Adam’s High School Senior Portraits

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Photographing teenagers during their senior year of high school is one of my favorites. They’re at such an exciting time in their life and none of their stories are the same. As they hold onto the last few months of carefree living, many of them are thinking about who they want to be and what they want to do. So many choices are ahead of them. The last thing they need to worry about are their high school senior portraits!

A Busy Mother with an Active Son.

Adam’s mom, Melissa, initially inquired about graduation portraits last September. Between her busy routine and Adam’s demanding schedule, she didn’t want to wait until the last minute to plan. So this gave us plenty of time to figure things out before the Spring arrived. In fact, we had a number of random conversations during the school year that ended up being really helpful. We couldn’t have chosen a better day to capture Adam’s high school senior portraits!

Capturing a Senior’s Personality is Key.

Understanding high school grads before senior photo sessions is something I take a lot of pride in. Since speaking with Adam (or any young man) isn’t exactly appropriate, I relied on what his mother had to say. She sure had a lot of great things to say! But capturing a “preppy rapper” that’s a “free spirit” and “unique in his own way” is a lot easier said than done. Nonetheless, her communication throughout made my little photographer heart smile.

In the end, momma bear did well helping me narrow down suitable settings for her prized son. This really made Adam’s high school senior portraits a breeze. I always enjoy photographing a senior that’s loved and doesn’t mind being different. When acceptance or popularity isn’t on the mind of a young person, my job a whole lot easier.

BTW: Photogenic High Schoolers Aren’t Superior.

With that being said, I absolutely love working with young people that just need a little help coming out of their shell. As a mother of 6 myself, it’s kind of my purpose. So don’t shy away from a session if you’re not feeling too confident. We’ll definitely make your smile shine! 🙂

The Day of the Senior Photo Session.

I finally met Adam on the day of his shoot. He wasn’t really nervous or uncomfortable and definitely arrived dressed for the occasion. With props to spare, Adam had three wardrobe changes that included different socks, shoes, and hats. Apparently, he dresses better than me on most days!

He never complained about the quirky poses his mother and I situated him in and he even came up with a few clever ideas of his own! Since we all came prepared, shooting was seamless! This is something that many people don’t appreciate until they experience it for themselves. Graduation photos can be stressful if you’re uncertain or not on the same page with your photographer.

My Takeaway From Adam's High School Senior Portraits.

This client’s final pictures prove that young boys don’t have to be daring or flashy to be seen or heard. Even without the exotic cars and loads of cash he requested (for props), I feel pretty good about capturing who he really was during this moment-in-time. 

Adam’s high school senior portraits may not convey his fame as a “preppy rapper” – but that’s OK. He’s got plenty of time to carve out his identity in the immediate future. Congrats to Adam for successfully ending one chapter of his life and moving forward with the next! Good luck!

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