10 Fall Photography Ideas With a Pumpkin for Kids!

lady bug baby girl crawling towards camera with pumpkins in background zero gravity studio portrait for halloween by danielle jacqueline holiday services in olive branch ms

When the month of October arrives, nearly everyone is looking for a spooky way to decorate their home or workplace. You can’t even take your kids to the store or on a walk around the neighborhood without seeing something scary. But not everyone looks forward to the freak out screams of autumn. In fact, many of us look for creative ways to capture our families in the natural beauty of the season. So I thought it’d be fun to share 10 fall photography ideas with a pumpkin!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve enjoyed playing dress up. Now that I have 6 kids, I spend a lot of my time helping them put together cute (not evil) outfits that fair well in colder weather. Going to fall festivals and different events is always a blast – and pumpkins are everywhere! So let’s get to it.

little boy sitting outside during family portrait session with white pumpkin blue eyes looking at camera confused for fall portraits in desoto county ms

1. Action Shots with Pumpkin Clothing.

One of the cutest pumpkin and fall photography ideas are portraits of little ones and their sweet little baby bums.  There are plenty of outfits out there to choose from – but a knitted pumpkin beanie and some pumpkin embroidered tights should do the trick!

In this image we set the scene by placing baby on a shabby chic white bench and used a variety of pumpkins as props. I laid a black shag blanket at his feet to help the bright orange colors of the pumpkin stand out.

diaper wearing crawler holding self up white bench in backyard during fall photography session with danielle jacqueline with pumpkins and orange and brown theme in oxford ms

2. Black & White Photos with Colored Pumpkins.

baby boy wearing pumpkin beanie and clothing pulling himself up on white chic bench with orange colors black and white photo edited by danielle jacqueline photography for fall ideas for parents in olive branch ms

Another one of my favorite fall photography ideas with pumpkins involves a little editing enhancements. Using the same concept as the above, we can remove all of the other colors from the portrait to make the orange and green really stand out. 

There are many ways you can make your photos a little more vibrant – like editing major focal points. We also used a variety of different pumpkins to add a little variation in the aesthetics.

3. A themed Costume Photoshoot at the Park.

autumn colored blanket and props outside with natural light at park in grass with trees in the background daughter photography ideas in fall before trick or treating in neighborhood in orange and black butterfly costumer by danielle jacqueline in desoto county ms

Babies don’t get to have all the fun! If you have a young child that enjoys collecting candy in October, capture them at the park before they head out for the evening. You can use some simple props to create all kinds of fall photography ideas with pumpkins. 

This image was taken across the street from our house using only natural light, a fall colored blanket and a few autumn inspired props. You can’t go wrong with some straw and scarecrows to go with your daughters butterfly costume.  

celebrating birthdays during october with babies in fall themed outfits and flag props in grass super cute ideas by danielle jacqueline photography

4. Pumpkins + Your Child's First Halloween.

If your child was born in October, nothing is more cute than a babies first birthday in a costume. Even getting a t shirt that announces the occasion, like “My first Halloween” is also adorable. 

At the same time, you don’t have to incorporate the “holiday.” You can simply have them sit on a pumpkin or place one in the background with some leaves to paint the picture that it’s fall. Any theme during this time can be a lot of fun – especially with a 1 year old.

5. Kids With Metal Props and Pumpkins.

laughin baby girl looking to the right at mommy and daddy on sidewalk sitting in aluminum trough next to white and orange pumpkins enjoying the fall photography session with danielle jacqueline in desoto county ms

The headline is all you really need to this fall photography idea. You can buy one of these aluminum tubs at most convenient stores (I like Michael’s), a local farm or flea market.

If you can’t fit the child in the bin, try filling it up with small pumpkins, or setting up scarecrows and fall colored leaves. Not only will this add lots of color, but it showcases the elements of the fall and change of seasons. A solid background works!

pumpkin patch studio portrait theme by danielle jacqueline adorable little girls striped pink t shirt curls

6. Props, Pumpkins + Straw at the Studio!

If you really want to come up with some cute fall photography ideas with pumpkins, you can always stop by a portrait studio. Take advantage of professional lighting and an array of settings without the cold weather.

A few years ago, my husband built a studio in our living room for trick or treaters that stopped by. Everyone had an opportunity to step inside and take a seat on the hay bale.

7. Little Ones All Tangled up in a Spider Web.

handsome blue eyed baby boy playing with fake spider web material wearing pumpkin beanie and my first halloween onesie for parents in desoto county ms by danielle jacqueline photography

Using fake spider webs for fall photography ideas is really simple. I stretched out my web across a bench I was using during the shot and slid my son underneath it.  Wah-la! A baby web face! I love how this softened the focus on the eyes but still showcases the bright blue! Just don’t leave the baby alone to get all tangled up!

8. Costume Onesies and Some Pumpkins.

first halloween costume innocent little girl monkey suit onesie with hood surrounded by pumpkins on red blanket at the park in grass by danielle jacqueline photography in olive branch ms

This is another image taken just before sunset.  With baby in her little monkey costume, I used a simple setup with pumpkins and straw.  Don’t use too many props as this may take away from the adorable smile of your little banana-lover.  My favorite part about this picture is the tiny pumpkin on the hay bale.

9. Incorporate the Autumn Colored Flowers.

young son in leonardo costume with shell playing with orange and red flowers at park during portrait session with danielle jacqueline fall photography ideas with pumpkins

Fall inspired photography turns out a lot better when you have tons of natural colors in the background. Dress up your handsome little boy in his halloween costume and place him next to some yellow, orange, red and green flowers. Then hand him some pumpkins and start snapping away! A vibrant background during golden hour (before sunset) is always a great option if you’re looking to make your autumn portraits pop.

little boy in halloween costume walking away from sisters on blanket at park with pumpkins for fall photography ideas with kids natural lighting in olive branch ms with danielle jacqueline

10. Group Photos in Costume with Pumpkins.

Last but not least, make sure you’re able to capture all of your children together. Every year, they grow so much. Finding ways to remember the times is always worth it.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope I have inspired you enough to try out one or a few of my fall photography ideas with pumpkins. If you enjoyed this post then I’d love it if you’d shared it.  While taking these types of pictures may seem easy, many parents prefer to hire a professional. If that’s you, and you live in Olive Branch, I’d love to schedule a session with you and your littles!  I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled Halloween! Eat responsibly!

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