Happy Owls' PreSchool Portraits in Surprise, Arizona

Since launching my photography business in 2013, I've been blessed to work with a number of different families and their children. From newborn sessions, to graduation portraits, it never gets old. No matter what age I'm capturing, I love how every photo shoot is different. When I heard Krystal from Happy Owls was interested in scheduling some preschool portraits, I was definitely interested. Here are some of the ideas I used to capture her class's pictures this fall.
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A Proper Pose for Preschool Portraits

When planning for this photoshoot, I knew I had to create a process that I could shuffle each preschooler through without much hassle. I also knew that I’d more than likely need to capture the most difficult pose first – before I lost their attention. I have an older desk I use as a prop and it fit perfectly into the session. Even though most of the students were still determining what smile suits them best, I thought they did a great job! 🙂

I wanted to think a little outside of the box when coming up with preschool photography ideas, but didn’t want to overdo it. Most teachers kneel down to eye-level with younger children, so I wanted to recreate this best I could. The straight on shot really made these little learners look serious about their education. Putting the desk outside helped add some color while avoiding the confinement of the classroom. I love how most of them sat up straight and listened to their teacher. Here are some of my favorite preschool portraits from the shoot.

Preschoolers Giving Apples

Handing over a shiny red apple was one of the cutest preschool portrait ideas I found. It ended up being a little more difficult than I planned but some of the children did a great job holding the apple and smiling with pride. For each child, I took an additional picture with the apple in focus for the parents to choose from. My husband and I are always looking for ways to grow our brand imagery services and this was a good way to show how focal points can change the use of a picture. Seems like a great healthy-eating advertisement to me! Maybe not.. But, they ended up being great preschool portraits in Surprise, Arizona.

Preschool Portraits in Surprise with a “Twist”

Like I mentioned before, I wanted to capture as many pictures as I could in one setting. Setting up the scene beforehand helped me make sure there weren’t any unexpected objects in the background. Keeping all of the kids on one side as I rotated around the desk really helped speed up the process. I thought it was important to use the desk in as many ways as I could.

I imagined how many times the teacher probably has to ask the kids to face forward throughout the day. So why not capture their expression as they’re twisted around to see what’s going on behind them. The color of the desk, the grass and the sidewalk really brought these preschool portraits in Surprise to life.

Preschool Personality Close-Ups

I loved watching each preschooler respond differently to this photo. When the desk was removed, it was almost as if they didn’t know what to do! Seeing some of them embrace the camera while others shied away was adorable. Talking them through the process helped comfort them so they could open up and have a little fun. Some had their preschool pose down while others let me capture some really cute pictures of them being themselves. I prefer not to force certain poses and love being able to let kids do their own thing. This portion was a lot of fun!

Preschool Class Picture with the Teacher

The last part of the session was strictly for the leader of the pack. Krystal was an amazing help during the whole photo shoot and is really doing a great job with her kiddos. Everyone enjoyed seeing her fit into the children’s desk for her own personal portrait. Not only was this fun for them to do, but it shows her personality with the kids. This allows her to promote the program she has going in Surprise, Arizona.

We did our best to get all of the preschoolers to sit still for a class picture. But, it just wouldn’t be the same if at least one kid wasn’t out of place. I really appreciate Happy Owls Preschool for selecting me as their photographer and look forward to capturing many more students in the future!

Looking to Capture Your Preschool Portraits?

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