DIY Baby Picture Ideas for the Terrible Two's

The terrible two's only come around once in a lifetime - for each of us. But, when we become parents, we're blessed with the ability to ensure our children enjoy theirs! One of my favorite things about birthdays is planning themes. In this scenario, we focus on the magical age of two as our children enter the terrible ages of independence - so they think..
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Do you have a son or daughter turning TWO!? Have you considered using a few DIY baby picture ideas to share for their birthday? Whether you’re looking for birthday party announcements or a fun-filled way to remember your child on this special occasion, we’ve got you covered!  Capturing your child at a young age can be a fun and unique way to remember their entry into the “terrible two’s!” – or any birthday for that matter!

Although we offer plenty of family services, we understand that it’s not always necessary for parents to invest in a professional photographer. Being a mom of 4, I understand how strict a budget can be. At the same time, there are some major benefits to doing-it-yourself. In my opinion, the most rewarding aspect is an opportunity to identify your children’s current likes, personalities, and everything else going on in the world around them. Don’t be intimidated and most importantly have fun! But, before you start shooting, here are some tips for capturing your terrible two-year-old on their birthday.


Be creative with your baby picture ideas.

When capturing my son (who recently turned two), we decided to go with a do-it-yourself (DIY) Backdrop unique to the date of his special day.  To begin this DIY two-year-old picture idea, you’ll need to go pick up a few newspapers that reflect the date of your child’s birthday. I would recommend finding a local, state, national, and worldwide paper. We’ve been planning for my son’s terrible two’s photo shoot since his first birthday, so we had plenty of material. A wide variety of articles helps you pieced together your backdrop with a little more creativity.


Finding the right place in the House.

We started off by finding an area in the home that was well-lit with natural light. Our living room happens to be on the east side of our house, so we were able to execute our toddler photo shoot first thing in the morning. Keep in mind, you’ll want to avoid a room with direct light shining through, as it does cause harsh shadows on your child’s face. If you live in Surprise, Arizona like I do, you’ll know that the sun is always shining!

Backdrop Selection & Installment

Once you’ve chosen an area, begin taping newspaper to the wall. Make sure it’s tall and wide enough so you’re able to avoid capturing portions of the bare wall.  You can tape up your newspapers in a row, diagonally, or even scattered as a collage.  I chose to fold mine up in squares, making sure I had the important stories visible. Try finding sections that include the date, like: the weather page, price of gas, a gallon of milk cost, top music charts, etc..


Decorating your theme

Now that you have your newspaper backdrop up, you might want to add a few wall decorations that indicate it’s your child’s birthday. Otherwise, it might be quite confusing. 🙂 Don’t be afraid to add a little color to stand out from the backdrop.  I had a “Happy Birthday Banner” from my son’s first birthday – so I streamed it over the newspaper with ease.  You can even find plenty of material and information online that refers to the terrible two’s. If the newspaper or birthday supplies aren’t cutting it, feel free to print off something to use!

By using a white piece of cardboard from a clothing box, (you can use an old packing box and paint it any color or pattern you choose) we cut out the “2” and tacked it up.  Following the number 2, we found a large printed “YOU” on a page of one newspaper – so we cut it out. I positioned it after the #2 so it read: “Happy Birthday 2 YOU!. How cute is that?!


Props for baby picture ideas are crucial.

Including some fun props will keep your terrible two’s toddler entertained – for the time being.  I started our session by using a black stool my husband refurnished. I like this prop as the sanding marks adds a little edge to the photo.  My son’s short attention span made it difficult to keep him in the stool, but he lasted long enough for some cute pictures. Most parents with a terrible 2 year old will understand this epidemic.

When selecting your DIY birthday props, try to choose meaningful items that define your child at this specific age.  What does he/she like to do or play with? My son is learning how to ride his tricycle, so we sat him on that for a few shots.  He also loves to throw balls around the house, so we tossed the football into some of his photos.  Capturing adorable moments is almost a given, but photographing with purpose really highlights your child’s cuteness.


Orchestrate Your Own Terrible Toddler Photo Shoot.

There are plenty ways to use a photographer’s baby picture ideas and turn them into you own. All you need is a little bit of creativity and some of your child’s favorite toys and games. The terrible two’s can be overwhelming, but they’re not so bad. Challenge yourself to create additional interactions or even a distraction that captures different facial expressions and reactions.

I hope my DIY baby picture ideas for the terrible two’s gave you some inspiration to tackle family photography on your own.  I would love it if you shared some photos of your session and how you made it unique for your child. It’s always a blast to capture the memories the milestones of your little ones. I look forward to continuously sharing mine.

If you don’t have the time or would appreciate using the help of a photographer who possesses everything you need for this photo shoot – let me know. I absolutely love discussing and planning creative portrait ideas with future clients.  As always, I look forward to Capturing your Smiles, Styles, and Everything Worthwhile!