Surprise, AZ Small Business Profile: KD Cycles, LLC

Adam’s secret to running successful small businesses in Surprise AZ is all about how you treat your customers. From the time your customers walk in to the time they check out, you want them feeling comfortable and confident in their decision choosing you. It’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy, but KD Cycles, LLC tries their hardest to do so.

Meet the Owner of KD Cycles, LLC

Adam Scofield is the owner and technician of KD CYCLES, one of the many small businesses in Surprise AZ.  Adam is originally from Toledo, Ohio.   He moved to Arizona in 2008 to attend school.  As much as he loved it in Arizona, he began to feel homesick after a few years and made the journey back to Ohio.  Just like all one time visitors, it didn’t take long for Adam to realize that Arizona was his new home and where he wanted to be.  Adam and his family ended up making the final decision to move back to the Valley of the Sun with his wife, and their son.

Before becoming one of the many owners of small businesses in Surprise AZ, Adam worked at a shop as a technician just on the other side of the street where his own shop is now.   About after a month of hard work, dedication, and long hours every night Adam began to feel very taken advantage of.  He never received the appreciation necessary to continue working in a shop with such a negative atmosphere.  Adam then realized that after giving so much of his hard work and dedication he was not gaining anything.

He finally realized it was his time to make his own dreams a reality.  After leaving his job Adam filed all papers to establish KD Cycles, LLC in May of 2013.   Over the next year worked continued to roll in.  As he continued to grow, he was able to purchase new equipment and hire on more staff.  In the last two years Adam employees 3 full-time certified technicians and also a handful of part-time helpers to ensure business continues to run smoothly.  His hard work, dedication, and long hours has now brought success for himself, his family, his employees, and small businesses in Surprise AZ.

KD Cycles' Facility Includes Over 3,000 sq. ft.

With enough space to handle multiple jobs, KD Cycles is also fully equipped with 7 motorcycle lifts. They have practically every tool or piece of equipment needed to get the job done and done right.  KD Cycles, LLC specializes in service and repair on all motorcycle makes and models. Both 2 wheels and 4 wheels are accepted (ATV, UTV). They also take on full custom builds and full restoration jobs. KD Cycles, LLC is confident in beating out any competitors around with quality and pricing and will price match any other businesses in Surprise. They’re also known for offering 24/7 towing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Their Keys to Success

“We like to make customers feel at home and part of the family.  Bikers are attached to their bikes, so when it’s in the shop they want to know who is working on it, and what exactly is wrong with it.  We encourage our customers to meet the mechanic who will be working on their bike, so they can build a one on one relationship.  Our door is always open to our customers during time of repair.   We welcome our customers into the shop anytime to check on their bike whether its on the lift or not.  This is a great opportunity for the customer to know hands on exactly what the problem is and our solution to fix it. It It gives them the piece of mind that they are getting takin care of and not being takin advantage of.  Good honest work brings customers back again and again, and that’s  what makes us successful.”  -Adam Scofield


Words of Advice

If you want to start a business but your own insecurities are holding you back, or your waiting for the perfect time, there is no better time than now.   You will continue to come up with reasons to wait.  Sometimes taking that risk will be turn into something great for you and your future.  Be sure to not jump into reckless decisions, but decisions that will continue to bring you towards your success.  I took my first huge risk moving out to Arizona to attend school, and that set the path to where I am today.  I love what I do and I have more goals I want to accomplish . I plan on taking my business to the top and opening more locations over the next few years.  Don’t ever just settle to be mediocre or to work for someone just get by.  Be the best at what you do and always own it ?” -Adam Scofield


Contact “The Big Guy%22 for More Information

If you would like more information about KD Cycles, LLC or would like to set up an appointment for your bike contact Adam.  Be sure to check out KD Cylces, LLC on Facebook and Yelp.

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