Junior Portraits with the McCarty Sons in West Phoenix

The Christmas season in West Phoenix can be a little odd for those that aren't lifelong Arizonans. But, for a photographer, it's the perfect time of year to gather loved ones together for family photography or custom junior portraits.
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Night Before Christmas Junior Portraits

Oh, no!  It was 5 days before Christmas and all through Surprise – The McCarty’s were looking, to capture their son’s smiles. I came to their rescue without moments to spare – and now have cute pictures, that I’m honored to share!

I absolutely love the December holiday season and had a blast with these two little studs. Even at the last minute, junior portraits on Christmas are never a bad idea. 🙂


Resonating With a Family During the Holidays.

When I first became a photographer, I knew it was my calling because of all the emotions I experienced when looking back at all of my pictures. Memories mean the world to me and even though I have thousands of images in boxes, I still wish I would have taken the time to capture more. Either way, it’s an amazing feeling knowing that if I didn’t take the time to snap the camera, so many of my memories could have been forgotten. My passion for creating snapshot memories to cherish forever is why I’m so determined to capture the perfect angle and moment every time I begin a new photo session – especially during the holidays.


Oh, the Joys of Motherhood.

Leading up to the shoot, the mother of these two youngsters has never been able to find the time to capture junior portraits of them together since her youngest was born. This was a special opportunity for me as I can recall the days of being a single mother of 2 little girls. This family deserved a little time off to enjoy a few moments together – even though boys will be boys!

Once I met the family, I quickly realized big brother had enough energy to run a marathon or two. I was hoping my son would calm down with age, but it looks like we have a few more years of terror ahead of us haha. It was quite the experience getting these brothers to pose and smile, but it was the type of challenging moment I truly enjoy. With a little bit of teamwork (and maybe some incentive), I was able to capture both of them in their own element.


Reminiscing About This Holiday Photo Shoot.

I may not have been able to capture the perfect pose or facial expression, but every one of their pictures showcased a perfectly realistic moment of the boys. To me, this is what matters, as children’s personalities is what parents tend to remember the most. When it comes to photo shoots of infants, toddlers and siblings, they can be tough. Although we ended up going a little over our scheduled time, there was no way I was giving up on finding the right angle. I truly hope the McCarty’s enjoyed their time with me and their son’s junior portraits even more.

Scheduling Junior Portraits in West Phoenix.

Taking your family photos and capturing the special moments and events in your lives is truly an honor.  To me, it all comes down to completing the job, no matter the obstacles so you can take home lasting moments. If you’d like more information on a custom junior portraits session for your kids, simply follow the link below. Happy holidays everyone and have a blessed New Year!

Do you have some little rascals worth capturing?

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