When it comes to your Phoenix, Arizona small business or company, it’s important that your product or service presentation attracts and converts viewers. In this era, competition is fierce, especially in the photography industry. Family owned businesses typical struggle to compete in their respected industry. This is where business professional photography can set you apart.business-photograper-in-phoenix-az-by-danielle-jacqueline-photography

Use an apple for an example. Would you buy fruit from a company in Phoenix that showcases their apples as drawings? Or would it be easier to purchase the shiny green apple glistening from drops of fresh water? Simple decision, right?

When consumers search for the product or service they desire, they’re looking for four things:


Product or Service PRICE

business-professional-photography-for-falling-up-media-and-streets-of-new-york-pizza-in-phoenix-arizonaThose companies that have been within the retail market for quite some time understand the concept of bargain shoppers. This type of buyer will spend hours online searching for the best price, even if it shaves off a dollar. In this case, a business will either need to drop their prices significantly, or never enter that space of competition.

Business photography services from Danielle Jacqueline gives business-owners a professional look that competes with larger corporations that have superior photography and product images. Although you may not have the ability to price compete, you can improve your the appearing of your brand.

Product or Service SATISFACTION

business-photographer-phoenix-arizona-falling-up-media-danielle-jacqueline-photography-phoenixMany consumers rely on customer reviews and testimonials to aid them in their purchase decisions. It’s important for small businesses, especially those in tourist markets like Phoenix, to generate as many customer reviews as possible. Having business professional photography to showcase your products or services will catch more tourist eyes than a local business with poor picture quality.

[Not only is it important that you present this information well, but you need to marry this content with superior business photography in Arizona.]

Investing a percentage of your weekly or monthly earnings into improved appearance is a must for small business owners in the valley. Consumers value high reviews but if they aren’t able to align your testimonials with quality examples from a professional photographer, then they may abandon your webpage immediately. A product or service that a viewer doesn’t believe in will never be purchased. A product or service becomes believable when they advertise their happy customers with quality Phoenix photography.

Product or Service QUALITY

falling-up-media-business-professional-photography-by-danielle-jacqueline-in-surprise-azAs mentioned above, Danielle Jacqueline provides improvements in professional quality and presentation though business photography packages. Consumers that see value in quality products will typically invest more money in them.

If your Facebook page or website isn’t appealing to visitors then how can you expect them to purchase your product or solution? You can’t. Even for bargain shoppers, quality is considered. The best way to advertise quality is by having superior imagery across your website and social media.

Crisp, colorful, and tasteful pictures generate an increase in traffic and time on site. Browsers that aren’t comfortable on your webpage typically won’t stay long. Why not engage them with images they WANT to look at instead of lack of photography or images they wish they hadn’t seen?

Product or Service APPEAL

pizza-from-streets-of-new-york-for-business-professional-photography-phoenix-arizona-uptown-arcadia-scottsdale-tempe-phoenix-azAgain, your product or solution needs to appeal to your audience in order for you to stand a chance within your industry. Businesses that avoid change during the digital age will struggle and continue to fall behind. A majority of purchases are now made online and you can no longer count on getting your sales pitch in front of your customers.

You NEED to ensure your online presence is felt through imagery and professional business photography and digital marketing. Not only will shoppers look at your price, satisfaction, and quality – but it has to appeal to them.

Product descriptions can only say so much, so it’s important that you maximize the effect your onsite photography has with your guests. If you don’t see the value in product and service presentation, then you can’t expect your customers to see the value in you!

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