Newborn Baby Photography

The precious moments as they’re still, put us in awe of what we created. Remember them now and remember this moment forever.

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Your Children Are Everything..

Swaddle up your newborn to focus on their features. Although decor and baby outfits create adorable results, I really enjoy focusing on the unique feature that your baby has. Capture the innocent look they posses as they gaze into your eyes.

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Remember this time in your life..

Familie enjoying their first bundle of joy are absolutely adorable. Get together for an afternoon to capture this moment in time together.

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It's Just the Baby

Personalize your newborn’s photo session with custom themes, attire, and backdrops.

A Newborn +1

Add another one of your children to the picture and overflow with adoration.

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We can set up your own little theme at our indoor studio in Surprise, Arizona.

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Newborn Baby Portrait FAQ's

Let's discuss our services in detail.
Do you provide studio photography or can you also shoot on location?

Honestly, this is your preference. I don’t mind traveling or we can take advantage of my home studio in Surprise.

What is the hardest part about newborn photography?

In my opinion, adjusting and positioning the baby is difficult when it’s not your child. Having 4 kids of my own I know how delicate they are at that age and I do everything in my power to ensure the parents are comfortable first and foremost.

How many days in advance should I schedule my newborn session?

I prefer that potential clients inquire at least a week in advance. Some of my photoshoots require me to travel and I can’t guarantee I will be available on your day. At the same time, I have yet to have a booking concern to date.

What type of props should I bring?

I provide an array of options, but recommend that you supply meaningful props. Some examples include objects with your child’s name on them, favorite stuffed animals or blankets, and personalized outfits. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll do my best to supply it for you.

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Capturing your new arrival is something that you’ll never be able to do again. Being a mother of 4, I definitely understand how quickly they grow – it’s one of the reasons I’ve developed a passion for photography. I understand how important it is to find a professional photographer that provides quality imagery for this special occasion. At Danielle Jacqueline, we don’t take these types of photo sessions lightly. Not only is it important that you and your family garner quality, but also that your newborn child is well taken care of throughout. We wish you the best of luck during your search, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to ask for advice.

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I love participating in newborn photoshoots. Let’s get together and plan something unique for you and your new addition..

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