Phoenix Senior Pictures

Remember the best times of your life – for the rest of your life..

Remember the times..

Graduation only happens once. Make most of all the moments and remember everything that’s made you who you are today..

Just be yourself.

Enjoy your photography session and let your true colors show. It’s your moment in time..

Custom Senior Portraits

Instead of standard themes and backdrops, customize your session with your own ideas.


Close Up Expressions

An array of facial expressions showcase your personality while you own the lens.

Wardrobe Changes

Change outfits seamlessly and incorporate your unique style into your pictures.

Senior Pictures Phoenix Graduation Photos & Themes

Phoenix graduation photos should emulate your style and who you really are. As you begin your venture into post high school reality, don’t forget to capture the moment and smile. Remember the wonder years of of growing up into the young man or woman that you are today. Embody the celebration of graduation with all of your memories and accomplishments throughout it all!

I stay on top of the latest trends and skim Pinterest boards for unique photography ideas and themes regularly. Just like a wedding ceremony, it’s important that every photoshoot I produce is unique and memorable for my clients.  Encompass everything that makes you, you – and place it in a moment of time that you, and your family will remember forever.

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Find the right Phoenix photographer for you

Most graduate’s last year of high school typically ends with an yearbook signings, college plans, open houses, and of course senior pictures. When deterring the best photographer for you, consider all of the elements. You should desire photographs that mirror your personality. You’ll appreciate a photographer that is personal with you as it can be kind of awkward for some. Here is an example..

Graduation and senior pictures are some of the most enjoyable photographs to take. Every client is different in their own way and it’s fun to see different styles and trends emerge. There’s only so many settings to use when photographing newborns, and these types of shoots allow me to be creative! I tell my kids to never be afraid to be different – as it eventually defines who we become as adults.


djp-small-site-logoThere are plenty of amazing photographers in the Phoenix area and I aim to stand out as much as I can. Determining the best fit for you can be difficult so feel free to call and ask questions. I promote no haggle communication so potential clients feel comfortable during their selection process.

If you feel as though I am overpriced, or you’ve found a better deal – Let me know and I’ll beat it!

I pride myself in creating a fun environment so my clients aren’t nervous or camera shy. I have an assistant that can provide assistance for props or animals. Don’t be afraid to let loose as this is a once in a lifetime experience. Parents, feel free to schedule a phone call to discuss details as it’s just as proud of a moment for you!

Just in case all of your questions weren't answered..

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