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One of the most adorable photo shoots you will experience is one with babies. Oh who doesn't love those little chunky rolls, squishy little faces, and those itty bitty hands and feet?! That's enough sweetness to melt anyones heart. Of course we all want to take and capture the most cutest baby picture of all, and we have tons of baby picture ideas to choose from these days. I recently had an infant photo shoot staring a very precious 4 month old baby girl, and I would just love to show off her adorable photos. Here are a few of my baby picture ideas I used for little Courtney's first photo shoot.


1.  Black and White Color Editing

Get creative with your editing, or inform your photographer that it’s ok to steer from the traditional images.  A great way to do this for your baby picture ideas is by selecting a few pieces that stand out on your bare baby.  In one of my photoshoots in Scottsdale, I captured a baby that was mostly bare.  She wore a sweet pink bow in her hair and a pink flower puff tucked against her side – making this photo perfect for creative black and white editing.

In another instance, edit the photo of a bare baby and leave the hat, sunglass, or tie/bow tie colored.  The ideas are endless, and it leaves you with a timeless photograph of your sweetness.


2.  Wooden Chairs and Rockers

One of my all time favorite baby picture ideas is incorporating a wooden chair or rocking chair into the scene.  Whether the chair is old or new its an absolute must.  In fact I like to think the older the better.  I prefer the shabby chic look in my infant photo shoots, but honestly a freshly painted chair will end up looking just as sweet.

The chair I used in the photo above is a ladder back rocking chair that I purchased at  a garage sale for forty bucks.  Think thrifty when your looking for your baby photo shoot props.  In this scene I placed a folded blanket on the rocker to soften the seat up enough for the baby to lay down comfortably.  I then draped a hand made quilt over the rocker and softly laid the baby down.  I like to use blankets and quilts with texture which photograph much better than say something flat like a sheet.

We used another soft pink blanket to keep some areas of the baby discreet, and placed a little flower puff against the side of her tummy.  This was a great view to get all her baby rolls and just catch her sleeping like an angel.  Don’t be shy to work with a bare baby, some of the best baby pictures are created this way.


3.  Eye Level With an Angel

The age and strength your baby has will determine whether or not one of these baby picture ideas works for you. Most babies are old enough for me to lay them down on their tummies in order to get face to face with them.  Their curiosity of me and the environment around them gives us a perfect expression to capture.

Everything is new to babies and they are always looking at everything with “aw” in their eyes.  Taking photos in this shot, lets us pay close attention to the smaller details in her face and her sweet little baby hands.  This photo is a must for those baby book keepsakes!


4.  Using Wooden Crates as Props

Using wooden crates as props in infant photo shoot ideas has boomed in the past few years.  In fact, Im guilty of using them too!  Tell me baby Courtney doesn’t look absolutely adorable?!  My chosen wooden crate came from a wine store, believe it or not.  You can find these almost anywhere.  Start with garage sales, then consider paying the extra money from a department store.

You can stain them, paint them, or leave them as is like the one in this photo.

When it comes to positioning the baby, you can lay them down or sit the baby up.  You can lay the baby on top of the crate or even use it as a seat for toddler pictures.  The options are endless, but always make sure whatever you use as a prop is a SAFE and comfortable for your baby.

For baby Courtney, we padded the crate with a grey fluffy blanket and a pink blanket to go with her pretty pink dress.  Since she was too big to scrunch into the box, and too small to sit up in it we laid her down in it enough to not roll out or over.

You can take your photos from above, from the side, or an in between shot as I did.  I used a faux flooring vinyl backdrop to set the crate on.  Your options extend as far as your imagination.


5.  The “All Natural” Look

We sometimes like to think “it won’t be a good picture unless we have all the bells and whistles”.  That isn’t the case at all.  Its ok to forget the backdrops, faux floors, flashes, outfits, and props.  Lose it all and go with an all natural scene.  By far one of the most memorable baby picture ideas is just an in the moment image.  In the photo above baby Courtney was beginning to fuss so momma picked her up and began to soothe her.

Baby Courtney immediately went from antsy to comfortable in her momma’s arms and she began to drift to sleep.  During this moment my camera didn’t stop clicking and I came away with this seriously precious image of baby and the joy she brings to her momma.  My absolutely favorite type of photo is one like this, that captures the pure bliss in ones eyes and smiles.


Don’t Forget about Mommy and Daddy

You can’t think of baby picture ideas without putting the proud mommy and daddy in the shot.  Don’t forget to capture mommy and daddy with there new bundle of joy.  If your in a studio baby always looks great between mom and dad while they are holding her and just admiring their beautiful baby they created together.  Another great idea is doing a lifestyle shoot in the comfort of your own home.

Again, natural and real time scenes freeze that moment in time for you to never forget and go back to admire as the years pass by.  If you haven’t considered a lifestyle shoot, now would be a great time.  There are plenty of photographers who would love to go to your home and shoot one for you, myself included.  Its especially easier with a new baby.  No packing, and planning, or scheduling around feedings and naps.  Your photographer will capture all those moments for you.


Do It Yourself Baby Picture Ideas

Don’t be afraid to create your own baby photo ideas.  Photographers are just as willing to input your ideas as they are their own.  In fact I truly believe the most satisfied client is one that gets what they asked for.  Consider putting your ideas together before your shoot.  Like what props to use and when.  Stage each scene and take a picture with your phone so you don’t forget what goes where or miss any brilliant ideas you may have had.  Believe me, if I don’t have it down in list form, something is always bound to be forgotten.  Please contact me if you ever have any questions regarding your infant photo shoot, or baby picture ideas.  I will be happy to help you!

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