Another New Baby Photo Session with Little Miss Kinley.

adorable little infant daughter of danielle jacqueline photograpjy client with white wooden flooring at studio in olive branch mississippi professional

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to capture the pregnancy of a soon-to-be momma of 4. We had a blast and her unique session turned out amazing! So a few weeks later, she ended up coming back with little Miss Kinley for her new baby photo session. It ended up being super creative so I wanted to share!

I Absolutely Love Meeting New Babies!

Kinley was only 3 weeks old when she came to visit my studio. Such a beautiful new arrival she was. The very first thing I noticed about the pretty little brunette, was her full head of hair!  She’s blessed and doesn’t even know it yet!  It’s always a pleasure to work with return clients and their families – especially when it comes to babies!

Since they traveled a few hours to see me, I was expecting a fussy little girl. But, to my surprise, she was as good as gold during the entire shoot! Although a little snack and a diaper change provided some behavioral encouragement. Working with happy and content newborns seems to be an ongoing trend for me – and I’ve loved every second of it!

huge trunk chest wooden with horse remains family memento on white zero gravity backdrop photography studio for new baby photo session with danielle jacqueline in olive branch ms
cute little smirk by sweet little baby girl in woven wicker basket and white background at danielle jacqueline photography studio in olive branch ms

Planning for New Arrival Photography.

What I liked best about this new baby photo session was momma had a few ideas of her own. One of which included the gorgeous chest. This prop was meaningful to her family as it was carrying the ashes of her recently passed horse. She also had some angel wings for Kinley to wear to pay tribute. The two went perfectly together!

When my clients and I plan a photo shoot, I always encourage them to include anything that encompasses their lifestyle, personality and hobbies – if possible. So this client took advantage of the opportunity by bringing a saddle, cowgirl hat and boots along with the chest. We could have used the help of a moving crew for this new baby photo session, but it was definitely worth it!

Horses are a big part of the family and it gave us an opportunity to really make her photos memorable. So don’t shy away from your own ideas!

white headband with flowers on it sleeping infant new arrival girl laying on tummy eyes closed dreaming with prop angel wings on back at danielle jacqueline photography studio now located in olive branch ms

Capturing Love During a New Baby Photo Session.

Placing your whole world into a still photograph can be challenging but super rewarding. Especially when you’re able to see how much you and your loved ones have changed over the years. Every client is different and getting to know them (and their families) as a professional is a blessing.

Whether you’re looking to schedule a new baby photo session or not, capturing the true and authentic you is always my priority. If it wasn’t, your photos would be awkward and uncomfortable.

cozy baby angel girl swaddled inside pink draped basket with vinyl white wood backdrop for infant photography session with danielle jacqueline south of memphis tennessee
hands folded together little baby daughter sleeping sitting up with white theme and pink blanky in back soft settings at danielle jacqueline's photo studio in memphis tn
sweet cheeks of newborn baby girl laying on side wrapped in beige blankey at danielle jacqueline photography studio olive branch ms

Using Memorable Props as Time Passes.

During momma’s maternity session months prior (above), we used an elegant chair as one of our props. So we thought it would be cute to use the same chair somewhere with Kinley.  It gave me an ability to create an adorable “before and after” visual for them to cherish for always.

Using a memorable prop in every milestone portrait session is a cute way to capture a child as they grow. I love the way the elegant chair and the cowgirl gear played out! Items such as a stuffed animal, blanket and chair are all simple and work great for family pictures. It’s even better when a story is attached to them.

Unfortunately, because we moved to Mississippi, I won’t be able to continue the theme for this family. But I think we were able to come up with enough ideas to help her direct the next photographer. Either way, this type of new baby photo session really helped me plan out some ideas to use now that I’m actually living near some southern country folk!

maternal mother facing right in dark wrap around belly elegant chair studio portraits by danielle jacqueline for moms south of memphis tennessee studio pro
close up image of side of little baby daughter laying on the seat of a chair on hands sound asleep at danielle jacqueline photography studio south of memphis tn
new baby photo session ideas for girls huge brown leather saddle stirrups and cowgirl boots for photography theme at studio natural lighting by danielle jacqueline memphis tennessee babies
full chair picture with wooden floor planks and white backdrop at studio session with danielle jacqueline in memphis tn for newborn baby girl photo ideas vertical for parents professional

Wrapping Up This Newborn Session.

I’d like to give Darci a big thank you for allowing me to capture her little sweetness.  I’m sure she has already brought you and all three of her sisters so much joy! She was an angel and made my job super easy. 🙂

Interested in New Addition Imagery?

If you’re preparing for the arrival of a bundle of joy, I’d love to capture the stages of your pregnancy followed by a fun-filled new baby photo session! Working with families and their children is a passion of mine. In fact, I my husband and I have 6 kids of our own. Remembering your unit and kin is so important to me. 

It’s a huge honor when people share their lives with me to capture baby memories.

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