Photographing a Fresh 48 Session in West Phoenix

Capturing the nature and elegance of a newborn baby girl has left a precious memory in my heart. Not only was I able to relate and reminisce as a mother, but I was blessed to be apart of the genuine experience of parents cherishing their baby girl for the first time.
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Remembering the love of a new arrival

Ok all, I may have a new favorite thing to do….Photograph a Fresh 48 Session!  Baby Claire’s parents agreed to let me peek in on them in the hospital just a few hours after Claire’s arrival.  A newborn baby is already full of cuteness and perfection – but add in the raw emotions of a brand new mom and dad, and it seriously doesn’t get any better.



Life’s Moments in Awe

A Fresh 48 session creates an entirely different viewpoint of family photography.  You really get to sit back and just soak in the overflowing love between mom, dad, and baby – and if you’re super lucky, the newborn’s siblings.  I remember how tender and precious the initial moments were for my oldest when she met her baby sister for the first time.  She made facial expressions I had never seen before.

Before my oldest daughter met her baby sister, those feelings didn’t exist and it was a special moment for me as a mother.  Partaking in this new experience was the same with brand new parents, in Claire’s mommy and daddy. The gentleness of each touch and the softness they displayed when holding their precious baby girl put me in awe of life and parenthood in general.


The Benefits of a Fresh 48 Session

Fresh 48 Sessions are truly authentic moments that are caught on camera. There was no need to feel the urge to direct them as a photographer.  It was simple, inspiring, and so very elegant. We didn’t have to use props, lighting, backdrops, or direction – we simply capture the moment as it was.  I was simply able to sit back and witness raw emotions put on display for me.  It really doesn’t get much better than that!


Requesting Newborn Photography

Are you an expecting mother and interested in capturing a fresh 48 session of your new arrival?