One of My Favorite Fathers Day Gift Ideas For Dad

when it comes to Father's Day, we tend to go all out. After searching for the best type of gift, we came across this cute approach that we had to share.
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A few years ago, my daughters and I decided to surprise my husband with a different approach to Father’s Day. At this point in time, I was beginning to immerse myself in photography so I was capturing almost everything! We were able to capture quite a few family moments as I began tinkering with different angles and settings.. So, we decided to build a book full of memories for daddy to enjoy! We have a blast changing up Fathers Day gift ideas for dad every year. This time, we were able to work together to build him a gift as each of us created our own page for our book about daddy..

The Front Cover of Our Father’s Day Photo Book

Deciding to create a Shutterfly Photo Book for our Father’s Day gift was a great idea we all enjoyed!  After selecting a theme, the creative options to build your Father’s Day Book are endless.  My children and I used pictures that we already had, so we were able to avoid giving off any hints about dad’s gift.  For example, the photo we used on the cover was from Father’s Day the year before.  This photo resembles our daddy’s personality to a T!  Goofy, strong, and truly incredible!  If you don’t have photos to use, then I’d be happy to help you with a quick family photo session.


Let Your Children get Creative…

Nothing melts the heart like words coming straight from a child to their daddy .  My girls participated in every page created in our photo book.  I also allowed each child to dedicate one page from them to dad.  They chose their favorite pictures of dad, and wrote their own Happy Father’s Day message.  Whether your children are just learning to talk, or already in their teens this will for sure win over the heart of the  toughest daddies around.


The Kids Can’t Have All The Fun..

A man doesn’t just become a father.  He is first a loving, caring, and supportive husband.  You mommies out there can’t forget to show your husband great admiration and how grateful you are  for everything your husband does for your family and what he truly means to you.  Use a space in your Father’s Day Book to remind him of that.  This is one of my many reasons I chose a photo book as my favorite Fathers Day gift ideas for dad.  There is so much you can include.  And because its being created by your family, its simply created with love.


More Than Just a Dad…

I would suggest using a page to reflect the many things our dads are. Often times, dads wear multiple hats while trying to solve problems. Even more, they’re also a son – and possibly even a brother, uncle, or a die hard Raiders fan haha.  Maybe your dad has a heart for coaching or teaching – or has hobbies like writing music or creating art, like my husband. To truly show how much you appreciate him, feel free to look through old memories and moments he might cherish throughout. Try to Incorporate these types of things into your book to highlight the many reasons we love our dads.  We like to call our dad Mr. Incredible because he is so good at most everything he does.  Most of the time.. 😉


Made With Love…

Ending your Father’s Day photo book, should be just as touching as the beginning.  Try to write every page with a few tear-jerkers – even though we know dads don’t cry!  Even the strongest dads on the outside are full of love in there hearts.  Remind them that their photo book was made from your hearts by including a picture of each child and yourself, and a simple but meaningful message.  A photo book is definitely my favorite Fathers Day gift ideas for dad, not only because it is unique and special in every way, but because it lasts.  Choose a hard cover for your book and place it somewhere in your home so you can look through it anytime, and show it off to your friends and family!


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Other Photo-Themed Fathers Day Gift Ideas For Dad..

I didn’t want to only mention one idea for dad, so here are a few more photography ideas for Fathers Day. We plan on expanding on each of these ideas throughout the next couple of years. Keep an eye out for updated and newly published content – and feel free to follow our blog by subscribing below.

  1. Canvas Prints and Other Frames

    Pick your favorite past time photo with dad and have it printed on a canvas.  A canvas looks great on walls and looks even better bigger.   Maybe you want to go more traditional with your favorite photo.  Print it at the size you like best and have it professionally framed.  Either one will look great in the home or the office.

  2. Sports Magazine Cover Featuring the MVP of Dads

    This is a fun one for all the FANatic Fathers.  You can have a professional photo taken of him in sports attire of his choice, or choose a picture you already have to keep the gift a secret.  Danielle Jacqueline Photography can create your dads first cover feature of a sports magazine.  What dad wouldn’t want to be the MVP?!

  3. Family Portraits or Wallet Prints

    Book a family photo session for fresh and new portraits of the family with dad.  Sometimes this is the most meaningful gifts you can give if a family is separated by miles or hectic schedules.  A family photo shoot with dad as the center of attention will for sure bring a smile to his face.

I take pride in capturing smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile, and I hope you enjoyed my favorite Fathers Day gift ideas for dad.  If you want to create your own Father’s Day photo book visit Shutterfly. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Fathers around the world from Danielle Jacqueline Photography!