Professional Maternity Portraits.

Olive Branch, Mississippi photography for pregnant mothers in every trimester.

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Pose With Confidence.

Smile big because your belly is the most beautiful part of the picture.

Customized Themes.

Personalized portraits you can duplicate when the baby arrives!

Bring Your Husband.

Two are always better than one. Celebrate your addition, together.

Baby Arrival Photos.

I offer pregnancy packages with fresh 48 and newborn sessions!

color picture of wife standing in front of husband with his arms around her bringing hands together to make heart on stomache of white shirt natural background danielle jacqueline photography
elegant maternal portraits zero gravity white space backdrop mother seated on chair in long shawl that runs down placement legs and belly showing with hand on top face hidden collierville tn photographer danielle jacqueline
red haired woman expecting child seated on plantation porch in north mississippi farmhouse maternity portraits bright blue long dress over wooden steps curls matching red brick residence while leaning on white pillars outside in desoto county ms

Capturing Your Pregnancy.

for expecting mothers in Desoto County, Mississippi.

Hello – My name is Danielle! I’m a mother of 6 and have been blessed to be able to work as a photographer for almost a decade now. Since I obviously have been pregnant a time or two, I really enjoy taking maternity portraits. Now that we’re in Olive Branch, I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of the scenery.

When it comes to these types of sessions, the beauty of the baby bump is where I like to center my camera. Unless a meaningful theme is planned out, props, settings and other elements in the background can be a distraction.

While a simple photoshoot works well, there are plenty of ideas worth incorporating – especially if your husband or other children join in on the fun. 

black and white portrait of pregnant mother in sun dress in front of trees with sun light flair resting on her like halo outdoor by danielle jacqueline photography in desoto county ms
wife expecting child sitting on husbands lap reading God's word outside on park bench for maternity portraits by danielle jacqueline photography green grass in background natural lighting hair done
angled black and white photo of expecting mother's hands over pregnant belly in the shape of a heart of danielle jacqueline photography's maternal portraits page for desoto county and memphis services
husband middle age on knee in jeans and white shirt in open grassy park kissing wife's belly for maternity portrait session outdoors color by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms

Expecting Mothers in Olive Branch

can also request custom packages for fresh 48 or infant photography.

Recovery Room Portraits.

Capture the moments after giving birth.
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Post-Delivery Photos.

Home arrival and newborn sessions.

Looking for a Packaged Deal?

Request a quote for maternity portraits and baby pictures!

Capture Every Maternal Stage.

There are plenty of ideas that surround the full 9 months of pregnancy. One of my favorite ideas includes a time lapse that freeze frames every trimester. Photographers are great and all, but most moms can even do this themselves! Snapping pictures of the way your body changes while carrying a child really helps you remember this special time in your life.

If interested, I can schedule a series of shots that outlay different phases of your pregnancy. When you finally decide to have your baby shower, you can show off the progression of your baby bump! Not all professional maternity portraits in Olive Branch offer creative, personalized service throughout the experience – but I really enjoy it.

single mother family standing outside residence under tree holding "it's a girl" sign written in chalk by youngest daughter in dress stunning black and white maternity portrait by danielle jacqueline photography
beautiful white dress pressed down on pregnant belly of mother to be in outdoor memphis tn setting for maternity session by danielle jacqueline photography with husband

Some Testimonials From My Clients

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Ready to Schedule a Shoot?

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Finding the Right Photographer

for maternity portraits in Desoto County, Mississippi.

First and foremost, if you’re looking for someone to photograph your pregnancy, congratulations! There are many ways to capture your baby bump, but finding someone that can relate to everything about your experience can be invaluable. Moods, pains, sicknesses and even early deliveries can quickly change any plan. 

Every mom is different – so working with someone that’s experienced or well-versed in motherhood can be a breathe of fresh air. Communication is also key – for obvious reasons. When you’re not on the same page, it can create unnecessary stress leading up to your delivery date. Finding somebody that listens and is flexible will be well worth it.

Besides an easy going personality, a good maternity photographer will also know how to position your belly and use lighting to enhance your portraits. So before discussing your ideas, try getting a better feel for where photographers are in these areas.

The nuances and curveballs of pregnancy always make a good story. This is why I love helping mommies-to-be capture their experience while anticipating a new blessing. When it’s all said and done,  a quality relationship with a maternity photographer comes in handy as the child grows.

beautiful baby bump woman in husband's purple dress shirt and white tights grass field with distressed trees in mississippi background by danielle jacqueline photography desoto county
in my husband's arms maternity portraits by danielle jacqueline outdoors with expecting couple open field with trees in desoto county ms
seated indian style on comforter of bed black casual attire colored tattoos skin showing and glowing for maternity portraits by danielle jacqueline in memphis tn

FAQ's About Maternity Portraits

I’ve learned that quality communication with clients prior to a maternity photoshoot helps out tremendously. Planning a shot list beforehand helps us become more acquainted and determine what you’re comfortable doing. Even though many expecting mommas like to photograph their belly, I totally understand if this makes you uncomfortable. The sooner I know, the better – so we can  come up with unique pregnancy ideas together! I also recommend bringing a few outfits that show the formal and casual side of your experience. 
Each of my photography sessions have a minimum $50 retainer fee. This guarantees your booking on a certain date and time. If you were to cancel the photo shoot without a 48hr notice, I keep this deposit – unless there is an emergency or unexpected tragedy. If you simply need to reschedule, it’s not a big deal. Trust me, I get it. I have 6 kids of my own ages 1-19. Schedules change – but I ask that you try not to make any last minute requests.
Yes! The more family members, the better. In the past, I’ve even encouraged sisters, moms, spouses or significant others to join in on the fun. I think shooting maternity portraits for couples is a lot of fun. It’s something that expecting parents can do to remember their child’s birth together. From my experience, the more people that are involved, the more comfortable mommy tends to be. It can be intimidating when you’re the center of attention and don’t feel as attractive or beautiful. When you look good, feel good and have the support of the crew – smiles come naturally. 
Expecting parents with budget restraints usually ask this question. It can be stressful making sure you have enough finances to take care of a baby – especially if you’re a first-time parent! So if you decide not to commit to a bigger package right away, I’m not going to penalize you if you change your mind once the baby is born. The main benefit of scheduling all of your sessions on the front end is availability. When you wait, I can’t promise my schedule won’t be full. 
You don’t have to carry this burden! It’s why you’re hiring a professional maternity photographer, right? During our discovery call, I ask a number of questions to help me determine what type of shoot suits your personality best. But if you happen have ideas or concepts, we can definitely iron them out too. Here in Mississippi, there are so many ways for us to capture elegance and natural beauty. By working together, we can lay out every shot and make the most of your photo shoot. All you need to worry about is keeping that precious baby inside!

Make Maternal Memories Last.

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.
holding up clothesline of baby boy clothes during maternity photography session outside with husband and wife couple expecting son in desoto county green grass trees hands on hip smiling mom
wife looking down at pregnant belly exposed by button up shirt seated in grass with spouse laying behind her imagining what parenting will be like as they await their new arrival photo by danielle jacqueline in mississippi desoto county
mommy to be cupping pregnant belly with hands in white sun dress outdoors for maternity photography session with danielle jacqueline in olive branch ms