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There are so many different ideas and themes for your baby bump! If you look on Pinterest, there are thousands of creations! Staying on top of what’s trending helps me present you with different ideas that add to your personal preferences. Although there are tons of maternal photo ideas out there, I prefer to create a unique setting for your photo session. My Phoenix maternity photography is all about enjoying the anticipation in celebration for the upcoming addition to your family!

Planning for a photo session is important as it can vary. I enjoy communicating with my clients beforehand as it builds a level of comfort and peace of mind. Tell me what you’re looking for in a Phoenix maternity photographer and ask all of your questions. Simple suggestions can turn a pregnancy photoshoot into memorable moment that you always remember. It’s a simple process and once the baby arrives, I can provide you with newborn photography if you’re interested.

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Remembering Your 9 Months of Pregnancy.

There are plenty of ideas that surround the full 9 months of pregnancy. One of my favorite ideas includes a time lapse that covers every stage. Even though professional photos are great, you could even do this yourself! Keeping track of the way your body changes throughout pregnancy is a great way to create and remember memories of that special time in your life.

If interested, I can schedule a series of shots that outlay the entire pregnancy process through imagery. When you finally decide to have your baby shower, brag about your captured time table leading up to the event.

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Whether it's been weddings or family photography sessions, the relationships I've made have been amazing.

“Thank you SO much! My kids have not stopped talking about all the fun they had!”

Crystal G.

Glendale, Arizona

She was great. I didn’t know what to expect. She was very respectful, and did an excellent job.

Cristi M.

Surprise, Arizona

“Love the pictures they are great! Thanks for all the help the kids had fun that day!”

Patricia T.

Peoria, Arizona


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If I didn’t answer all of your questions about my maternity photography services, feel free to drop me a general inquiry anytime.

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Maternity Photography Phoenix

In order to capture the beauty of maternal photography, you must consider the surroundings. Images, shadows, or movements in the background can become a distraction and effect the final product. In my opinion, we’ll want your baby bump to be the main focus of the images. If you plan on having your partner join you, let’s discuss some creative ways to incorporate everyone!

There are plenty of aspects to consider, but no session is the same – but that’s why I love photography. Allow me to help you find the perfect angle to remember with other memories of your child.

Selecting a Photographer.

A photographer that’s been through the pregnancy process tends to help during maternity photo sessions. An abnormal belly can be quite uncomfortable – and being able to relate creates a comfort level with my clients and I.

The lighting and positioning of your stomach is key during a maternal photoshoot. In addition to effects, communication is important as well. This helps me understand your expectations and desires. If you’re looking for a professional relationship once your newborn arrives, it would be a pleasure to capture the early moments of your child as well.