My Arizona Newborn Session with Kinley.

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to do an exciting maternity photography session with a soon-to-be momma of 4. It was so much fun and her unique session turned out amazing! She ended up coming back with her new arrival, Miss Kinley, for this Arizona newborn session.
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I Absolutely Love Meeting New Arrivals

Kinley was only 3 weeks old when she came to visit. The very first thing I noticed about the pretty little brunette, was her full head of hair!  She’s blessed and doesn’t even know it yet! Such a beautiful new arrival she was. It’s always a pleasure to work with return clients during my Arizona newborn sessions.

Since they traveled a few hours to see me, I was expecting a fussy baby. But, to my surprise, she was as good as gold during the entire shoot! Although a little snack and a diaper change provided some behavioral encouragement. Working with happy and content newborns seems to be an ongoing trend for me – and I’ve loved every second of it!


Planning for an Arizona Newborn Session.

Momma had a couple of her own ideas she wanted to incorporate into her session.  One of which included the gorgeous chest.  The chest was meaningful to her small family as it was carrying the ashes of her recently passed horse. The angel wings they brought for Kinley to wear ended up going perfectly with the chest.

When my clients and I plan a photo shoot, I encourage them to include their personalities and lifestyles however possible. Since horses are a big part of momma’s personal interests, she brought along her saddle, cowgirl hat, and boots.  Please don’t ever shy away from your own ideas. Incorporating unique styles and smiles is what makes my job so fulfilling!


Capturing the Love of Newborns

Placing your world into a still photograph is challenging but super rewarding. Especially when future reminiscence shows how much you and your loved ones have changed over the years. Every client is different and getting to know them (and their families) as a professional is a blessing. Exposing the true and authentic you is always the end goal for me.


Using Memorable Props

During momma’s maternity session months prior (above), we used an elegant chair as one of our props. We thought it would be cute to use the same chair somewhere in Kinley’s Arizona newborn session.  I was able to create an amazing “before and after” visual for them to cherish. If you’re looking for some creative ideas for newborn props, try checking out Pinterest for inspiration!

Maybe she’ll come back to Surprise for Kinely’s one year session so we can use it again! Using a memorable prop in every milestone portrait session allows my clients to see their family’s progression over the years.  Items such as a stuffed animal, blanket, and chair all work great. It’s even better when there’s a story behind the object. I love the way the elegant chair and the cowgirl gear played out with this Arizona family.


Wrapping Up This Arizona Newborn Session

I’d like to give Darci a big thank you for allowing me to capture her little sweetness.  I’m sure she has already brought you and all three of her sisters so much joy! She was an angel and made my job super easy. 🙂

Interested in Newborn Imagery?

I’d love to capture the stages of your pregnancy or your newest bundle of joy! Working with families and their children is a passion of mine since we have four kids ourselves! Helping you remember these moments last a lifetime and it would be an honor to be a part of your experience.