photography-in-surprise-arizona-with-danielle-jacqueline-photographerSince moving to Phoenix in 2012, I have enjoyed exploring the city and it’s surrounding areas.  In my opinion, every side of town have it’s own unique culture and landscape.  Laveen boasts a rural setting while Tempe and Mesa always seem busy.  Avondale possesses the amazing University of Phoenix Stadium but this underdeveloped sub-city still has farming pockets within large residential areas.  Scottsdale has both modern and ritzy sections surrounding beautiful Camelback Mountain.  Fountain Hills and Cave creek are still developing if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet on the outskirts of Phoenix.  Chandler and Gilbert seem to be strictly residential and continue to expand east.

Location, Location, Location..

I can go on and on about the different suburbs within the city, but I wanted to highlight the side of town my family and I have recently migrated to.  I was bias of the city of Surprise at first because of all the winter visitors we have in Arizona.  Whenever I thought about Surprise or Sun City, I imagined swap meets, 30 MPH traffic, rock landscape, and exclusion from society.  As I’ve became comfortable out here, I’ve noticed that photography in Surprise Arizona is awesome!


Not only is my neighborhood full of life and vegetation, but we can see the foothill ranges from every window of my house.  Even though the sun is scheduled to set around 7pm every night, I’m able to enjoy early shade as the sun hides behind these foothills around 6pm.  In the mornings, I’m able to take some amazing pictures using the eastern Phoenix sunrise.  As dusk approaches, I’m able to obtain totally different Surprise, Arizona photography!

Anticipated business growth in Surprise, Arizona

This is huge for my business as I am still trying to get off of the ground.  Although Surprise is still growing, there has been plenty of business and individual opportunities on this side of town.  The people are very friendly and it has a unique vibe as almost everything is new.  I mentioned a few places in Phoenix photography destinations in a previous post, but the urban and rural setting that Surprise AZ creates is different in itself. Business photography in Surprise Arizona continues to grow as business establish their niches and services areas on the west side of Phoenix.

Summarizing Surprise

web-autumn-princess-photo-photography-in-surprise-arizonaI’m able to capture some amazing photographs in the fields, as well as some of the gardens.  I’m able to drive up to Lake Pleasant in about 20 minutes and capture the wildlife and desert landscape just north of Phoenix.  I’ve even taken advantage of some of the bike trails and hiking opportunities further west!  The park in our neighborhood allows me to utilize numerous different settings and backdrops for my Surprise AZ Photography business.  The best part about it is the simple fact that we can travel and transport anything rather quickly.  Although the stereotype of slower traffic worried me, there isn’t much traffic at all!  It’s peaceful and my photographs reflect that.  Not only am I excited to see what this city grows into during next few years, but most importantly what types of businesses prosper.

With so many new business and buildings popping up in Surprise, Arizona, I’m optimistic about the outlook of Danielle Jacqueline Photography.  I hope to aid some of you by bringing out the best in your Phoenix images and Surprise Photography.  Don’t forget to reach out to a photography professional with any comments, questions, concerns, or appointments!

Capturing smiles, styles, and everything worthwhile.  -Danielle