Happy Owls’ PreSchool Portraits.

apple situated on corner of classic schoolhouse desk with bright eyed preschooler all smiles well dressed for class pictures in memphis tennessee by danielle jacqueline photography

Since launching my photography business in 2013, I’ve been blessed to work with a number of different families and children. From newborn sessions, to graduation portraits, I love how every photo shoot is different. No matter the purpose, it’s rarely boring! When I heard Krystal from Happy Owls was interested in scheduling some preschool portraits, I was definitely interested. Here are some of the ideas I used to capture her class’s pictures this fall.

A Proper Pose for Preschool Portraits.

During our initial call, Miss Krystal informed me they were looking for 3 different poses on top of a group shot. Even though a few outside-the-box ideas tempted me, I didn’t want to overdo it. I knew I had to create a process that I would easily help me shuffle each preschooler through without much hassle. I also knew that I’d more than likely need to first capture the demanding poses – before I lost the kid’s attention.

cute close up portrait of strawberry blonde preschooler in white shirt with flowers blooming in background captured by danielle jacqueline photography in south memphis tennessee stateline
curly perm hair young boy smiling big for back to school photos with danielle jacqueline children's photographer trees in background blue shirt in germantown tn
personal portraits for parents of elementary students in memphis tennessee by danielle jacqueline photography young boy looking at camera half smile checkered shirt

Capturing Authenticity With a Little Fresh Air.

Since most teachers kneel down to get eye-level with younger children, I thought it would be a good idea to recreate this best I could. The concept worked great with an old school desk I pulled out of storage! Even though many of the students were still figuring out which smile suits them best, I thought they did a great job! 🙂

The straight on shot really made these little learners look serious about their education. Arranging the setting outside really added some color while avoiding the confinement of the classroom. This was my way of still staying outside of the box ;). I love how the kids sat up straight and listened to their teacher!

Here are some of my favorite preschool portraits with the classic desk.

Preschoolers Giving Teach an Apple.

Once I was able to get some photos that captured the kid’s personalities, I handed them a shiny red apple for a more structured pose. This idea ended up being a little more difficult than I planned. I forgot that multitasking isn’t something every preschooler can do well. Either way, I was able to get a number of different angles. 

I also took pictures with the apple in focus to give the school some content to share. My husband and I are always looking for brand imagery examples and this was a good way to show how focal points can change the use of a picture. Seems like a great healthy-eating advertisement to me! Maybe not.. However, the preschool portraits were adorable.

close up portrait of 6 year old memphis tn preschooler looking right at camera grass in background angled down for personal look by danielle jacqueline photography
angel soft portrait outdoors for preschool girl pose with arm to cheek situated at desk with red apple for teacher adorable by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch mississippi
young boys palm to chin eyes straight ahead at lens centered on desk wearing blue and white checkered shirt in front of bushes in memphis tennessee by danielle jacqueline photography

Preschool Portraits with a “Twist”

Since the plan was to capture multiple pictures in one setting, preparation was key. Making adjustments or changing scenes because of unexpected objects or glares is never ideal with a bunch of littles! It was enough of a task keeping all of the kids on one side as I rotated the desk for different poses.

I remember thinking, “I can’t imagine how many times a teacher has to ask the kids to face forward throughout the day.” So, in the spur of the moment, I decided to capture a few expressions as they twisted around to see what’s going on behind them. The color of the desk, the grass and the sidewalk really brought these preschool portraits to life!

Preschool Personality Close-Ups

I loved watching each preschooler respond differently to this photo. When the desk was removed, it was almost as if they didn’t know what to do! Seeing some of them embrace the camera while others shied away was adorable. Talking the kids through the process helped comfort them so they could open up and have a little fun.

authentic portraits of preschoolers in southern memphis tn midsouth wearing nice clothes outside for class with danielle jacqueline photography
adorable blue dress preschool portraits natural smile little girl in front of green background with grass for individual by danielle jacqueline photography in collierville tennessee
cute little boy dressed to impress in front of shrubbery outside school for class pictures with danielle jacqueline photography in desoto county mississippi
red and white checkered shirt jeans standing in grass outside school for pre-k class pictures by danielle jacqueline photography in memphis tennessee

Some had their preschool pose down while others let me capture some really cute pictures of them being themselves. I prefer not to force certain poses and love being able to let kids do their own thing. This portion of the shoot was a lot of fun!

close up individual portraits for preschoolers in memphis tennessee by danielle jacqueline photography dressed well outside
side view of laughing young preschool boy dressed nice for class pictures outside for yearbook by danielle jacqueline photography south of memphis tennessee
tilted head of preschool boy looking up at camera with huge natural smile comfortable with danielle jacqueline photography in memphis tn
50mm lens portraits of preschool boy in blue polka dot button up looking up at camera with combed hair in memphis tennessee with danielle jacqueline photography

A Memorable Preschool Class Picture.

The last part of the session was strictly for the leader of the pack. Krystal was an amazing help during the whole photo shoot and is really doing a great job with her kiddos. Everyone enjoyed seeing her fit into the children’s desk for her own personal picture. Her personality really fits the class! Kudos to the program and all it entails!

We did our best to get all of the preschoolers to sit still for a class picture. But, it just wouldn’t be the same if at least one kid wasn’t out of place. I really appreciate Happy Owls Preschool for selecting me as their photographer and look forward to capturing many more students in the future!

Looking to Capture Your Preschool Portraits?

If you’re looking for preschool portraits in Memphis, Tennessee, I’d love a chance to help you plan! Let’s schedule a call to discuss specifics so I can present you with a custom package. Even if you don’t need class pictures, there’s more than likely a service for you! Stop by my studio or outdoor venue anytime in Olive Branch, Mississippi!

hair combed and learning his smile is this preschool young man in front of natural backdrop in olive branch mississippi for parents
funny faces by preschool boys wearing bow tie and great hair style natural candid moments of kids by danielle jacqueline photography in memphis area north mississippi
smiling young man red and white checkered shirt with bright green shrubs in background for children's preschool portraits by olive branch photographer danielle jacqueline in mississippi
sideways grin by 6 year old boy for class pictures outside with pink flowers blurred in background with vegetation close ups by danielle jacqueline in southern memphis tennessee
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