Junior Portraits During the Winter Season Aren’t That Bad.

junior portraits close looking up at young boy in red and blue flannel shirt with hair spiked looking towards where he's walking with cute dimples by olive branch ms photographer danielle jacqueline

The Christmas season is here! As the weather begins to freeze over, outdoor photography in North Mississippi isn’t the best idea. While some of you are bold enough to smile facing arctic winds, many of you need something to read by the fireplace. So, I thought I’d highlight some warming junior portraits I did a few years ago in December.

Last Minute Holiday Junior Portraits.

Twas’ five days before Christmas, and momma was sad. Cus she didn’t book pictures, with her sons and their dad. But my schedule came open with moments to spare. And we took some cute pictures, I’m honored to share!

christmas sweater wearing little boys leaning against rock steps in grass at olive branch mississippi park for junior portraits with danielle jacqueline photography
young laddy looking to his right while laying on chirstmas colored blanket in front of a fur pine tree in holiday sweater for family pictures with danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms

I absolutely love the December holiday season – especially when it’s a baby’s first! Even though this junior portraits session was scheduled at the last minute, it sure was a lot of fun! The family loved the way their Christmas cards turned out.

Oh, the Joys of Parenting Little Ones.

Like many mommas out there, this client told me she has never been able to find the time to get professional pictures of her boys together since the youngest was born. Life can be distracting at times for sure. Finding time is one thing. Making it a priority to capture your kids while they’re young is another. 

So, this was a special opportunity for me. I vividly remember the days of being a single mother of 2 little girls. It was hard for me to find time to do much of anything. Ironically, it’s one of the reasons why I got into photography. Now that I’m blessed to be home with my own business, I definitely don’t take it for granted.

young son being raised into the air by his father with trees above junior portraits captured from below behind shoulder by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms

Every Family Winter Photo Shoot is Unique.

Once the young family of four arrived at the shoot, I quickly realized big brother had enough energy to run a marathon or two. This was eye opening for me. I was hoping my little boy would calm down as he grew. The McCarty brothers made me realize I should probably start working out again.

Since we didn’t have any time to plan, getting the infant-toddler duo to pose and smile was quite the challenge. But it wasn’t my first rodeo. Moments like these simply require a little more understanding and teamwork. Instead of using bribes (or incentives to be good), we want to explain how much longer it’ll take if they don’t join the team.

Kids Need to Understand What We’re Doing Too.

Helping parents remember the little personalities of their children is something I take a lot of pride in. It’s hard to get anyone to come out of their shell in front of a camera lens. We can’t expect our little people to be any different – especially during a winter family photo shoot.

Some kids act out while others clam up. The challenge increases when siblings are together. The fact of the matter is, quality junior portraits are hard to come by when an infant or toddler is forced to sit or pose in certain positions they don’t understand. 

big brother with his new little sibling seated inside a big yellow tonka truck in front of stone slates with grass plateau outdoors for junior photo session with danielle jacqueline out of olive branch mississippi

Wrapping Up the Junior Portraits Session.

After slowing down and getting better acquainted with the McCarty family, everyone was a lot more comfortable with my direction. With mom and dad’s support, we were able to capture some adorable junior portraits of the boys in their own little element.

Looking back, I didn’t exactly capture the boys in a number of perfect poses with ideal facial expressions. However, each picture really told the story of who both of the boys were at this point in their lives. The oldest was so confident and curious while the youngest would have done anything to romp around with him.

My Takeaways From the December Shoot.

The stages of a child’s personality is what parents enjoy remembering the most. There is no such thing as a perfect picture. So there’s no need to focus on it. Setting up an environment that allows the little juniors be themselves always gives you something worth capturing.

I’m glad this busy couple set aside time to cherish this season of their lives. Even though we went over our scheduled time, I wasn’t going to hold it against them. Two sons can definitely be a handful. Despite being overwhelmed by it all, they’ll eventually look back at these junior portraits and miss it.

mouth wide open crying little guy laying on stomach in front of xmas tree with holiday themed blanket crying during junior portraits with danielle jacqueline out of olive branch ms
proudly strutting little guy at park in his dress shirt and khakis for junior portraits with danielle jacqueline bright green grass and overhanging trees in december olive branch mississippi
what are you looking at baby seated in christmas themed box on top of holiday colored red blanket with white snowflakes knitted on it and douglas fur in background for pictures with danielle jacqueline in olive branch ms

Scheduling Junior Portraits in the Memphis Area.

Taking your family photos and capturing the special moments and events in your lives is truly an honor. No matter the obstacles, I want to make sure you’re able to take home lasting memories with your children. This is why the overall experience is so important to me.

If you’d like to learn more about custom junior portraits, simply follow the link below. Whether you’re looking other family sessions in Olive Branch, Mississippi and Memphis surrounding areas. Happy holidays everyone and have a blessed New Year!

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Looking for Junior Portraits?

Although the weather outside might be frightful, some pictures and coffee (or some hot cocoa) sounds pretty delightful – wouldn't you say?

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