The endless settings in Arizona create some of the top Phoenix photography destinations for you and I to enjoy..

As I begin building my website, I wanted to jumpstart my blog with some cool photo ideas that begin with some of the top Phoenix photography locations and destinations. top-phoenix-photography-destinations-doesnt-include-the-grand-canyon-but-arizonas-beauty-is-shownArizona is such a beautiful state and there are so many different sights to see, explore, and enjoy. Here, I discuss some of the top Phoenix photography destinations and why they should be visited on occasion. I know it’s hard to encompass every amazing backdrop, but this should give you a good idea on what to plan for if you’re creating Phoenix images for your home or your memories.

If you happen to be searching for professional Phoenix photography then contact Danielle or submit a contact form below.  I truly enjoy developing images that create joy and love for years to come!

Tempe Town Lake

top-phoenix-photography-destinations-tempe-town-lake-in-downtown-phoenix-arizonaThe first stop on our journey is one of my favorite places to take a stroll in Phoenix.  Possessing one of the most diverse backdrops in the city, Tempe Town Lake has plenty of stops while giving you a variety of shots to capture.  Whether you’re looking for a beautiful skyline, skyscraper silhouettes with mountain-range backgrounds, an urban theme with bright lights, or open spaces with a lot of greenery; Tempe Town photo ideas can be limitless!  Create a theme for your scrapbook by capturing date night in Phoenix or a girl’s night out.  This location also boasts great settings for proposals or wedding invitation images which is why it’s easily considered one of the top Phoenix photography destinations.

Children playing in a sunset-filled park creates some awesome Phoenix pictures as well. (resolution is best at sunset or on cloudy days)  When you’re able to photograph the Mill Ave Bridge in the background, it’s worth it.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the lake as desert landscape and water is a legitimate combination.  The city life in Phoenix is second to none and during the fall, the streets are filled will students, tourists, smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile.

Orpheum Theatre Downtown Phoenix

top-phoenix-photography-destinations-orpheum-theatre-from-az-centralWho wouldn’t want to time-travel and capture Phoenix images from the 1920’s?  If you’re looking for the an articulate setting with class and elegance, this architectural masterpiece is perfect!  This theatre located in downtown Phoenix next to Phoenix City Hall makes me want to play dress up and snap away!  Being one of the top copper-producers in the world, Arizona began saving their pennies during this evolutionary era.

The Orpheum Theatre became one of the town’s first investments and still hosts live shows today.  Reflect on the city of Phoenix, while exposing your photographs to a historic landmark.  Stand outside of this magnificent structure or take in the magnitude of the inside auditorium.  You’ll be sure to smile in awe as this classical theatre is an amazing building. Missing out on this sight to see should be avoided which is why it is on my list as one of the top Phoenix photography locations and destinations.

The Desert Botanical Gardens

top-phoenix-photography-destinations-by-travel-channelPhoenix photography allows you to capture amazing scenery in natural settings, but immersing yourself in dynamic views within a garden creates gorgeous coloration.  Desert Botanical Garden photography is perfect if you’re seeking a place in Phoenix to take the family. It possesses natural beauty in it’s original form in the midst of a city as a memorable Phoenix photography location. Winston Gray actually included this local Arizona feature in an article highlighting 55 Stunning Botanical Gardens You Need to See Before You Die.

Allow your individual beauty the ability to match the breathtaking backdrops of this 140-acre-Arizona hotspot.  Not only are these Phoenix pictures fun to edit and share, they also showcase Arizona’s stunning desert landscape.  Expand your knowledge on the types of plantation growing in the valley, then take the memories home with you.

Sahuaro Ranch Historic Area

sahuaro-ranch-and-park-glendale-arizona-by-style-simplicityI want to mention this location, as it was my first professional photography session.The Sahuaro Ranch Historic Area is a unique piece of land that boasts original buildings, a rose garden, and orchards.  The Glendale library is right around the corner and peacocks roam the property almost unnoticed. This place is a fun way to spend the afternoon as there’s plenty of acreage to explore!

Being one of Arizona’s oldest landmarks, it sparks the imagination and gives you 17 acres to select the perfect setting.  Utilize cute red barns, fields, tractors, and orchards that create old-time Phoenix images.  This is the perfect place for an outdoor family photo shoot, senior pictures, action shots, or a simple picnic. There are unlimited props that create a fun atmosphere and plenty of smiles.

Historic Heritage Square

heritage-square-is-top-phoenix-destinationsTravel back in time to visit the Victorian beauties from the late 1800’s.  Heritage Square  encompasses the only standing group of residential structures from the original site of downtown Phoenix, Arizona.  Although interior photography is limited, the photography guidelines allows you to sneak some cool Phoenix images in across the property.

Historic buildings are protected from any type of slander so enjoy the ability to explore the heritage of our beautiful state.  If you hire a Phoenix photography professional to photograph your wedding at this location, you’re in for a treat. The amazement that you leave the courtyard with is worth capturing.

Beautiful Camelback Mountain

camelback-mountain-is-a-top-phoenix-photography-destination-danielle-jacqueline-arcadia-az-photographerBeing one of the valleys most popular hiking destinations, Camelback Mountain will leave you breathless.  Possessing the highest peak in Phoenix, this range allows you to capture a full days worth of Phoenix images.  Enjoy challenging or intermediate trails, wildlife, and gorgeous homes that reside here.

This is a great area to enjoy with your family members. Put on your hiking boots, and grab your local photographer for some great moments worth capturing! Camelback mountain doubles for an amazing backdrop for weddings and special events in the Phoenix metro area. But the views are what people climb it for the most.

Once you reach the top, capture one of the most amazing cityscape views in the horizon. Not only does this area of Phoenix offer plentiful sights and views, it also provides one with opportunity to relieve stress while working up a sweat.  I know I mentioned a handful of public places, but don’t sleep on escaping society for an afternoon of exploring nature in the heart of the city.  Plenty of jaw-dropping Phoenix pictures are developed here.

Scottsdale, Arizona Civic Center Park

love-statue-at-scottsdale-civic-center-park-top-phoenix-photography-destination-public-artHome of the red LOVE statue, this Valentine-themed location will steal your heart. Water features, a flower garden, lush green grass, and cute pathways create the perfect setting for romance and togetherness. You posses the ability to create vibrant Phoenix photography while enjoying the company of a loved one or partner. Fall in love again at this ravishing destination and remember it all with a roll of film. Capture your wedding engagement or anniversary in the valley of paradise.

Scottsdale has plenty of sights to see, especially in Old Town Square. It a truly romantic setting for locals to regularly attend and for tourists to enjoy. Scottsdale is known to be a little more upscale but this attractive park is for everyone, which is why its one of my top Phoenix photography destinations.

Remember to enjoy everyday with happiness while capturing your smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile. Danielle Jacqueline Photography is your home for unforgettable Phoenix pictures.

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