Newborn Baby Hospital Pictures.

gorgeous baby girl navy blue bow and blankie angled photography shot hand clinched in mouth eyes closed after birth by danielle jacqueline out of olive branch mississippi

Nichole first contacted me back in April, a month or two before her due date. She needed newborn baby hospital pictures for her first child but was new to all this photography stuff – not to mention the baby stuff! Like most first time parents, she didn’t really know what to expect. Since I have a lot of kids, we had a pretty good initial conversation.

Preparing for the Newborn Photoshoot.

After chatting with Nichole about a few things, we were locked in and patiently waiting on baby’s arrival. Leading up to the due date, she was so good about keeping me in the loop and updating me on her pregnancy. As a Fresh 48 photographer, it’s nice to know what’s going on as it happens. I’m practically on-call for these types of sessions.

As the due date approached, Nichole’s baby was not showing any signs of coming soon. So they planned to be induced either on her due date or the day after. Made sense to me! But, of course, baby girl wanted to come on her own terms. She ended up gracing the world with her presence the day before she was due! It was definitely one of my most unexpected shoots.

little baby newly born at hospital turning to left looking at camera while on bed wearing pink beanie super cute photographer near memphis tn

Say Hello to My Little Friend 🙂

Skylar Meilani arrived on the evening of May 17th weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces, and 19 inches long.  As expected, mom and dad were over the moon with joy when I arrived to capture their newbornI was able to meet her when she was only about 19 hours old! She already had mom and dad wrapped around her tiny little finger.

Here’s the story behind their newborn baby hospital pictures.
looking straight down at newborn baby girl picture over mother's shoulder eye contact adorable on hospital bed by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms
mother looking down at newborn infant daughter in hospital smiling in awe with photographer from south memphis area danielle jacqueline

There’s nothing like a mom with her new arrival. We can never get enough.

portrait of first time mother holding baby girl new arrival with hospital data on ankle for admission and ID in memphis tn
black and white photo of first time parents enjoying their fresh born baby girl at hospital with danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms

A baby’s hands and feet are amazing after birth. Their skin changes so fast!

black and white portrait of first time parents looking down at infant daughter mother wearing hospital gown father barely awake but super fulfilled captured by danielle jacqueline photography in south eastern memphis area
intimate moment of daddy with first daughter in hospital chair post delivery room black and white staring at baby's eyes enjoying moment captured by photographer in olive branch mississippi
first time father taking baby hand off from mother who is laying in hospital bed during fresh 48 session with danielle jacqueline photography located in desoto county ms
baby daughter crying in father's hands black and white photo trying to soothe her in arms stinky diaper hospital portrait memphis tn

Daddy wanted some face time. He was just in time for a diaper change!

first time dad changing newborn baby daughter's diaper in hospital room with mother looking on black and white photo child crying candid by danielle jacqueline photography desoto county mississippi
close up of newly born baby girl in father's arms looking into his eyes while mother prepares to breastfeed on hospital bed by olive branch mississippi photographer danielle jacqueline black and white

It was sweet watching him handle business and soothe his first child.

amazing photography moment of first time mother with her child in the hospital room super vulnerable in awe of giving birth black and white portrait danielle jacqueline south memphis tn stateline
close up of newborn infant feeding with mother during photography shoot with danielle jacqueline intimate moments black and white photo olive branch services mississippi

But baby was hungry. So we captured more intimate moments with mom.

over the shoulder over first time mom as she breast feeds her new born baby daughter in hospital with husband's arm around her in hospital bed intimate black and white photography near memphis tn by danielle jacqueline
crying baby being swaddled in hospital fresh 48 session with danielle jacqueline black and white as they change outfits for olive branch ms portraits for parents

First time parents take the best pictures. Time for a wardrobe change!

mom and dad enjoying first child in the hospital together with photographer near memphis danielle jacqueline
daddy moments with daughter for the first time at hospital candid moment posed with outstretched arms top of infant's head smile and mustache by danielle jacqueline photography in desoto county mississippi
folder delicately holding newborn baby daughter from side arms bent looking down black and white at hospital with photographer danielle jacqueline near memphis tn

Once Skylar was ready for another nap, daddy finally got a few cuddles in! 

mom kissing first baby on forehead by hospital room window during professional photoshoot with infant photographer danielle jacqueline in olive branch mississippi
first time mother laying down baby girl in crib during photo session as she sleeps after feeding for documenting life of parents in desoto county mississippi

Delicate love is evident in all of the newborn baby hospital pictures I take.

close up portrait of infant girl in delivery room after birth for photography session with parents blue bow tied on head swaddled tight sleeping mississippi
overhead portrait of newborn infant girl in dark blue blanket with stripes and matching bow for photography session with olive branch ms professional danielle jacqueline

When you work together as parents, this is the result you’ll normally get!

loving parents going in for kiss black and white photo with newborn baby in incubator in front of them at hospital for intimate moments of parents in olive branch mississippi by danielle jacqueline
first time parents looking at each other in the eyes as their infant daughter sleeps in front of them giddy for successful delivery from pregnancy in olive branch ms captured by danielle jacqueline

And let me be the one to tell you, there’s no better feeling in the world.

swaddled and sleeping precious new arrival in her daddy's arms at the hospital caught by danielle jacqueline's camera during hospital picture session black and white best in mississippi

These Were a Few of My Favorite Things.

Watching the three of them together, enjoying the first step of their family journey, was so special to me.  Even though mom and dad were running on a few hours of sleep, they were so attentive. Both were equally involved in outfit changes, diaper duty, nursing, and snuggling.

Little Miss Skylar is such a blessed baby to be loved so dearly by her parents. I’ve had a few trips to the delivery room and it’s usually full of single moms. So this session touched my heart. I still don’t know my father and I know how important marriage is to a child.

newly born little girl holding first time daddy's finger during close up shot in his arms looking into his eyes black and white beanie soo cute by danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tennessee

More About Newborn Baby Hospital Pictures.

To me, a fresh 48 session isn’t meant to be glitz and glam. I’m looking to catch the unconditional love and adoration of a parent with their new baby. No matter how we approach it, a healthy dose of patient understanding is required. I make it a point to give my clients their space if I feel like they’re getting overwhelmed. It’s a lot to take in! 

I had a great time getting to know this young family and am really happy with the way I captured their first moments together. Not everyone is into the whole hospital scene. I totally get it. However, you won’t be able to find the intimacy of the setting anywhere else. 

Those of you still uncertain about the experience are always welcome to book a new baby photo session at my studio or your own home after discharge. I’d love to learn more about your anticipated new arrival and look forward to capturing moments that’ll last you forever!

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