Your Pet Photographer, Danielle.

Olive Branch, Mississippi portraits for pet and domestic animal owners. 

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Pets On-Location.

Why schedule look for places to take your pet for pictures when we can plan a photoshoot nearly anywhere!

Indoor Photography.

When you book a time slot at Danielle’s studio in Olive Branch, Mississippi, your pet receives lots of attention.

A Growing Family

Thinking about getting family pictures taken? Well, you might as well set aside time to capture your pet!

Pet Owner Photography

for animal-lovers in Desoto County, Mississippi.

To most of us, our pets are considered our protectors, loyal confidants, or even simple company. Some of us even go as far as including our animals in nearly every outing or family gathering. Whether we’re playing with them, grooming them, or ensuring they have proper nutrition, our pets play an important role in our lives.

If you’re the type of person that takes your furry pal everywhere you go, then let me know if you’re interested in having a pet photographer capture your adventures.

infant baby holding garden hose in backyard of olive branch neighborhood with pet dog drinking water plastic slide in the background of grassy area tutu swimsuit by danielle jacqueline
close up picture of pet owner holding dog's hand in grass outside with sunlight shining for black and white photo flowered dress by danielle jacqueline in desoto county ms
cali girl pitbull adult photos for personal portrait session in northern mississippi memphis area for pet lovers to capture memories green grass big smile tongue out spots

Some Testimonials From My Clients

elbow on knee and fist to chin brunette with pink in hair sitting on stairs of outdoor park with cars in the background by desoto county photographer danielle jacqueline
purple and pink highlights in hair jean jacket and blue dress with flowers eyes closed holding pet dog on steps outside for photography session with danielle jacqueline
brown tunnel under walkways and street outside ms park where dog is looking to the left panting outdoors for owner photoshoot with danielle jacqueline
danielle jacqueline photography company logo with typography by prefocus solutions

Ready to Schedule a Shoot?

Fill out a quote form for pricing or submit a call request below.

More About My Olive Branch Pet Photos

I’ve been capturing families, events, and lifestyle portrait photography since 2013. I love animals so I’ll be eager to meet you and your beloved pet and capture them as a member of your family! With specials starting at $175, take advantage of placement and settings that encompass the way you feel about your beloved pet. There are endless options to schedule a shoot with your pet in Northern Mississippi.

Talk to a Pet Photographer.

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime. 🙂