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oh ahh mouth wide open baby boy laying on plush pillow thinking of the days when he can walk and talking after being born to parents in memphis tennessee captured by danielle jacqueline photography for picture ideas

Photographing babies is one of my most favorite things to do! Who doesn’t love the little chunky rolls, squishy little faces, and those itty bitty hands and feet?! That’s enough sweetness to melt anyones heart. But when it comes to capturing your new bundle of joy, it can be tough to come up with baby picture ideas that suit your family best. 

In Mississippi, the time of year most certainly dictates how you go about things. Taking pictures of your newborn during the heat of the summer or cold of the winter is a lot different than the spring or fall.  So I thought I’d highlight some of my photoshoots over the years to help you decide how you want to go about remembering your new arrival.

Capturing A Little Bundle of Joy.

No matter how you go about things, working with a professional photographer that’s experienced and creative can help you develop memories that’ll last a lifetime.

1.  Wooden Chairs and Rockers.

One of my all time favorite baby picture ideas is incorporating a rocker.  If this is your first child, you’re going to spend a lot of one-on-one time rocking them to sleep. So why not place your newborn on one while they’re fast asleep? As a mother of 6, I know how touching this can be. Antique wood, shabby chic or wicker designs can really enhance the portrait – but the style is really up to you.

little boy in onesie laying on wicker rocking chair outside during professional portrait session by danielle jacqueline photography baby ideas in memphis tn grass and quilt black and white
little boy in grey sweat suit asleep on brown wooden rocking chair with christmas colored blanket and green grass and vegetation during outdoor photo session with danielle jacqueline in olive branch ms

The chair I used in the photo above is a ladder back rocking chair that I purchased at  a garage sale for forty bucks. Whether you’re on a budget or not, used items or thrift store merchandise is usually a new mother’s best friend when it comes to photography. Either way, I keep a number of options handy at my studio in Olive Branch. 

The Little Details Enhance Baby Picture Ideas.

In this example, I used a soft blanket and a folded quilt to help soften up the wicker on the rocker. Aside from a cozy environment for your newborn, the draped over effect added a lot of texture to the photo. When a baby is able to sleep comfortably during our session, they usually provide us with the most adorable facial expressions.

Even though this setting was outdoors and required a little extra clothing, there are endless options to customize your portraits. Warmer settings allow you to work with a bare baby and capture all of their chubby features. So if you’re looking for some simple baby picture ideas, a rocker is a great place to start!

2.  Use Wooden Crates as Props.

In recent years, using a wooden crate as a prop for infant photo shoots has become pretty popular. To be honest, I’ve actually become a little obsessed myself. There’s just nothing like a new arrival all bundled up inside. 

If you need one, they’re pretty common at garage sales. Otherwise, you can build one with scrap wood or spend the extra money at a department store or place with luxury goods. My go-to wooden crate actually came from a wine store.

Once you get your hands on a crate, they can be stained, painted or left as-is for added effect – like mine is in these photos. Try a shoe box if you can’t find one. There are tons of baby picture ideas for both.

white wooden flooring backdrop at olive branch photography studio where young infant girl is tucked into decor box in pretty pink dress with frillies and bows comfortable newborn portraits in memphis tn by danielle jacqueline
cutest little baby girl in middle of grass waterfall behind sitting clueless in wooden wine box with blanket during infant photoshoot with danielle jacqueline in byhalia mississippi
How to Set Up The Crate With Your Baby.

When it comes to positioning, it really depends on the age of your child (newborns obviously need to lie down). Even flipping the crate over to lay them on top (like the rocker) works well. Just make sure your baby is SAFE and comfortable. 

For little Courtney, we padded the crate with a grey fluffy blanket and a pink blanket to go with her pretty pink dress. Since she was too big to scrunch into the box, and too small to sit up, we bundled her up inside so she wouldn’t roll out. Sometimes, you have to improvise with your baby picture ideas.

Additional Photography Tips For the Prop.

No matter the age you’re capturing, the wooden prop gives you plenty of options to choose from. I sometimes use mine for toddlers to sit on. Taking pictures from above, the side, or anywhere in between will eventually give you the perfect shot.

At my studio in Olive Branch, I like to use faux flooring and vinyl backdrops to help your baby stand out. But the Mississippi outdoors also works well for baby picture ideas like these. Your options extend as far as you and your photographer’s imagination.

3.  Black and White Color Editing.

Props are great for newborn portraits, but epditing your photos can also work wonders. So if you’re looking for some unique baby picture ideas, consider coloration effects. In one of my recent photoshoots, I created black and white renditions that highlighted the pink elements (bow in her hair and a flower puff tucked against baby girl’s side). 

little newborn girl laying on quilt atop chair facing side asleep with black and white edit but pink flower and bow highlighted to give baby picture ideas extra effect by daniele jacqueline photography in memphis tennesse

When a portrait isn’t too busy, you can use certain colors or shades to really set the mood of the photo. Traditionally, girls involve pink and boys use blue – but you don’t have to follow stereotypes to develop a cute memory. Just keep it simple.

What Can You Add Color to?

Enhanced attire, props, or backgrounds with isolated colors can leave you with a timeless photograph that’s full of sweetness. I think the above photo is one of the most adorable baby pictures I’ve ever taken. The relaxation, rolls, thick hair, soft backdrop and positioning of the blanket on the bum gave the pink color a lot of flair.

4.  Eye Level With a Precious Face.

When photographing newborns or fresh 48 sessions, you’re normally limited by their fragility. If you’re not used to handling a baby, strength and coordination can make most baby picture ideas difficult to perform. But experienced photographers will know how to place your new arrival on their bellies for some adorable face-to-face interaction!

Working with mom to ensure the child stays fast asleep allows them to position the infant any way they’d like. Even if they open their eyes to see what’s going on, a sound pose will help you capture their curious expressions. It’s usually best to capture these types of photos within the first few months.

hands folded under chin scrunched face eyes closed baby picture ideas in studio soft dark microfiber blanket over pillow good lighting by memphis photographer danielle jacqueline
newborn baby photo shoot in olive branch ms with new york yankees quilt and baseball under baby's chin eyes barely open almost asleep soft skin danielle jacqueline photography

When you’re in a studio environment, it makes the process a lot easier to control. Because of the delicacy and patience required, it can take some time to get the photo you’d like. The older a newborn gets, the harder it becomes to keep them still. So it’s always worth it in the end! 

5.  The "All Natural" Baby Look.

Everything is new to babies. No matter what’s going on around them, they’re always looking at everything with “aw” in their eyes. Taking photos during these moments, helps capture the minor details of their expressions while paying close attention to the ways they move their little hands.  If you’re looking for keepsake baby picture ideas, authentic interactions are a must!

Many parents like to think their newborn’s photos won’t turn out well without all the bells and whistles.  But that isn’t the case at all!  Its ok to forget the backdrops, faux floors, outfits, and props. In my opinion, a baby in it’s natural element is even more beautiful.

loving parents enjoying baby time with little girl in between them at photographer studio in olive branch ms black and white backdrop lighting asian family by danielle jacqueline

One of my most cherished moments as a photographer occurred when a mother tended to her fussy baby. Daddy even stepped in to help soothe her. It just goes to show how all the baby picture ideas in the world can’t compare to a special family moment.

As you can see, she immediately went from antsy to comfortable in her momma’s arms. I couldn’t stop clicking my camera as she drifted right back to sleep. I get teary-eyed thinking about the pure bliss of this photo.  

6. Baby Pictures With Mommy & Daddy.

If you’re in the process of scrolling through hundreds of baby picture ideas, I urge you to not forget to include yourselves! There’s nothing like the proud look on the face of mommy and daddy while their child rests in between them. A photo that says, “Look what we created” is not something you want to miss out on.

While I usually capture this type of pose during hospital sessions, it also works well for personal lifestyle sessions. Baby photography is a lot easier to capture when you’re in the comfort of your own home. It freezes the moment-in-time and helps you remember the birth of your child in a special way. 

mommy and daddy leaning against each other foreheads standing next to hospital bed looking down in awe at new baby girl arrival in their arms by desoto county ms black and white photographer danielle jacqueline
parents loving on each other while holding their first born son born in america from panama t shirts kiss on cheek by olive branch ms photographer danielle jacqueline

Do It Yourself Baby Picture Ideas

Even though we’ve covered quite a few concepts, don’t be afraid to create your own baby picture ideas. I love it when I’m able to work with parents to bring their sessions to life! I truly believe the most satisfied clients are those that have input in the process.

With the way smart phones are these days, you can pretty much take any picture yourself with a little help. Think of some of the props you’d like to use and put together a scene that best encompasses your family. gets what they asked for. If you keep things simple and snap a lot of photos, I’m sure you’ll come up with something great!

close up of 1 year old little boy looking left as mommy kisses him on cheek and daddy looks to get some love black and white image from family portrait session by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms

If you have any question, you’re always more than welcome to give me a call. As a mother of 6 myself, I love helping parents capture amazing pictures of their children. For those of you looking for a photographer in Olive Branch or the Memphis area, I’d love to be a part of this special moment in your lives.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any baby picture ideas of your own, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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