Newborn Portraits + Infant Photos.

in Desoto County, Mississippi for parents with a new family addition.

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Do Something Creative.

Customize your session with themes, props, backdrops + a wardrobe to match.

professional studio newborn portraits in desoto county ms by danielle jacqueline photography in studio with saddle set up and cowboy hat furry blanket and white flowered backdrop for proud mom

You + Your New Arrival.

Parents! Plan out portraits with your newborn or involve other family members.

poppa bear holding his newborn infant son tightly after bringing him home for the first time sitting on couch matching family outfits olive branch ms photographer danielle jacqueline

Newborn Studio Sessions.

Schedule time on-site or make a request to book my portable studio at your home.

hands behind head lounging baby positioned by photographer danielle jacqueline during newborn studio portraits in desoto county ms quilt purple throw over headband for girls

Infant + Newborn Photographer.

for new and expecting parents Desoto County, Mississippi.

Capturing a new arrival is something parents can only do once. To me, everything about God’s creation is worth remembering. Even though dressing newborns up and putting them in cute positions is a lot of fun – taking close ups of their fingernails, hands, toes, scrunchy little faces, wrinkles and even birthmarks make the session special. From here on out, kids grow so fast! 

For those of you that would like to also capture your child’s progression, I also specialize in portraits for infants and toddlers. We can book some time in the studio or explore Desoto County with your little one! Either way, before we let the camera roll, it’s a good idea that we talk about your ideas and expectations.

When it comes to special occasions, a quality product is very important to me. So is the comfort of you and your family. With 6 kids, I’ve taken lots of pictures! But every client is unique. So I do my best to be mindful of your expectations.

Indoor / Outdoor Infant to Toddler Sessions

What My Clients Have to Say..

capturing more than infant portraits.

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Ready to Book Newborn Portraits?

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FAQ's About Newborn + Infant Photography

I have two different studios on my property in Olive Branch, MS and 2 acres to take pictures on. I don’t mind traveling if you have a place in mind – otherwise we can figure something out together. I have a few suggestions. 
In my opinion, adjusting and positioning the baby is difficult when it’s not your child. This is why I think it’s important to build some familiarity with each other beforehand. I know how delicate they are at that age and it can be kind of nerve-wracking to say the least. Baby cooperation and working around naps or feeding time can also be a little challenging. This is where communication helps. Since a number of things can unexpectedly sidetrack a photo shoot with a newborn infant, I usually schedule sessions in two-hour intervals.
I prefer that potential clients inquire at least a week in advance. Since I do have a large family, this gives me time to plan ahead and work with you in an efficient manner. If you’re hosting an event or looking for post-delivery pictures (at the hospital), then I’ll need at least a few weeks to prepare. Some of my photoshoots require me to travel and I can’t guarantee availability. At the same time, I haven’t had many booking issues in the past. Even with my fresh 48 sessions.
I provide an array of options – but if you have some meaningful belongings, I recommend that you bring them along. Some examples include objects with your child’s name on them, favorite stuffed animals or blankets, and personalized outfits. Let me know if you want to use a specific prop that you don’t have. I’ll do my best to supply it for you.
First and foremost, we have to make sure you have ample lighting at your home or the location we’ll be shooting at. This could be a nice wall of windows or even on the front porch. My pop up studio can be put together anywhere with at least 10x10ft of space. It simply consists of pvc piping and different colored backdrops. I also have some flooring options as well. Good communication on the front end helps me determine all I need to bring.
This is where my motherly experience comes in handy. What I normally do is schedule newborn portraits during a routine nap time. We’ll also want to make sure baby has a full tummy and that he or she is cozy. All of the props I use are fairly soft to encourage this. If they’re not feeling well, uncomfortable or hungry it can be a long 2 hours. It tends to be a lot easier if I set up in your home so you have everything you need handy. Otherwise, I provide a quiet environment with al the baby supplies you need. If you have a fussy baby, we can work together to soothe them. I have a few tricks I’ve learned over the years that may help.

A Collage of Newborn Portraits.

I do not use client images without permission.

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Are These Your First Newborn Portraits?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime. 🙂