Photographing a Fresh 48 Session

father handing off newly born baby girl to mother sitting in hospital recover bed propped up with pillows plugged into monitors during fresh 48 session with danielle jacqueline photography near memphis

Capturing the nature and elegance of a newborn always leaves a precious memory in my heart. But this fresh 48 session was special. It was the first time I’ve ever set up shop in a hospital! Not only did the experience take me down memory lane but it was a blessing watching two loving parents cherish their first born in a vulnerable setting.

It just might be my favorite type of photography now.. I’m still a little giddy over the sweetness! I can’t wait until I schedule another fresh 48 session!

new daddy touching the cheek of his little baby girl on lap in hospital with danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms during fresh 48 session black and white photo
intimate moment of mother holding first baby looking down at her in hospital room with photographer danielle jacqueline for fresh 48 pictures near memphis tn

Remembering the Love of a New Arrival

Baby Claire’s parents agreed to let me peek in on them in the hospital just a few hours after Claire’s arrival.  I’m so glad things went as planned. Newly-born babies are already full of cuteness and perfection. Combined with the raw emotions of a brand new mom and dad – the moments seriously don’t get any better! It didn’t take much work to get some quality photos.

black and white photo of first time mom and dad trying to soothe baby in arms with hospital setting in background danielle jacqueline photography memphis area
little newborn baby laying on back looking to the left reaching for mommy's finger at hospital after giving birth portraits with danielle jacqueline photography serving olive branch mississippi

Life’s Real Moments Leave Us in Awe

Fresh 48 photography is totally different than your typical family session. You really get to sit back and just soak in the overflowing love between mom, dad, and baby. I’m sure it’d be a totally different atmosphere if younger siblings were involved!

I remember how adorable and wonderful it was watching my oldest interact with her baby sister for the first time. She made facial expressions I had never seen before. Those feelings didn’t exist beforehand. It was a special moment for me as a mother.  

After getting to know Claire’s mom and dad, I could tell their experience wasn’t much different. The gentleness and softness of every touch they displayed when holding their precious baby girl put me in awe of life and parenting in general. Childbirth is such a beautiful thing!

first time father smiling and looking down at his little infant daughter in his hands while sitting in hospital chair in recovery room with wife during fresh 48 shoot with danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch mississippi
black and white edited portrait of first time father handing newborn daughter to mother laying in hospital bed during fresh 48 photography session with danielle jacqueline in olive branch mississippi
photograph of father holding newly born infant girl peeking around the corner capturing part of wall authentic intimate family moment for parents near memphis by photographer danielle jacqueline
first time mother cherishing authentic moment with newborn baby girl at hospital in robe ponytail captured by fresh 48 photographer near memphis tn danielle jacqueline

The Benefits of a Fresh 48 Session

The truly authentic moments are the best part about taking pictures at the hospital. There isn’t much room to avoid them. It doesn’t take much direction to come away with some amazing photos. As long as you and your photographer communicate effectively, a fresh 48 session should never be a stressful experience. Keeping things simple and elegant is enough.

Private moments like these can be a blessing for parents. We didn’t have to use props, lighting, backdrops, or a handful of outfits – we simply captured the moments as they came. Mom and dad have plenty to do and manage during our time together. So I do my best to be a fly on the wall and respect their space when needed.

new parents both reaching down to care for crying infant in recovery room at hospital during fresh 48 session with danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tennessee
hand behind head laying on hospital bed crying for mommy after birth captured by danielle jacqueline photography fresh 48 in desoto county mississippi memphis area
close up of newly born baby girl laying in incubator in hospital recovery room during fresh 48 session with danielle jacqueline photography in desoto county ms
little baby at hospital after being born healthy to parents laying on linen sheets on bed crying with finger in mouth beanie on head fresh 48 session near memphis tn by danielle jacqueline photography

Thinking About a Fresh 48 Session?

If you’re going to work with a photographer after giving birth, it’s important to consider all of the variables. Due dates can change quickly and hospital restrictions may present problems. So do yourself a favor and find a reliable professional and start planning the fresh 48 session early on. Scheduling is difficult when you’re not on the same page. 

If you live in the Memphis area, I’d be more than happy to talk more about my services

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