Adam’s High School Senior Portraits

Photographing teenagers their senior year of high school is one of my favorites.  They are at such an exciting time in their life with so many choices ahead of them.  Who they want to be and what they want to do often populates their minds.  The adventure awaits!

Adam’s mom, Melissa, initially inquired last September for senior portraits. Between her busy schedule and a demanding agenda by Adam, there was hardly anytime to plan. Throughout that time, we were able to stay in touch and we couldn’t have chosen a better day to capture Adam’s senior portraits!

Before every graduation session I always try to get to know these new age teens.  Although I was unable to talk to Adam beforehand, I received some great background info from mom.  She described Adam as a “preppy rapper”, and unique in his own way.  This made my little photographer heart smile. Getting to know my subjects enables me to place them in a suitable setting. Nothing is more enjoyable to photograph than a young man with a freewill spirit.

I finally met Adam on the day of his senior portraits session.  He was dressed for the occasion, and I must admit, he dresses better than me on most days!  Adam came ready to go with three wardrobe changes including socks, shoes, and hats.  Shooting was a breeze, and he didn’t complain once with some of my quirky poses and ideas.  He even came up with a few of his own clever ideas.   Even without the exotic cars, and loads of cash he requested for props, Adam’s senior portraits really defined who he is at this present time.  Congrats to Adam for successfully ending one chapter of his life and moving forward with the next!