Phoenix Realtor Head Shots in Surprise, AZ | July 12th, 2016.

Join Danielle and an array of array of real estate professionals this week as we capture the portfolio portraits for some of Phoenix, Arizona's top realtors. Sign up for only $25 and network for a few hours in Surprise, Arizona - one of the valley's fastest growing residential communities.
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More about the Real Estate Event in West Phoenix

Renee Barttles of the Guild Mortgage Company has done a great job organizing an event for local real estate agents looking to improve their online and professional presence through improved presentation. As a local headshot photographer, I am excited to be a part of an event that allows an array of different markets to come together for promotional purposes.

Imagery plays a big part in developing trust with potential clients. Investing in your business can become costly which is why I’ve decided to offer Phoenix realtor head shots at a discounted price in hopes that the quality of my work becomes more recognizable throughout Surprise, Arizona.

Why Invest in an Updated Head Shot?

As aforementioned, creating consumer trust plays a big role in landing new clients. First and foremost, updating your profile pictures provides potential customers with a current picture of you. If you’re struggling to attract new business and promoting a picture from 2004, then consumers might be second-guessing your authenticity. As silly as this may sound, it’s real. Being recognizable will help you close competitive bids as a quality portrait relays professionalism.

On that note, according to recent surveys completed by mortgage companies, 100% of prospective clients prefer hiring someone that looks (or seems) more professional than their other choices. In addition to the multitude of personal branding benefits, registering for a head shot party can actually save you quite a bit of money. Instead of scheduling a private studio session that’s slotted for you, take advantage of an event like this where it only costs you a fraction of the budget. In this case, $25 can go a long way if you’re into measuring returns. If you’ve never been to a party for Phoenix realtor head shots in Surprise, then it’s worth going and marketing your personal brand.

How Do You Register?

Registration begins with an email contact to Rick Vierra of the Guild. From here, he’ll scheduled your session and provide you with additional details about our upcoming event. Once you’ve solidified your spot, visit the footer of my website for your $25 payment. Once you’ve received confirmed transaction from all parties, you’re good to go!

If you’re looking for more information, or prefer to schedule a personal session with me, simply fill out a contact form with your desired date and time. My home studio provides clients with custom backdrops, props, and poses. In addition to the natural lighting, we also provide biography videos for you to place on your site. I take pride in personalizing packages, so feel free to inquire about anything else that’s on your mind. For those of you already registered for our Phoenix realtor head shot party in Surprise, Arizona – I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

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