Professional Headshots in Desoto County, MS.

Convey more than an image with portraits that depict your personality

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Photograph Your Style.

Communicate your story in my studio or in a natural setting by simply being yourself.

on location lifestyle images and headshot photography black and white real estate broker company in courtyard hero shot shadows glasses by danielle jacqueline desoto county ms

Capture Your Identity.

Let's come up with some creative ways to express your profession or branding style.

cute look and smile by professional realtor with plants in background natural lighting wearing black blonde hair for headshots in olive branch by danielle jacqueline

Find the Right Poses.

Whether you're a model or CEO, the right angles and placement make a difference.

agriculture business headshots no color edited with wide brimmed hat in tie for online marketing profile pictures linkedin by danielle jacqueline photography

The Focus Of My Headshots

for business owners, entreprenuers, influencers and local actors.

No matter the type of portrait you’re looking for, I enjoy getting to know who you are and why you do what you do. This helps me paint an accurate picture of your profession. I also take pride in providing custom backdrops, themes, and settings that suit the purpose of your headshot session. Some of my clients just need a plain background while others are looking for a little help with creativity.

I’ve captured everything from modeling portfolio portraits to business lifestyle imagery for social media. I’ve learned headshot photography comes in all shapes and sizes. So if you’d like an accurate proposal, I ask that you come prepared to discuss your expectations and desires. You can either book time at my studio, plan a shoot at your location or take advantage of some of my fav local spots in Desoto County, MS

experienced ceo of company head shot images for about page for customers to view white shirt hair and beard looking directly at camera lens studio portraits by danielle jacqueline in desoto county ms
lifestyle portraits outdoors at work wearing formal attire strong women of business low cut blouse next to building hands on belt loops by danielle jacqueline head shot photography

My Headshot Clients Think..

I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing models and professionals.

brick wall in focus looking towards president of olive branch company for headshot session outdoors by danielle jacqueline photography
american clothing line actor and bull rider standing by tractor blue denim wrangler jeans and 4 gallon hat looking to left outdoors in desoto county mississippi by danielle jacqueline photography
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Ready to Schedule Headshots?

Fill out a quote form for pricing or submit a call request below.

Express Studio Sessions

Simple, convenient, fast high quality headshots.
$ 149
per 35 minutes

On-Location or Lifestyle.

Capture your headshots in a natural setting.
$ 274
per hour (travel incl)

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FAQ's About Headshots in Desoto county, MS:

This really depends on where we’re shooting your headshots. If we’re photographing in the great Mississippi outdoors, then you’ll want to consider travel time while planning for the unexpected. Rain, wind and other natural elements can hinder our productivity. When we schedule time in the studio, 20 minutes to an hour is the normal standard.
No, but I do ask for a retainer in order to schedule your headshots. If you cancel within 48hrs before your photoshoot then you will not receive this deposit back. In most cases, it’s $50 to hold the date and time on my schedule.
If you’re looking to do some sort of lifestyle session, I recommend that you bring a few wardrobe options. Different styles tend to go better with certain backgrounds. At the same time, if you’re going to change, you’ll want to be mindful of how much time this takes. If you schedule an hour-long shoot and spend half the time changing, you may not get all of the photos you desire. So, communication on the front end is key. Also, if you’ve only purchased 5 digital copies, it may not make sense to have 5 different outfits. But, this is totally up to you!
Depending on your personal budget, I actually offer a few different options for printing. Otherwise, you can take the digital copies to most photography stores, print centers (like Sam’s Club) and print them yourself. All of the final edits that you select  can be downloaded from an online portal and are yours to keep (all rights reserved)! We can talk about quality recommendations when the time comes.
Even though we haven’t been in Mississippi for long, I do have a few places I like to recommend when planning your photoshoot. At the same time, we want to make sure the background and settings suit the purpose of your photos. Sometimes, different colors or placements don’t mesh well. So, before making any suggestions, I’d rather hear what type of photography you’re looking for. This is why I set aside time for a thorough discovery process with my clients. it helps us make the best determination together.

Quality Headshots in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Becoming photogenic isn’t as difficult as one might think. When you’re confident and comfortable, it’s a lot easier to be yourself. To help you with this, I do my best to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere that matches your personality! Getting better acquainted really helps you warm up to the camera and truly enjoy the experience.

Taking pictures is what I love to do. No matter the where you schedule your headshots in Olive Branch, nothing beats capturing my clients in the right pose with a great expression in the perfect setting with the best lighting. Talking beforehand really helps us accomplish this.

All I care about is helping you “hug the lens” and create a genuine first impression. Success begins with how you’re perceived. When you don’t work with a quality headshot photographer, you can really miss out on confidence and connecting with your audience. 

What mood to relay?

I take a lot of pride planning your personalized head shots and portraits. It’s important that we solidify a theme and your shot list before-hand.

Children Headshots Too.

They may not be auditioning for a movie role – but you can never go wrong with some adorable portraits of your kid's youthful personality.

Desoto County Models.

Headshots create a first impression that plays an important role in your modeling career. So let's create an authoritative presence.

Smile or No Smile?

My photography services encompass an array of poses, themes, and settings. Whether you're grinning or not, I want you to be comfortable.

Angles and Backdrops.

There isn’t a blueprint for the perfect headshot. But capturing different angles and stances will give you plenty of options to choose from!

Avoid Repeat Images.

Quality headshots focus on capturing who you are in different settings. So take advantage of the seasons, different trends and locations.

Always Tell A Story.

When developing an online presence, photos that speak to your audience are important. A headshot can speak a thousand words.

Simple Point & Shoot.

Whether we're indoors or outside – You can capture headshots in almost any setting at any time! With a solid plan and proper lighting,

Help With Auditions.

Whether we're indoors or outside – You can capture headshots in almost any setting at any time! With a solid plan and proper lighting,

Confident Headshots Are Key.

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, you can always reach out. 🙂