirt to wife's dress flowers dry setting family portrait by danielle jacqueline

Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, you can always reach out. 🙂