Mississippi MidSouth Fair Pictures.

siblings riding crazy mouse roller coaster for kids ride at midsouth fair in southaven mississippi satruday events photographer danielle jacqueline lighting

I was so exited when I got the inquiry to photograph MidSouth Fair pictures in Southaven, Mississippi. I hadn’t be to a fair in years and could already smell the elephant ears! The opportunity involved a grand opening for the Lander’s Center and a talent show.

Aside from giving me a chance to add a local event to my portfolio, the shoot also gave my family an excuse to explore more of Desoto County together. We haven’t gotten out a lot since moving from Arizona last year.  Here are some of my favorites from three days of footage.

looking up at beams and rails for roller coaster at local fair event photographer midsouth danielle jacqueline crazy mouse tracks
cool fair photography of walking path kids looking at rides enjoying themselves with ring of fire angled in the background cloudy skies 2022 danielle jacqueline memphis tn
amazing lighting golden hour mississippi fairgrounds merry go round ride full of kids dusk danielle jacqueline photography memphis
angled capture of games with prizes in northern mississippi by memphis for tickets show photographer ms
adult swings from below at dusk during southaven mississippi carnival event landers center attraction needing professional photography near olive branch ms

Behind the Scenes Fair Footage.

The first day I was there didn’t involve your typical MidSouth Fair pictures. The Lander’s Center was opening a new entrance and the PR team wanted to get some images of the people that make it all work. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, I met little Max. He won a contest to be the spokes kid for 2022.

In between his interviews with Memphis TV stations, I was able to snap a few pictures of the impressive young man. They even had him holding the super-sized scissors to cut the ribbon! He did such a great job! I would have been frozen stiff at that age. But he remained poised and confident despite the heat and boredom. 

Throughout the opening weekend, Max tested the rides and hosted all sorts of things. That’s the best thing about the fair – there’s something for the whole family to watch or do! It was cute watching him introduce all of the talent show participants. It was pretty obvious that Max was just as excited about Mid-South Fair pictures as I was!

interviewing spokeskid by abc channel 24 in memphis for midsouth fair grand opening showcases sights and sounds by danielle jacqueline event photographer
posing spokeskid for midsouth fair presentations and host inside landers center for 2022 event spectacles and entertainment desoto county ms by danielle jacqueline
young girl holding huge trophy after winning talent show competition on stage at lander's center in southaven mississippi at midsouth fair 2022 by danielle jacqueline
midsouth fair staff with 2022 spokesman during ribbon cutting ceremony for new facility grand opening photographer danielle jacqueline southaven mississippi memphis
young boy wearing red wool vest and khakis during photoshoot with danielle jacqueline for midsouth fair in southaven ms with rides in background excited family things to do

Company & MidSouth Fair Food.

The second day wasn’t as eventful, but it was just as much fun. This time, I got to bring my awesome partner (aka Husband) from Prefocus along for some drone media. I never take for granted working side by side on a photography project with my spouse. We compliment each other well and he really helps me with creative direction.

The second best part of the day was the aroma in the air. Even though fair food is absolutely terrible for your health, you just can’t ignore it. Even if you already ate lunch, passing on all your favorite tastes is pretty much impossible. I wasn’t surprised that the Mid-South Fair had plenty of yummy choices. So I snapped a few mouth watering pictures.

woman with tattoos on wrist and arms paying for and grabbing cheese fries and drink from food vendor truck photographer at midsouth fair in southaven mississippi september 2022
food vendor stands empty deserted fairgrounds at the landers center in southaven near memphisbefore midsouth opening in september 2022 by danielle jacqueline
group of teen girls friends in tie dye shirts walking around fair enjoying rides, food and games with each other before sundown photography by danielle jacqueline memphis tn
quality music artist performing on stage photographer desoto county ms and memphis area with professional equipment for music performances in midsouth venues or indoor auditoriums

Entertainment & Unexpected Thrills.

If you made it out to Southaven this year, did you test your luck on a few games before finding your first ride? Unlike the fairs I’ve been to, this event had plenty of choices for a variety of ages. Well, except for 2 and under. Our little guy was a bit bummed, but my husband wasn’t haha. The little man still had a great time riding what suited him.

swinging ship father with hands in air little girls frightened some ticket holders laughing at ride hits high point in southaven ms at midsouth fair pictures by danielle jacqueline photography
professional artist drawing kids and husband and wife faces at midsouth fair september 2022 at booth for money by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms
woman tossing red rind onto glass bottles carnival game with stuff animal prizes hanging from booth awning to win midsouth fair photography events memphis tn
bumble bee kids ride going up and down and two little friends point at the other attractions at the fairgrounds in southaven mississippi by danielle jacqueline photography

Speaking of attractions, the Mouse Coaster was a big hit. The thrill totally caught me off guard as I thought it was a little kiddie ride! My 9 year old son wasn’t too thrilled I made him ride it with me! The size of the ride really helped me capture some unique MidSouth Fair Pictures. 

distance photo of family on mouse house ride at memphis tn fair even large coaster yellow and red for kids smiling 2022 danielle jacqueline photo
crowd shot at midsouth fair lights coming on dusk food vendors and tons of rides packed house in desoto county ms 2022 event photographer
close up of mother and two children on roller coaster ride at midsouth fair during carnival event in 2022 photographer danielle jacqueline action shots
angled flying ride laying down on stomach going in circles up and down desoto county event photographer ground up ferris wheel background cloudy mississippi day olive branch

We chose to end the evening listening to live music, petting the livestock, and looking down at all of the carnival lights of from the ferris wheel. It would have been nice to see a demolition derby, but it was a peaceful way to end a full, beautiful Mississippi day.

golden glow of dusk in memphis tennessee during midsouth fair grand opening 2022 kids swings ride by danielle jacqueline
spinning caster ride behind two game stands hot shot balloon a rama before fair grand opening in desoto coutny ms by danielle jacqueline photography

Wrapping Up My MidSouth Fair Pictures.

Day three didn’t lack any entertainment at all! The junior-talent show was down to its finalists and preparing to announce the 2022 winner. Give a round of applause for all those young and bold artists with their beautiful talents and ambitious hearts.

The people, food, street art and different performances made the 3 days I spent at the MidSouth fair a lot of fun. I’m glad I was asked to photograph and look forward to the next event at the Lander’s Center. I hope you got to enjoy the carnival atmosphere yourself as well as all the photos I took for the Midsouth Fair this year!

little kiddie coaster ride at midsouth fairgrounds in southaven ms by danielle jacqueline photography family event shoots
ferris wheel pictures at midsouth fair september 2022 with food and game vendors preparing to open doors with danielle jacqueline photography
blurred spinning ride long aperature speed by danielle jacqueline photography near memphis tennessee as midsouth fair was full of people enjoying themselves with family and friends
danielle jacqueline photography company logo with typography by prefocus solutions

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