Enhancing Creative Portrait Photography in West Phoenix.

Developing a creative portrait is normally on the minds of most photographers. Having the ability to capture the perfect backdrop in correlation with a jaw dropping smile gives us that rewarding feeling we all desire. In this specific article, we talk a little bit about my planning approach towards creative portrait photography. In this example, we highlight a back to school photo shoot amongst others.

Taking a professional headshot can honestly be far more intimidating than it may appear. Many photographers assume they can get creative on the fly – but, we think artful planning plays a big part in the outcome. Taking the time to plan for a client session can really help you characterize the moment.  Communication before, and throughout a creative portrait photography session improves your client’s comfort levels and helps you execute the ideas you have.  Attempting creative ideas can have it’s drawbacks, but staying on top of every angle helps bring out the best in your final product.

Communicating Comfort During Creative Portrait Photography..

Sharing suggestions and ideas beforehand generates a good sense of comfort once your scheduled date arrives. Once a client is comfortable, they tend to showcase their natural smile instead of feeling like they have to force it. When attempting to be creative during a photo shoot, it’s a lot more rewarding when you’re both engaged and confident in the outcome.

If you’re looking to incorporate creativity, don’t be afraid to have a little fun! I think the most effective way to bring out the best in someone is to simply allow them to be themselves. I prefer to continue to remind my clients that the moment is all about them. If there’s ever a need to break the “awkward silence barrier,” I like to continue explaining my intentions so I can reaffirm their comfort levels. This is also a great opportunity for them to provide feedback and gain confidence in the way they want to be portrayed.


A confident capture in West Phoenix..

I had a lot of fun a few weeks ago when I was asked to take Alyssa’s professional portraits in Surprise, Arizona.  It was her idea to get them done and we worked together to develop exactly what she had in mind. I was rather impressed with how confident she was throughout the hour-long session. Since she did such a great job, I wanted to highlight some of her photos from our session. Here are some of the things we discussed to ensure Alyssa’s satisfaction.


Location can enhance your portrait photography session.

When your considering getting professional head shots in Phoenix, location is a factor.  Selecting a neutral area with minimum distractions and natural colors helps create amazing an background. Although I love capturing client’s natural beauty, enjoying a pleasant backdrop is essential. When planning for a creative portrait photography session, location is definitely discussed as I value my client’s input.

Since Alyssa lives near Surprise, AZ her mother was familiar with Marley Park and preferred to have her portraits taken there.  Marley Park is a beautiful neighborhood community with several luscious green parks and unique homes.  Living in the desert of Arizona makes it difficult to find lovely green areas to capture. Since I started my business in 2013, Marley Park has been high on my list for family sessions. We started our photo shoot in and near an open tunnel that offered just the right amount of light.  After a few seconds of final decisions, Alyssa was ready to go!


Backdrops and Props

During my shoot with Alyssa I incorporated a shabby chic black stool.  She was able to sit and relax as I danced around her with my camera.  Since the color of the stool blended well, it didn’t take any attention off of her.

This also allowed me to capture a bit of the beautiful greens surrounding her placement.  This approach brought out her great tan complexion, pretty purple tank and big beautiful smile!


Use Your Surroundings

This west Phoenix community has a tunnel with beautiful exterior wall surfaced with red brick.  Alyssa’s mom requested a picture that included a red brick wall, so this fit perfectly into our plans. It added great texture to the background while not drawing too much attention away from Alyssa and her bright shirt and smile!

Incorporating my client’s request and photography vision is very important to me – and it helped with the positive outcome.


Natural Placement

Have you had one of those Ricky Bobby moments (Talladega Nights) where you just don’t know what to do with your hands?!

A great way to use your hands is by framing them around your head, face, neck area. You’ll want them to fall naturally as you ease other parts of your body against them.  Just like your smile, forcing a post can be just as detrimental to your creative portrait photography session.

Throughout several different poses, Alyssa did just a great job using her props, surroundings, and hand placement! Her ability to be natural and showcase her gorgeous smile while keeping eye contact with the lens was amazing.  As the last photo highlights, her mind wasn’t elsewhere and her elbows calmly rested on her knees as she cupeled her hands together.  Avoiding an un-robotic look was easy for her and we both agreed the communication beforehand was helpful. Her best pictures were some of the first one’s we took – which shows how naturally comfortable she was throughout.


During the short time of Alyssa’s creative portrait photography session, I learned a lot about her. I truly enjoy connecting with clients on a personal level. Not only does it allow a photographer to capture memorable moments, but it also allows helps us explain how fun the entire process can be! Before our session, I had never met Alyssa – and that can create nervousness for a child. I’m proud to say that our shoot was a success and it was great to see her avoid holding back.

Thanks for an Amazing Time, Alyssa!

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A little more about Mrs. Alyssa 🙂

Alyssa is a dancing queen.  She enjoys dancing so much, that she takes up to TEN classes a week!  Yay for her!  She is only 11 years old and already has so much experience.  Don’t be surprised if you see her on Dancing With The Stars in a few years!  This curbside photograph was taken towards the end of our session and definitely one of my favorites!  It was easy for her to be herself while showcasing her contagious smile and personality.