Birthday Portraits with a One Year Old

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Back in the springtime, the Bridgeman Family contacted me about capturing some pictures for their only daughter’s first birthday!  Since I adore working with young families, I was eager to see what they had in mind. Momma already had the outfits picked, they just needed help with direction and finding a location that suited birthday portraits with a one year old. I knew our property would be perfect.

At the right time every day, a soft golden light peeks between all of the pecan trees. It creates an aura that is perfect for casual family sessions. The sweet porch swing, wooded backdrop, and a large pond and open area across the street really comes in handy. I also love the convenience of having my home on hand, especially during photo shoots with babies and small children.  There’s no telling when they’ll need a break. A comfortable bathroom and lounge area is always worth mentioning!

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Leading Up to the One Year Old's Birthday.

After a few rain delays, the Bridgemans were ready to get going. Once a child turns one, they start growing so fast! So, I couldn’t blame them. The weather wasn’t something I ever had to really consider in the desert. It’s clear and sunny 99% of the time. It’s definitely something you have to get used to in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

We had so reschedule so many times I honestly almost forgot about the session! I was getting ready to walk the dogs when they arrived! But the adorable family of three had so much grace for me. I really needed it at the time. It was such a long week. We were able to catch up a little bit and discuss a few of my ideas while I prepared for the session and got my camera ready.

adorable one year old birthday photos baby girl holding one wearing pink flowered onesie seated on wooden stool with wood slat backdrop outdoors with danielle jacqueline kids photographer near memphis tn
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serious look from baby girl during birthday portraits with one year old photo session near memphis on mississippi front porch swing for unique family session with baby and danielle jacqueline photography
happy parents celebrating first birthday of only daughter outdoors with photographer danielle jacqueline infant sessions near memphis tn
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Baby's First Camera Facing Experience.

At first, baby girl was not having it!  Despite my photography experience (and going through a few one-year-old birthdays myself), she was a tough cookie to crumble! Mom and Dad were caught off guard and seemed surprised! They said everyone knows her as a big smiley pants!  But you never know how kids will respond to a photo session – until the session.

Things are different for any age group when someone new is telling you what to do. Being the center of attention can be tricky to understand. This makes birthday portraits with a one year old nearly impossible to predict. Thankfully, Mom had some special snacks on hand that did the trick. We all get hangry sometimes and baby girl finally calmed down and found some comfort with me. The sweet treat really provided us with some sweet shots.

grumpy baby girl turning one warming up to the camera while swinging on a porch swing cute pose pink flowered sun dress with bow professional child photographer olive branch ms
enthused mommy holding one year old daughter during birthday photo shoot with danielle jacqueline natural trees property olive branch mississippi
father looking to left into mother's eyes both parents holding baby girl with hand in mouth beautiful sunlit glow behind them in front of natural body of water muggy day first birthday
happy parents holding 1 year old baby daughter tightly for close up with warm sun glow on porch mississippi venue for families celebrating birthdays with danielle jacqueline

Some More Details From This One Year Old's Birthday Session.

I just die over her chunky little cheeks!  After loading her with love and attention, we plopped Mom and Dad in for a few shots. When capturing birthday portraits with a one year old, getting the most difficult shots out of the way is key. This helped with keeping baby girl happy and content for as long as she could.  We spent some time on the porch and headed to the pond.  It was a bit humid and a bit buggy out, but nothing that shut us down.

I loved how mom and dad were ready to give it their all and they seemed to have a great time. Getting to know the Bridgeman Family was a pleasure. Who knows, they might be back for round TWO! If you live in the Memphis area and would like to capture a newborn or infant lifestyle session, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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