New Arrival Photo Session at Home.

baby boy laying on back asleep during new arrival photo session with danielle jacqueline portrait studio in olive branch mississippi wearing diaper suspenders formal look on soft blanket white setting

Adorable baby Liam was just ten days old when I went to visit him.  It’s always a treat when I’m invited to a clients home for a new arrival photo session. From the moment I stepped inside, I could see and feel the love and joy Liam has brought to his family.

A Little Background on the Family.

Our photo shoot consisted of Mommy, Daddy, both sets of grandparents, and their furry child, Hercules. Every member of the family couldn’t get enough of the fresh bundle of joy. Apparently Liam’s grandparents flew hundreds of miles just to snuggle him and love on his sweetness.  Based on the pictures from the new arrival photo session, we can all see why.

adorable and creative new arrival photo session at studio near memphis tennessee for boys yankees ball and rawlings glove chewing on finger close up with danielle jacqueline
wide eyed fresh born baby portrait studio toy truck yellow in dump on blankie facing camera close with white decorated background by danielle jacqueline photography in desoto county ms

Managing a New Arival Photo Session.

Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s nearly impossible to estimate the length of a newborn photography session. There are all kinds of variables. As a mother of 6 now, I get it. When babies are hungry, you better feed them. If they don’t want to fall asleep or keep filling their diaper, you’ve got to handle business!

Throw in some siblings and any new arrival photo session can get a little hairy. Luckily for me, Liam was in no hurry! Since multiple people were involved (and very hands on), I didn’t want to rush the process or overstep any boundaries.

In turn, we were able to work at a comfortable pace and capture all of the pictures his parents wanted. Newborn photography has a tendency to be bit boring. But I think everyone enjoyed the time we spent together. 

overhead close up shot of 10 day old baby boy wearing bright red beanie and dark blue swaddling with name in building blocks spelled out above head at danielle jacqueline portrait studio in olive branch mississippi
arms up baby boy newly born 10 days ago wearing suspenders attached to diaper black bow tie head to left sleeping on white fur rug at olive branch ms photography studio with danielle jacqueline

Patience, Understanding Helps With Babies.

The demand of new child can be overwhelming – especially when it’s your first! Liam was no exception. However, I was very impressed with his ability to hold his head up like a champ. He was probably the strongest ten-day-old I’ve ever met! It’s amazing how fast babies grow once they’re discharged from the hospital!

After 30 minutes or so, Liam finally decided to show me his photogenic side. The comfort of the room allowed me to capture some seriously sweet pictures. When it was all said and done, I had such a great time getting to know this bunch! With love and patience, anything is possible. My prayer is that God blesses this new family!

amazing newborn baby photography of mother holding fresh born son in hands as he cries skin color black background candid moment for parents near memphis tennessee looking for unique studio sessions
heaven portrait baby boy blue beanie and blanket white washed wooden flooring photography studio new arrivals desoto county mississippi
cute baby boy pictures for north mississippi parents looking for studio with child props and unique backgrounds professional helping smiles bright lighting fond memories near memphis tennessee

I Love Working as a baby Photographer.

I’m so grateful for every new arrival photo session I get to be a part of. Believe it or not, each family blesses me. Welcoming children into the world is a short-lived season for every parent – but it’s always such a special one. Birth has a unique way of teaching us things about ourselves and each other. 

Looking for New Arrival Services Near Memphis?

Whether you’re thinking about scheduling a new arrival photo session or a simple shoot outdoors, I’d love to learn more about your family! I have a newborn studio in Olive Branch, Mississippi and can travel anywhere in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I hope you enjoyed Liam’s pictures!

new arrival photographer for boys with son of happy parents laying on soft white blanket and wrapped in blue with name of child in blocks to the left on floor at danielle jacqueline portrait studio near memphis tn
little boy born 10 days prior hand under chin wearing green and blue beanie with matching swaddle laying on back white wood flooring photography studio options for infants near memphis tennessee
son of first time parents 10 days old laying on tonka truck with blanket during new arrival photo session with danielle jacqueline near memphis ten
close up of baby boy almost asleep on toy prop during portrait session indoors with danielle jacqueline black and white olive branch ms
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