Danielle's Photo Blog.

Sharing With You Some of the Moments I Capture.

From Arizona all the way to Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Danielle's Photo Blog.

Sharing With You Some of the Moments I Capture.

From Arizona all the way to Olive Branch, Mississippi.

olive branch pizza senior photo contest mississippi graduates with danielle jacqueline photography free session with $30 menu purchase on april 7th 2022 in desoto county giveaway

2022 Senior Grad Photo Giveaway with Olive Branch Pizza!

I’m really excited to announce our first local promotion with Olive Branch Pizza! My husband has been brainstorming for a while now; trying to think of some ways we can meet new people in North Mississippi. This was perfect idea for the season. Any soon-to-be graduate that has yet to

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germantown real estate professional in driver's seat arm hanging out window of tesla white suv for promotion photoshoot by luxury vehicle photographer danielle jacqueline near memphis tennessee

What Does a Vehicle Photographer Focus on?

Hiring someone to photograph automobiles and different modes of transportation isn’t as popular as it once was. Smart phones and other devices make it easier to capture and publish what we like to share. But there are some cases where a vehicle photographer can be a load of help. So

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close up photography during extended family shoot of children being cuddled by father while playing in leaves with mommy looking and laughing on thanksgiving by danielle jacqueline in olive branch ms

Fall Extended Family Photography.

Krystal and her family recently relocated to Olive Branch, Mississippi. Like us, it was quite a busy season. With three kids, it was tough for them to find time to slow down and cherish a moment or two. Since Krystal is also a student, they were really looking forward to

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older bride to be preparing for big wedding day at mansion in desoto county putting on earrings finishing hair and makeup black and white beauty captured by danielle jacqueline

When An Interior Photographer in Memphis Can Come in Handy.

Initially, you might think an interior photographer doesn’t get a lot of work. Everyone just takes pictures of things themselves these days, right? Well, it’s hard to match the value of working with a professional that understands lighting, angles and staging. So let’s take a look at a few scenarios

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authentic smiles by prek child during outdoor photoshoot with classic desk by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms for back-to-school-pictures

Better Back-to-School Pictures in Desoto County.

By the time summer comes to a close, many parents are eager for school to begin. But it doesn’t mean they’re excited about the preparation. Even if you homeschool like we do, each grade presents new challenges for you and your child(ren). It’s hard not to get caught up in

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brunette burgandy shirt arm over head next to tree thinking of smiling during senior portrait session natural settings in olive branch mississippi by danielle jacqueline professional

Now Booking Mississippi Senior Photos for the Class of 2022.

It’s that time of year again! The birds are chirping, March Madness is in the air, and graduation is right around the corner! So if you’re a part of the 2022 class, it’s a good idea to starting thinking about your Mississippi senior photos sooner than later.  I was less fortunate and never had the opportunity to take my graduation portraits.

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adorable infant seated on turquoise wooden stool in matching shirt at farmhouse setting in oxford mississippi for family photos with baby by danielle jacqueline

Easter Photography Ideas with Danielle.

Capturing families is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. There aren’t many things more enjoyable than sharing unique moments of happiness with people that care about each other. No matter the occasion, it’s pretty cool to look at pictures I’ve taken and remember the aura of the

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son looking up into father's eyes while sitting on white fence next to large tree while mom watches them both wearing christmas props on heads for family holiday photography session by danielle jacqueline in olive branch ms

The Wright’s Family Holiday Pictures.

I had the pleasure of photographing The Wright Family during the pandemic-driven holiday season this past year. With the sun close to setting, this was an amazing photoshoot during golden hour. They absolutely loved their Christmas cards!

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A Father’s Day Photography Session.

I received an email from a sweet young lady inquiring about family photos as a Father’s Day gift to her dad.  Right off the bat, I knew this was going to be something special.  A Father’s Day Photography session isn’t a common theme for families. But this young lady knew

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oh ahh mouth wide open baby boy laying on plush pillow thinking of the days when he can walk and talking after being born to parents in memphis tennessee captured by danielle jacqueline photography for picture ideas

Baby Picture Ideas with Danielle Jacqueline Photography

Photographing babies is one of the most adorable things you can do. It’s actually one of my favorite things. Who doesn’t love those chunky little rolls, squishy pudge faces, and them itty bitty hands and feet?! It’s enough sweetness to melt anyones heart. Here’s a look at some ideas I’ve used over the years.

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gorgeous baby girl navy blue bow and blankie angled photography shot hand clinched in mouth eyes closed after birth by danielle jacqueline out of olive branch mississippi

Newborn Baby Hospital Pictures.

Nichole first contacted me back in April, a month or two before her due date. She needed newborn baby hospital pictures for her first child but was new to all this photography stuff – not to mention the baby stuff! Like most first time parents, she didn’t really know what

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big sister laying with newborn baby brother on couch after mother gave birth to second child captured in black and white by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms

Capturing Siblings During Family Portrait Sessions.

Getting to know families and their dynamic is what I love most about photography. Every group brings a unique set of personalities that are incomparable to the next. It definitely keeps me on my toes and challenges me to ask a lot of questions before every photo shoot – especially

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upside down portrait of high school senior boy in swimming pool with googles on forehead floating on back towards edge of deck where danielle jacqueline photography camera is near memphis tennessee

Ways to Capture High School Student Athlete Portraits.

You don’t have to be limited to standard poses and letter jackets when it comes to capturing senior pictures for student athletes. It’s a lot more fun when I’m able to incorporate their interests, passions, hobbies, after school activities or future plans! Here’s a great example:

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daddy using tape measurer before cutting 1x2 piece of lumber for bench repair during family time with the trasks in olive branch ms

Growing as a Mom with Me Part 1

I’ve grown so much as a mother over the years. I wanted to begin sharing things I’ve learned in hopes to inspire and encourage other women. This is the first blog I’ve written from the heart and it has to do with the second boy that stole my heart – my only son. Raising boys can be frustrating but you don’t need to go about it alone. And you shouldn’t be.. Here’s why!

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apple situated on corner of classic schoolhouse desk with bright eyed preschooler all smiles well dressed for class pictures in memphis tennessee by danielle jacqueline photography

Happy Owls’ PreSchool Portraits.

Since launching my photography business in 2013, I’ve been blessed to work with a number of different families and children. From newborn sessions, to graduation portraits, I love how every photo shoot is different. No matter the purpose, it’s rarely boring! When I heard Krystal from Happy Owls was interested in

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baby boy laying on back asleep during new arrival photo session with danielle jacqueline portrait studio in olive branch mississippi wearing diaper suspenders formal look on soft blanket white setting

New Arrival Photo Session at Home.

Adorable baby Liam was only 10 when we met. It’s always a treat when I get invited into a clients home for a new arrival photo session. From the moment I stepped inside, I could see and feel the love and joy Liam brought to his family. Everyone joined in on the fun!

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father handing off newly born baby girl to mother sitting in hospital recover bed propped up with pillows plugged into monitors during fresh 48 session with danielle jacqueline photography near memphis

Photographing a Fresh 48 Session

Capturing the nature and elegance of a newborn always leaves a precious memory in my heart. But this fresh 48 session was special. It was the first time I’ve ever set up shop in a hospital! Not only did the experience take me down memory lane but it was a

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junior portraits close looking up at young boy in red and blue flannel shirt with hair spiked looking towards where he's walking with cute dimples by olive branch ms photographer danielle jacqueline

Junior Portraits During the Winter Season Aren’t That Bad.

The Christmas season is here! As the weather begins to freeze over, outdoor photography in North Mississippi isn’t the best idea. While some of you are bold enough to smile facing arctic winds, many of you need something to read by the fireplace. So, I thought I’d highlight some warming

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little girl beat cancer with family for winter holiday pictures outside with danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms with small christmas tree and other props bow in hair pretty dress black and white

A Winter Family Photo Session That Meant A Lot To Me.

Gathering the family together for the holidays is pretty much essential in my household. Even though there’s 8 of us here year-round, I’ve always believed: the more the merrier! 🙂 Growing up, I wasn’t able to experience much consistency. So any way I can provide this for my home is

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baby girl in red silk dress white wool sweater next to wicket reindeer faux pine tree and other christmas props during studio portrait session with danielle jacqueline photography in desoto county mississippi snowmen wood floor white edit

Christmas Photo Tips for Baby Parents in Mississippi.

Once you have children, the holiday season kind of sneaks up on you. Before you know it, Christmas cookies and open boxes are scattered everywhere. For moms and dads alike, it’s kind of a blur. But as we scurry around trying to make the most of it all, we can’t lose sight of those that matter the most. Just like the holidays, time with our kids comes and goes so quickly..

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image of dark room with homemade diy studio lighting photography project using shower curtains plastic bins and other simple items from home improvement store by danielle jacqueline studio in olive branch mississippi state line

DIY Studio Lighting Photography.

My husband and I came up with an idea to promote my photography business by offering portraits of costumes while passing out candy on Halloween. Since we knew most trick or treaters would be ringing the doorbell after sundown, we needed to set up studio lighting photography. Having rented photography

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little boy on shoulders of father at park by tree black and white as he kisses his wife for personal family portraits by danielle jacqueline photography in desoto county ms

Capturing Fall Family Pictures with 3.

Does the fall season make you think of the colors gold, yellow, orange, and red? It does for me! Now that I’ve experienced a true fall in Mississippi, I can see why. In the desert, the landscape pretty much stays the same year round. Here, the colors really are vibrant.

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young parents at park during spring with 1 year old little girl in both of their arms extended towards camera with big smile for celebration portraits with danielle jacqueline photography servicing memphis tennessee

Baby’s First Birthday Pictures with Riley.

Riley was such a treat during her one year old photography session. She was so full of sweetness and didn’t mind sharing it with us at all! After becoming exceptionally fond of my assistant, she had us wrapped around her little finger. To be honest, I think they became best

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