Capturing Siblings During Family Portrait Sessions

Getting to know families and their dynamic is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job. Every family has a set of personalities that are incomparable to the next. It definitely keeps me on my toes and challenges me during every photo shoot. I've been blessed to be able to continue working with quite a few families. It's amazing to be able to watch them grow and capture innocent and authentic moments that they can remember for years to come. Since I normally blog about individual photography sessions, I wanted to share some of the adorable sibling photos I've taken over the years. Let's start with a few recent shoots and highlight some of my favs!

First Time Big Sisters with a New Sibling

Nothing is more precious than a capturing a first time big sister as she adores the newest arrival to the family. So many things must be going through a child’s mind in this stage. They’re forced to adjust to a life where they’re no longer the center of attention! I love photographing these innocent moments because it’s only a matter of time before the jealous emotions set in.

Siblings have their fair share of conflict, but there’s also an awful lot of love in the air for new siblings. When I’m planning a family session like this, I want to make sure big sister feels included. Brothers and sisters have a special bond that isn’t always easy to capture. But, the pictures below show how adorable it can be. I encourage you to capture your kids together as much as you can!

The Authentic Love of Brothers and Sisters

Since I’m a mother of 4, I understand how difficult taking pictures of the family can be. When our kids aren’t bickering at each other, they’re goofing off together. It’s a love/hate relationship that truly never ends. But, you don’t always have to focus on posing for the perfect photo during a family photo session. There are plenty of ways to entertain your kids during a photoshoot and still have time for a group portrait in the end.

I’ve kind of been able to master this over the years. I want the parents and I to do our best to allow them to be themselves. It’s a lot easier when we encourage them to get all of their energy out before everyone grows tired of smiling at a stand still.

But, even parental guidance and my experience fails at times. In some cases, it’s a sibling that gets everyone in order. During the below photoshoot, we had a difficult time getting this young man to cooperate. At the end of the day, it was his big sister’s leadership and love that got us through. If you look at the portraits of her with her baby sister, you can almost sense the sibling pride she has. Photographing the older two as they ran together (with smiles) was priceless. Watching her brother’s demeanor change because of her encouragement is something I’ll always remember. Hopefully the family does too!

There Are Plenty of Reasons to Photograph Siblings

No matter what type of photoshoot I schedule, I’m always looking for creative ways to capture siblings in their own element. Like I mentioned before, asking them to sit still and smile is a task in itself. This is where my experience as a mom bodes well with my profession. When our kids are the center of attention, they feel the need to entertain or act out. Putting them in natural environments increases their comfort levels and helps them forget about the camera. When we’re able to do this, the end results are so much better and far more memorable.

Whether I’m photographing a wedding, a lifestyle shoot or a family session, there’s always an opportunity to freeze a child’s moment in time. Here are some of my favorite sibling captures over the years. Thanks for stopping by!

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