Using Imagery to Show you How to Make a Pizza at Home.

You're back from Summer vacation and running out of family entertainment as the Arizona heat continues to rise. In my house, it's never too hot in the kitchen as we have a great time working together to prepare meals. When it comes to pizza, we don't mess around. I wanted to show you how simple making pizza can actually be. So, without further adieu, here is a great way to make a few simple homemade pizzas for the family..

Starting with Pizza Toppings

For this summertime activity, we used some of our favorite pizza toppings. Although we have our preferences, you can use whatever sounds appealing to you. Be unique and have fun with it. Instead of making everything from scratch, I decided to lean on popular products that are ready to go like:

Pillsbury thin crust, Prego pizza sauce, Early California black olives, Jimmy Dean maple sausage, Gallo Salami pepperoni slices, Kraft mozzarella and Mexican cheddar shredded cheese, and diced tomatoes. Making a homemade pizza can be a lot better tasting, but for this scenario we decided to keep it simple and sweet.

Making a Pizza at Home with a Pre-made Crust

Now that you’ve allocated all of your toppings, it’s time to start molding the foundation of your pizza. Before forming your crust, determine what sized pan you’re using. For this tutorial, we used two cookie sheets 12x15″. If you end up using the Pillsbury thin crust, you’re probably going to have to stretch it a little bit. Since our pizzas are rectangle, we had to do quite a bit of stretching.

To avoid tearing the crust, you can add a little flower to help. Press down on the edges to ensure they’re tight against the corners of the pans. Once you’re satisfied, feel free to add some flavor by sprinkling garlic salt throughout. Press it down into the crust.


How to Sauce Up Your Pizza at Home

Once you’ve seasoned your crust, it’s time to begin topping your pizzas. There are plenty of choices when it comes to pizza sauce, but Prego has a pretty solid recipe for their pizzeria option. Using a ladle is the best way to ensure your pizza sauce is spread consistently.

Begin by filling the ladle with sauce. Then, start pouring even strips across your pizza. Once you’re content with the sauce volume, use the bottom of the ladle for spreading to ensure you don’t tear the soft crust. Use the imagery below for details.


Mozzarella Cheese Sprinkling

Once the sauce is evenly spread, it’s time to add our first layer of cheese. Although most people, that know how to make a pizza at home, prefer to top off their pizza with cheese, I like to add an initial layer. This tends to blend with the meat toppings well while giving a different layer of taste underneath.

Consistency is key in this step, but you can never have too much cheese. My husband normally volunteers for this part to ensure it’s spread evenly throughout. My son loves to help him. Giving out tasks during the pizza-making process is a great way to include every member of the family.


Add Some “Pep” with Plenty Pepperoni.

Most family’s favorite kind of pizza is pepperoni. So, how can you make a pizza at home without some pepperoni slices? This is one of the most humorous steps of our “do it yourself” process. Evenly placing this circled meat can be an art form, especially when you’re making a rectangular pizza.

Our process is quite simple. First, we place a pepperoni slice in every corner. Then, we put one in the center of ever side. From here, we’re able to slowly implement each pepperoni accordingly. In most cases, you’re forced to be creative, so have some fun with it!


This Little Piggy Went on the Pizza.

Although pizza toppings are completely up to you, we decided to use a maple flavored sausage this time. As the second meat ingredient, we don’t want to use too much, so I decided to use half of the package. Begin by cooking the sausage in the frying pan. Chop it up as it cooks and drain remnants.

I like to dump the sausage into a bowl lined with a paper towel to absorb some of the fatty grease. Once you’re satisfied, begin to sprinkle it on top of the pizza. We added sausage to both pizzas but used it sparingly.


We Can “Olive” with Some Black Olives.

Adding vegetables to your pizza can make a big difference in the way it tastes. Aside from being a tad bit healthier, black olives are amazing, to us. Eating them plain is a normality so adding them to our homemade pizza is a no brainer. I prefer to use whole olives and to dice them up myself. No matter what veggie you use, spread it evenly across. 🙂


Adding Additional Vegetables: Tomatoes

As we continue to find a healthier approach to building a pizza at home, we decided to throw in some tomatoes. Whether you’re making hamburgers, brats, or any other American favorite – tomatoes are always welcome. We’ve found that diced tomatoes add an original taste  to the pizza sauce we decide to use.

Cooked tomatoes can taste a little odd to some, so try using peppers, onions, jalepinos, or even pineapples. If you’re going to take the time to make a pizza at home on your own, why not add something different? We’re tried an array of interesting toppings and have had a lot of fun in the process – even if it doesn’t taste all that great.


The Final Touches of Your Pizza Made at Home.

For the final touch of toppings, we decided to add some Mexican shredded cheese. Remember, you’ve already put one layer of cheese underneath the meats, so try not to overdo it – your stomach may remind you later on that night.

Once you’re content with your custom pizza, follow the directions on the pizza crust packaging. If you’re using a thicker cookie sheet like we are, feel free to cook it a little bit longer to ensure the crust is somewhat crispy.


Once you’ve taken it out, double check the bottom center to make sure it’s cooked all the way through. Cut your pizza into slices and most importantly, enjoy! For more tips and recipes, feel free to follow my photography blog by subscribing below. Hopefully this topic helped you find a new way to have enjoy your family by learning how to make a pizza at home.

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