Newborn Home Arrival Session Near Memphis.

portrait of custom nursery made for first time parents captured by olive branch mississippi photographer during newborn home arrival session last spring bright white coral accent

One of the first things us mommas get excited about when expecting a sweet bundle of joy, is putting together the perfect nursery.  Creating a space of peace and comfort is important. Many hours are spent in the nursery, making sweet memories. Finding all the right furniture, bedding, toys, books, stuffed animals, decor, and just the right shades of paint helps us deal with the anticipation. It also gives us a cozy spot to take newborn home arrival photography.

custom nursery theme midsouth mississippi first time parents coral white blend hired photographer for newborn home arrival session
green and coral with white and black accents baby nursery preparing for newborn home arrival photo session with danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tennessee
signage and clothing ready for baby girl to wear at home parents nursery germantown tennessee photography

This lovely couple had quite the setup and was eager to capture what momma had been working on for quite some time. As you can see, the theme is super cute, bright and welcoming. I loved the chair being next to the window and the darker curtains. I’m sure she’ll shut those often.

image of crib in nursery mom designed in germantown tennessee to prepare for newborn home arrival photo session with danielle jacqueline
focusing on baby sleeping 50mm len through crib bars sleeping newborn baby after first time being home after birth olive branch photographer mississippi
looking down wide lens baby sleeping swaddled comfortably pink blankie bars of custom white crib in beautiful nursery germantown tn

A Thoughtful Setup Is Worth a Few Pictures.

Leading up to this shoot, I had already been taking advantage of the Marketplace for unique session items. I’ve found some really cute stuff for newborn home arrival sessions since moving to Mississippi. Pinterest is always great for ideas and both help me avoid breaking the bank! I provided a number of props for this shoot. After 6 children, buying things new can get rather expensive.

When you have a setup like this and a detail-orientated photographer, capturing a newborn lifestyle session at home is a breeze. Of course, there is no better feeling than bringing your fresh bundle of joy home for the first time and allowing them to get comfortable in their new surroundings. The moments with mom is dad is definitely what I love most about newborn home arrival sessions.

close up of sweet baby girl and stuffed bunny swaddled in crib at home 3 days old germantown tn parents photographer
big yawn by little bundle of joy a few days after birth arriving home to custom nersery in germantown tennessee with professional photographer danielle jacqueline
wide eyed looking left laying in crib with bow a few days old at home for the first time with photographer from olive branch mississippi for first time parents portraits
baby girl's eyes open after arriving home from the hospital with mommy and daddy for lifestyle session in crib danielle jacqueline photography olive branch ms
cozy baby swaddles on corner of couch by white armrest at home newborn lifestyle sessions with danielle germantown tennessee mothers
overhead look at newborn arriving home placed in crib sleeping with stuffed animal plain white setting hint of pink resting comfortably near memphis photographer

Types of Home Baby Pictures to Take.

When I go to a client’s home to capture their new arrival, I always try to locate the baby’s special place. I like to ask where they’ve felt at home the most. No matter the area or lighting, we can find a way to make it work. Sometimes, their favorite spot is simply in mommy’s arms. That’s OK too. We can follow you around as if it’s a daily routine, cooing the baby as you go. Natural is always best.

Either way, nothing completes a baby book like nursery photos. Like I said, it’s just a special place. I like paying attention to all of the little details, edges and peeking places. We can position baby on the floor with a special blanket from grandma or a favorite stuffed animal from her big sibling. My personal fav is a swaddled bundle in a rocking chair. There are different ways we can set this up and even incorporate mom and dad. 

mom and dad interacting at home after discharged from hospital post pregnancy portraits with danielle jacqueline lifestyle sessions germantown tn
kissing baby girl on forehead as daddy cradles her in his arms in front of crib at home lifestyle session with danielle jacqueline photography olive branch ms
father over the shoulder of wife as she holds newborn baby girls upon home arrival with professional photographer danielle jacqueline germantown tennessee services
candid moment of mother's heart father looking at baby girl in her arms nursery home photos by danielle near memphis tn

To wrap things up, similar to fresh 48 sessions, I like to capture the interaction between the parents. How they work together, care for the baby individually and cherish the moment is what I really like to focus on. Quality time and baby management in other areas of the house is a great way to end the shoot. Parents are normally a lot more comfortable after we’ve spent some time together.

close intimate moment mother with newborn baby girl home for first time in nursery chair next to window amazed at God's blessing in germantown tennessee
desoto county new parents happy in home nursery with photographer danielle jacqueline formal
loving mother holding new born baby girl close to chest from side as she looks down black dress post pregnancy photographer danielle jacqueline glamour shots lifestyle desoto county ms

Don't Put Off Portraits Once the Baby Arrives!

Whenever you’re planning for a newborn home arrival, don’t forget about the pictures. Even if you set something up on your phone, you’ll be glad you captured the first few days at home. Once these baby moments are gone, they’ll be nothing more than memories. If you spent a lot of time and money on a nursery, the least you can do is show it off with some professional images of you in it!

proud dad looking down at fresh baby girl in arms at home in nursery pink cool theme lifestyle sessions by danielle olive branch ms
father cherishing looking into new arrival daughters eyes on rocking chair in nursery intimate moment of love danielle jacqueline pro photographer near memphis
loving father memphis tennessee kissing newborn baby girl upon home arrival in custom nursery captured by danielle jacqueline photography
danielle jacqueline photography company logo with typography by prefocus solutions

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