A Father’s Day Photography Session.


I received an email from a sweet young lady inquiring about family photos as a Father’s Day gift to her dad.  Right off the bat, I knew this was going to be something special.  A Father’s Day Photography session isn’t a common theme for families. But this young lady knew it’d be the perfect gift for her daddy. I would soon to find out why.

Every Family Photo Session Is Different.

On the day of their shoot, it was hot, gloomy, and muggy. To be honest, I was kind of hoping they’d reschedule! But dad wasn’t going to be in town long and time was of the essence. After arriving a little late, I could tell they were a little stressed and nervous. So I wanted to make sure they were comfortable and didn’t feel the need to rush.

daughter of father during portrait session wrapping arms around neck and kissing dad on cheek for family session with danielle jacqueline photography our of germantown tn
husband and wife seated on concrete picnic table in urban setting for father's day photography session with danielle jacqueline for entire family who's dad was serviceman living overseas

Keeping a little girl clean and a special needs child motivated is a tall task. After getting better acquainted with everyone and walking through everything, we were able to hit the ground running for a smooth Father’s Day photography session! The heat didn’t even phase them and they took some amazing, natural portraits!

I Love Seeing Families Celebrate Fathers.

Hearing the stories of my clients is the best part about my job. After talking with the Leddys, I learned that dad and his youngest daughter lived in Guam where he’s stationed. The three older children live with their mom in the states. In fact, this was the first father’s day he has been able to spend with all of his children in the past 8 years!

girls of family with special needs brother all hanging onto mommy while seated in grass during family photoshoot for father's day with danielle jacqueline photography in memphis area and olive branch ms
mom little daughter and oldest child all looking up at man of the house while only son looks at camera during family photo session with danielle jacqueline in northern mississippi

I don’t have any family outside of the country, so I can’t image how difficult that would be. Since moving to Mississippi, it’s been hard enough just being away from home. But I still have my family near every holiday. Since the Leddys rarely do, they didn’t plan on missing on beat the two weeks dad was in town. So rain, sleet or shine, they were going to smile during their Father’s Day photography session.

A Memento Is Always A Good Thing to Have.

A few days after the photoshoot was over, the Leddy family parted ways again. But thanks to their portraits together, they’ll be able to cherish these moments for many years to come. As a matter of fact, dad had them in his mailbox a few days later. It’s always nice to see your own family’s smiling faces in a picture frame – wherever you may be. Passing by mine at home reminds me of that special moment-in-time.

9 year old daughter seated on her father's knee during holiday for dads outside photo session on gloomy afternoon by memphis tn photographer danielle jacqueline
son standing outside with dad laughing special needs services during father's day photography session with danielle jacqueline from desoto county ms
kissing oldest child and daughter on forehead during duet portraits for father's day photography session at courtyard outside with bricks and blue wardrobe with danielle jacqueline olive branch ms

Speaking of mementos, Mr. Leddy took the time to write me a letter to personally thank me for his Father’s Day photography session. It really meant a lot to me. Although it feels good when clients are happy with their pictures, it’s even better when they enjoy the time spent together. Here’s what he wrote:


I want to thank you so much for such a wonderful experience today. You exceeded my expectations with your awesome service and how you made us all feel comfortable. As I mentioned, this was my first Fathers Day with all of my children since my youngest Isabel (Bella) was born—and we are so happy we chose you to capture this moment.

If you only knew the story of “Before the Photoshoot” and why we were late—everyone was nervous—girls nervous about normal girl nervous things before a photo shoot, then a 7 year old little girl who loves to roll around and not at all concerned about her hair or the dress she just put on and then my wonderful son with special needs who really was not up to going.

mom with the 3 kids looking up at camera smiling with heads together on cloudy day with photographer from memphis tn
islander family walking away from camera at monument courtyard during father's day photography session to honor serviceman and head of household while he was home in america for two weeks
husband and wife photography session during fathers day 2021 with danielle jacqueline professional for outdoor portraits in olive branch ms

He takes anti seizure medicine that makes him nauseated, so he normally stays home with his Mom. For example, that trip to Disneyland and Universal we mentioned—he canceled at the last minute because he got sick ;(   He barely leaves the house….So today—we were unsure he was going to make it to the shoot and even at that, if he would participate. It took some convincing and reassurance but he still did not look like he was ready. But because of you—everything fell into place.

So thank you again for an awesome and comforting experience. We are truly blessed to have chosen you to be our ‘memory capturer’ (not sure if that is a word but you know what I mean). 


beautiful family portrait with lush natural greenery and lens flair on father's day for veterans in america
vertical image of father seated with daughter on ledge of fountain at town square for original photoshoot with danielle jacqueline in olive branch ms
close up of smallest daughter getting kiss from dad during family shoot during father's day outside with denim blue theme with danielle jacqueline in olive branch ms
women of the family seated away from father and son as sun goes down in shade ledge of fountain at courtyard with big smiles on father's day with professional photographer
family portrait on father's day with daddy in the middle all wearing dark blue for concrete and brick setting outdoors in urban environment to celebrate togetherness since half unit is split up most the year memphis imagery

Special Occasions Are Meant to be Captured.

If you or anyone you know is thinking about a Father’s Day photography session this year, I’d love a chance to share your story. Since I started ‘taking pictures’ for a living in 2013, I’ve learned so much from the professionals and families I’ve captured. I look forward to seeing what God has in store in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

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