Individual + Team Sports Photography

for athletes and athletic departments in the surrounding Memphis area.

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team sports photographer in olive branch ms captures middle school girls volleyball squad in municipal gym after school with basketball hoop in background for parents and students by danielle jacqueline

Team Portraits for Schools.

Standard settings or original creativity.

backstroke swimmer photographed by danielle jacqueline photography in lane 3 at high school swimming pool crystal blue water goggles showing during breath outdoors mississippi services

Action Sports Photography.

Capture your athleticism while in motion.

portrait from distance of former oakland raiders player khalil mack stretching next to field goal post before practice during training camp open to public by desoto county sports photographer danielle jacqueline edited for players guide

Professional Athlete Portraits

Individual poses or teammate sessions.

More Info on My Sports Portraits.

Highlight for athleticism with some action shots or huddle everyone up for your annual team portraits. My capabilities allow you to book your sport’s packages at the studio or on-location. I also offer player and staff headshots for media guides or newsletters for the athletic department. The overall process depends on the size of the team and the number of prints (or digital files) needed. I can either manage your prints or work with a preferred printing vendor. 

When it comes to individual portraits for team sport photography, I typically capture a unique pose and the front and back of every athlete.  Most of my clients order player pictures (with 3-5 options) and a team portrait with coaches and personnel. Sporting event photography is typically negotiated and scheduled with public relations. All request should include print expectations and a general idea on volunteers, sponsors, parents or additional participants.

young man training to be professional boxer in south with blue gloves and red shirt hitting punching bag sweating focused on getting endorsements for personal brand with professional sports photographer danielle jacqueline out of desoto county ms
competitive tennis league team pictures action shots on court wearing red shirt new racquet smiling enjoying the game captured by professional sports photographer danielle jacqueline in desoto county ms
danielle jacqueline photography company logo with typography by prefocus solutions

Ready to Book Sports Portraits?

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live action of tennis volley 1 on 1 matchup at dusk with net and court in full view of match caught by danielle jacqueline sports photographer in northern mississippi
speed and agility trainer for football players in high school at local field in desoto county ms wearing red t shirt with yard lines and trees in background by danielle jacqueline photography

Why Book Individual Sports Portraits?

Individual athletic photos are great for sports column features on star players, athletic sponsorships or simple action shots to showcase performance. Over the years, I’ve captured a number of high school students in their sporting element to highlight their careers. Whether your pictures are organized as a team or not,  I’ve got you covered!

More on Action Sports Photography.

Although difficult, capturing athletes in action is a lot of fun. There aren’t many sports photographers that have the capabilities to develop quality pictures of moving objects. Sound equipment, skill, and an ability to zoom play a major role in the end result. My clients have ranged from professional sports teams to high school athletes. I’ve also taken photographs for local news stories and business events with guest appearances.

Thinking About Team Pictures?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, you can always reach out. 🙂