Country Style Senior Graduate Photography.

Celebrating Elizabeth’s high school graduation with a a classy photo shoot was a great way to end a beautiful spring day. Her personality made it a lot of fun and the country setting suited her well! It was by far one of my favorite senior graduate photography sessions to date.

It could have easily gone in another direction, but she took direction well and was a natural in front of the camera! Her aura and style was definitely easy to capture.

This Spunky Senior Had a Vision for Graduation.

Since the client and her parents knew what they wanted to capture, I didn’t have to do a lot of planning. Once I was able to grasp their concept, I knew exactly where to set up shop! Everything from her wardrobe choices to the location was on point. It didn’t take much effort to position her well. She was confident, comfortable and extremely sweet.

What I Loved About This Senior Session.

What really took her senior graduate photography to another level was the “golden hour” lighting that God decided to grace us with! We started about an hour before sunset, giving us plenty of soft lighting that really made Elizabeth sparkle in the orange and yellow rays.  A beautiful glow from the sunset blessed us both during the last 20 minutes of the shoot.

As you can see, the yellow sundress was perfect and she wore it so well! But it wasn’t the only outfit that stood out to me. I loved how we were able to mesh natural settings with fabric and elegance. Senior photo sessions with young ladies are so different than those with young men. There are so many things to take into consideration.

I really love the photos below because it really shows her youthfulness. A lot of senior graduate photography for girls is meant to make them look older or even more appealing. I think Elizabeth proves that a classy look captures her maturity as well. 

Backdrop Variety Improves Senior Graduate Photography.

During our session together, we bounced around from citrus orchards, to rustic farm houses, and rows of palm trees. When one location offers a variety of settings, it allows us to make the most of our time and truly enjoy it. Finding a unique place that clients can frolic around in helps them let their guard down. A country girl at heart, Elizabeth felt right at home.

Now that my family and I live in Mississippi, I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of the country settings and local farms. The history in Desoto County is rich too! I can’t wait until it’s senior graduate photography season again!

Wrapping Up Senior Pictures at the Ranch.

Congratulations to Elizabeth for successfully completing high school this year!  From what I was able to see, she is a very kind and beautiful young lady. I wish her the very best at whatever she decides to do in the near future! I hope she enjoys her pictures and the memories that come along with them.

If you live in the Memphis area and are looking for unique senior graduate photography, I’d love to learn more about you! Whether you’d like a country-styled theme or not, I’m confident in my ability to capture you (or your teen) in their natural element. So feel free to reach out for more information on custom packages, single sessions or other graduation events.


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