Lifestyle Photography.

Imagine a photo shoot that enables you to simply be yourself without any distractions. Lifestyle photography is a great way to “be you” during a photo shoot right in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need for backdrops or forced poses – and sometimes a smile isn’t even required. Keep it all natural and modern as you’re captured while immersing yourself in the things you enjoy.

Lifestyle photography is becoming more popular as traditional photo shoots tend to be bland. One of the most common setting for this type of capture typically occurs after arrival of a new addition to the family.  Although the baby might be the center of attention during this time, lifestyle photography focuses on every person in the family – even our furry friends!  Capturing your day to day routine showcases the type of life you lead but also keeps you in the moment.

Whether you’re reading your toddler a bedtime story, or preparing dinner while everyone awaits – photographing a family in the moment reminds us what families are all about. Removing the script from a photography session enables people to be themselves. At the same time, there isn’t much preparation involved. Pictures that highlight your reality can mean the most.

Some of my favorite examples include:

  • Your child racing around the house on his tricycle while the dog attempts to keep up.
  • Daddy snuggling on his little princess after a long day of work.
  • Mommy rocking and feeding her new bundle of joy, enjoying her solitude.
  • A holiday or nightly family dinner as everyone convenes on the kitchen.
  • A birthday party or welcome home event that includes an array of people you care about.

It’s the Perfect Time..

With the high temperatures of the Arizona summer around the corner, stay cool in the comfort of your own home and consider Lifestyle Photography for your next family session. It will surely be a day you won’t regret or forget!

For a brief example, I decided to use my little bundle of joy. I focused on capturing her tiny feet, hands, and her sweet little bald head. Babies grow so fast, and some of these tiny details tend to be forgotten, or even mis-captured.  Don’t forget or wait too long, and schedule your Lifestyle Photography session today!

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