One of My Favorite Fathers Day Gift Ideas For Dad.

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On Father’s Day, the kids and I used to go all out! But a big celebration with presents isn’t always necessary. Over the years, we’ve learned that our Daddy actually prefers created stuff over store-bought “things”. Who would have thought!? 😉 So we’re always looking for new and creative Fathers Day gift ideas he’ll enjoy.

One year, my daughters and I decided to surprise my husband with a photo album from Shutterfly. Since I was just getting started as a photographer, I was always tinkering with my camera and had plenty of images to choose from. Besides finding the right photos, the process was super simple. Here’s how we decided to put our book together!

The Front Cover of Our Father's Day Photo Book.

Looking through old pictures for the best cover photo was something we all enjoyed. Not only did it give us quality time together, but it reminded us of how much daddy does for us and with us! I’m just glad we were able to do everything digitally! The photo we decided to use was one taken on Father’s Day the year before. It resembled our Daddy’s personality to a T!  Goofy, strong, and truly incredible!

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You can never go wrong with something that’ll make him smile or chuckle. If you’re not sure what type of photo to use, don’t overthink it! Whatever you do, don’t ruin the surprise by asking him for one! All you have to do is take a few selfies together or have someone take your picture in public. I’ve even had families schedule a photo session to honor Dad! Either way, I’ve found that all Fathers Day gift ideas can be special when memories are involved.

How to Fill the Rest of the Pages.

When you go the digital route, the photo album process is as simple or hard as you make it. If you’re not very creative, templates and themes are usually available with page titles. Otherwise, you can always create custom pages or build an actual scrap book. No matter how it’s put together, here are some things to consider:

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1. Let Your Children Get Creative.

Nothing blesses a Daddy like the loving words of his child – especially daughters. So I had each of my kids dedicate their own page to him. While they had a hand in creating the whole book, this was my favorite part of the gift idea. After picking out their favorite pictures with Dad they wrote their own personal message to him. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, this will for sure melt his heart – even if he’s super tough!

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2. Join the Kids in Their Appreciation.

A man doesn’t just become a father. He is first a loving, caring, and supportive husband. You mommies out there can’t forget to show him great admiration. Use a space in your Father’s Day Book to make sure he knows how grateful you are for everything he does for the family and what he truly means to you.

This is a big reason why I chose the photo book as one of my favorite Father’s Day gift ideas for dad. Many deserve to know their wife adores and trusts them as the leader of the home. Some don’t hear it at all, ever. Anything that’s thoughtful and truly created with love will more than likely mean the world to him.

3. Remembering He's More Than a Dad.

I would also suggest using a page that reflects the many unseen things that dads do. Often times, dads wear multiple hats and do their best to solve problems most of us don’t want enjoy. Being a son, brother, uncle, volunteer, coach or other figure is always worth recognizing. Maybe he has a heart for teaching, or has hobbies like writing music or creating art, like my husband. Tell him you see his gifts too!

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If you really want to show your appreciation, try to summarize his accomplishments or tough situations he fought through. Taking the time to honor him for all that he is and all that he stands for is well worth it. We like to call our dad Mr. Incredible because he is so good at most everything he does. Let’s just hope it doesn’t all go to his head!

4. Ending the Book with Lots of Love.

The end of your Father’s Day album ought to be just as touching as the beginning. Try to write every page with a few tear-jerkers and see if you can make him cry! There’s always something that can break a man. Take an updated picture of all of you and leave him a final salutation that’s simple but meaningful. You could even create a collage of everyone working on the book together.

Hands down, the photo book is definitely my favorite Fathers Day gift ideas for dad. Not just because it is unique and special in every way – but because it lasts. Choosing a hard cover will make sure of this. He’ll be able to reach for it on a shelf and show it off to friends and family any time he pleases!

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Other Photo-Themed Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad.

Creating an album was a blast, but it’s not the only way you can use photography to make dad a gift. While custom t shirts or coffee mugs tend to be popular, here are some additional ways to cherish your memories together:

  1. Canvas Prints and Other Frames.

    Pick your favorite past time photo with dad and have it printed on a canvas.  Large artwork with humor can look great on the wall of his office! Framing a picture with a special note for his desk or shelf works too!

  2. Sports Magazine Cover Featuring the MVP of Dads.

    If Daddy is a sports fanatic, then this can be one of the most fun Fathers Day gift ideas. You can have a professional photo taken of him in his sports attire or even equipment! Talk about entertaining! If you want to keep it a secret, then any hero image will do! What dad wouldn’t want to be the MVP of the day?

  3. New Wallet Prints of Wife and Kids.

    Last but not least, you can always book a family photo session for a new set of portraits for Dad’s wallet! This way he has pictures to refer to when he’s bragging to all his friends. Generational photos with his son, father and grandfather are also worth capturing – especially if there is distance between them.

Family Photos Last a Lifetime.

Some of you that are reading this may realize you don’t have many pictures with dad. That’s OK! It’s never too late to get started. Nearly all of us are equipped with an HD camera on our smart phone. Poses and settings don’t always have to be perfect! But if you do live in the Memphis area, I’d be more than happy to help you capture some new memories. A simple afternoon together can be a lot of fun!

In the meantime, if you ever need any help creating something out of your photos, don’t hesitate to reach out. Aside from studio portraits and an outdoor venue, we also specialize in local prints in Olive Branch, Mississippi!

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