Baby's First Birthday Pictures with Riley

Baby Riley was such a treat during her first birthday pictures session. She was so full of sweetness and didn't mind sharing that with us. She was exceptionally fond of my assistant (Daughter) Jadynn. I think they became new best friends.
Child PhotographyAbout Danielle

A baby’s very first birthday is easily one of the most treasured occasions by parents across the world.  (Unless you’re like me, and every birthday calls for a grand celebration)  There’s something extra special about your child’s first birthday and plenty of moments to shed a ear over.

Whether they’re attacking their first slice of birthday cake or eying their first bundle of balloons, almost everything affiliated is an inexperience for everyone involved. Their first attempts at unwrapping gifts can be adorably frustrating, but watching them grow is a thing of beauty.  Facial expressions and excitement during this time is a good enough reason to capture a baby‘s first birthday pictures. So, without further adieu, meet Miss Riley from West Phoenix..

It didn’t take Riley long to become comfortable sitting in front of my camera.  In fact, she didn’t even fuss when the park’s sprinkler system decided to sporadically rinse off some of her smiles and giggles. Mom and dad were amazing sports about the shower, but Emma (the family pet) left the shoot quite disgusted.

Embracing the craziness and unexpected is what I love about professional photography. I appreciated the ability for everyone to roll with the punches as it only makes my job easier and a lot more fun.  Natural moments tend create the best baby’s first birthday pictures, and laughing about the memories creates a worthwhile experience that resonates with everyone.


Your Baby's first birthday pictures can be whatever you'd like.

Some parents prefer creative glamour shots while others enjoy keeping it simple, sweet, and natural. No matter what you decide, have fun with the entire process. When potential clients request suggestions, I simply respond by asking them "what does your child love at one?" It can really be that simple. Incorporate everything that makes them smile at this age and your final product will be everything you hoped for. Here are some adorable suggestions..

Mommy and Daddy

She loves her parents the most, so capturing moments with them together is key on birthday #1.

Baby Bath Time!

Plenty of first moments occur during bath time. Riley was comfortable and full of smiles in the tub!


Mother & Daughter

The bond of a mother and daughter goes unmatched. I absolutely love these types of photos.


Playtime Preferences

Baby Riley may not like to dress up like mommy quite yet, but she can sure rock a tutu like a pro!


Daddy's Supporting Love

We can’t forget about the unique bond between daddy and his little girl. I love how happy she is!


Our Number 1 Shot

Our obvious theme for this shoot was Riley’s first birthday. I painted a wooden “#1” as a prop.

Concluding the photo shoot..

We ended up using a few different outfits for Riley’s photo session. When you’re planning your infant shoot, make sure you set aside plenty of time for changing diapers (or clothes), typical fussiness, and other unplanned distractions. Having an agenda always helps. Thanks for taking the time to read through some of my experience, and enjoy some additional photos below..